Like the holy scriptures of a shopping mall.

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And then I read...

Oh Jesus fuck shitfucker man! I'm not grasping at anything, meanwhile it is clear that you have been grasping at your dick over the fucking transformers so long you are shooting dry and now messaging me about what fucking make believe robot I liked nearly a fucking quarter of a century ago.

You're the same god damned age as I am. It would be one thing if I were arguing with a 9 year old whose life is SUPPOSED to involve a fucking cartoon, but get some fucking perspective, man. I'm in Iraq dodging rocket propelled grenades while shooting people and you think I give a fuck about what robot YOU think is cool?



Hoop gets all the fun comments on his blog.

I think it must be a Livejournal thing.

What's funny is that I thought the same thing about Jazz picking a Pontiac as obsequity did.

But I just chalked it up to me making shit up in my head.

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