In which Nala gets totally excited for a product once again aimed at kids!

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I said it back in June and now the producer Sam Register has said it.

This show is for seven-year-old boys. There are a lot of rabid Transformer fans, and those same fans are on the crew and writing the show. But these Transformers are for seven year olds, for kids. My feeling is that if you're old enough to write a post on a Transformers message board, you're too old for this show. But that doesn't mean those fans won't like it. We got the same sort of reaction when we launched Teen Titans. People were very passionate in how they felt about it. The reality is, give the show a chance, but remember that you have sons and little brothers who are getting introduced to the Transformers for the first time, and this is the best way to do that.

Why is it that geekdom has such a problem with change?

I know there's a good research paper in there about the overall behavioral characteristics of geeks when it comes to their obsession. Change being one of those areas so hard for your typical Star Trek, Star Wars, Transformers, *fill in the blank* geek to deal with.

I love the fact that the producer of a show can say "This show is for seven-year-old boys." and yet all of these 20 and 30-something fans will continue to feel cheated and deprived of some unspoken privilege that they feel they are entitled to.

Fuck it!

I'm gonna enjoy this shit like it's 1984! (Well... in my case... 1977!)

Sure the animation style doesn't appeal to my aging bitter and jaded 30-something expectations.

It isn't supposed to!

But man... that list of voice actors should make TF geekdom hard.

Yeah it is aimed at kids and that's what it should be!

We aren't entitled to anything here. The kids of today are! This new world of future geeking belongs to my neices and nephews!

So for all you haters out there I'm going to do something I rarely do. I'm going to demand that you take the blue pill on this one.

You need to see the big picture here. And that picture is a continuum of Transformer product from 1984 to beyond that you can get your Megatron club-shirted arms, hands, and fingers all over and suck it all up and love it!

Me? I'll be at the bar at Botcon 2008 drink'n Jack & Cokes and finger'n my TF Animated Shockwave figures!

My god geeks! I can feel the excitement building already!!!!

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