It is called peak sales infrastructure development.


Things definitely aren't sounding that good from SDCC on the Mister and Missus B front either.

Hey. We're both already exhausted, but it's been good so far. WAY too many people this year. Thursday is usually kind of a calm day, but we could hardly walk on the exhibit hall today. We got everything but the Hasbro stuff as far as exclusives go. Long story, but Hasbro has been an unbelievably frustrating clusterfuck. I finally fought to get a ticket just to get in line this afternoon, but the ticket isn't good until tomorrow. Mattel stuff got got today, though. I got all the rest of my stuff (except Hasbro stuff, naturally) on preview night, so from here on I just get to enjoy the con panels.
Now I have zero first hand experience with any of this but it doesn't seem like Hasbro improves from year to year.

HasbroToyShop continues to offer more con exclusive shit but don't seem to possess the organization or infrastructure to do this kind of event.

My hopes of getting stuff are pretty much dashed now.

I prepaid with the B's even for my requests and others.



That sucks bad.

However, it is kind of amusing to me, in a twisted sort of way, if it's affecting those who bid into the stratosphere on eBay for something that the sellers didn't even have in hand yet.

Knowing this, I'm starting to reconsider my thoughts on going to the comic convention here in Baltimore in September. I also have zero experience with these conventions, and the only thing I have done that's similar would be going to a bunch of train shows with my dad as a kid.

agentmorris: I've said it here before, and I'll say it again, if one bids on something and wins and knows the seller cannot possibly have it in hand, only they are to blame if it falls through.

superconductor: Don't compare any other comic con to San Diego. There is NO comparison. All others pale in comparison to the San Diego! SD is the main trade show for comics and related merchandise so it is bound to be insane. (And appears to get worse every year!)

I figured I'd try and nab one when it gets put on the I've heard the horror stories but don't want the figure bad enough to stress out over not getting it. Seems that Nemesis Prime leveled off at $50-60 and I figure Rodimus will do the same and that's what most online retailers are charging. What's the point of paying that early on the chance I might get it for $20 when its actually publically available.

Not going to try and pay for something that isn't even there like Nala said.

Alt Rodimus is cool but not so much to overpay for it before I have to.

Exclusives: Only the fans get boned!

well heres hoping my pre-order with BBTS comes through.

Available at Hasbro online as of 9:30 Central on Monday 7/30. I bought one.

Go get yours if you want one. Google for coupon codes if you want to save some.

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