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Oh la la!

Panties = Bunched!

I got nuff'n!

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Absolutely nothing.

'Cept I kinda got some shit planted and today is the NalaMatka's birthday.




Sto Lat.

That's what I got!

And from an office somewhere between Ohio State University and Beechwold... there was much rejoicing from a cubicle!!!

This is probably the best news for the franchise that could happen.

Quite frankly, every episode he's scripted for the past 4 series has pretty much been the best episodes of the revitalized Who (in this geek's opinion).

And now, hopefully that'll spill over into the general series as a whole.

Who - Davies + Moffat = higher quality storytelling and 500% less gay innuendo!!!

So I'm putz'n around this site The Pimp Sled from this guy Altitron on the TFClub boards.

He's done some sketches and shit and damn if there's just all kinds of Shockwavey goodness there!

I think my favorite is this drawing of Grimlock ripping off Shockwave's "proper" arm while Shockwave literally puts a bullet in Grimlock's brain! Damn!

His TF Movie Shockwave idea is awesome too.

I like his Animated Shockwave Concept too.

Oh hell... I'll take the purple and grey one in any shape, way, or form I can find him!

What's worser than worst?


What's worser than worst?

Waking up at 5am, brewing a pot of White Castle coffee, and then opening the refrigerator to find out that the Half & Half is spoiled and the milk's gone bad too.


Bollocks I tell you!

Ood? I watched them.

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Pop Art Ood!

Quite possibly the greatest desktop wallpaper graphic of off f'n time!!!

Dachshund, ball, weasel, and weeds.

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Dachshund, ball, weasel, and weeds.


Not much really go'n on in the world of the roboplasticos is there?

The FansProject Ultra Magnus kit keeps looking better and better.

I'm actually kind of liking the repaint Binaltech Arcee.

I had a request from Brunei to try and snag one of the SDCC Nemesis Prime Scourge exclusives so I'll probably get one myself.

I don't think it is possible for me to care less than I already do about Transformers 2.

And I need Robot Heroes Cheetor badly.

How's your world?

So I, Nala, was catch'n up on my paper crack blogs this morning and came across the reason why you should love the Time Trapper as much as I do.

Time Trapper

The Time Trapper kicked Invisible Kid (turned into a toddler) in the ass!!!

And Toddler Reep's awful dialogue reminded me why I so hate Silver Age DC stories where super-heroes are turned into children or are portrayed as childen a la Superbaby: the awful dialogue used to imply they are children.

Have you ever really met a little kid that horridly misused the world "Me" as portrayed back then?


Should I ever quit my "career" and return to my graduate studies in physical anthropology, you can rest assured I will try to include references of DC Comics' physical manifestation of entropy kicking children in the ass in everything I do!

You've read it here first!

Poking a badger with a spoon.

So Giga and I spent the evening with Eddie Izzard yesterday for his Stripped tour.

On the whole I really loved it. So far, none of his tours has topped Dress To Kill for me though. That entire routine is gold through and through no matter how many times I see it.

Stripped is very heavy on the religion and god stuff which was actually quite unexpected.

Obviously, if you are paying to go see Eddie Izzard you have to have some knowledge of his work and general style so getting offended at this material would be your own fault.

It seemed to play well to the Palace Theatre crowd. A Tennessee crowd? Probably not so much.

And how often can I get comedy about paleontologists and geologists arguing and fighting?

Not often I tell you!

I'll take every comedy bit about archæology I can find too!

Oops I crapped my pants. (Again.)


Ok. Now I got the right date.

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I gotta admit, the new Wreck-Gar was a lot different than I expected.

Yesterday's "Garbage in, Garbage out" episode of Transformers: Animated was pretty good.

Weird Al was ok and all, but for me the geeking all had to do with Corey Burton reprising Spike and also the appearance of a very pregnant Carly. His Spike voice is a bit different, but that was almost 2 decades ago so I expected some shift.

I so can't wait for his Shockwave!

And Giga reminded me that I'd been saying there should be a garbage truck bot for a long time.

Great tits enjoying the warmer weather - so far

Alas, here in Cowtown, it has been business as usual the past few days which of course consists of dreary, damp, and rainy.

I even drove through campus and didn't see much on the tit front yesterday.

Now this is some bad crazy fanwank in Iron Man.


I never would have caught that.

Henkei Astrotrain


TakaraTomy Henkei Astrotrain

He's great.

A lot more color in the deco than I initially thought.

I love the white and other detail colors. It really stands out in train mode.

TakaraTomy Henkei Astrotrain is the 2063rd Transformer that I've acquired.

I have to post this to document the count or else I'll regret it later this summer.

I won't even tell you how off my spreadsheets are. It has probably been 18 months since I updated them.

e-Hobby Ghost Starscream - 2036
TakaraTomy 2008 Wonder Festival Arcee - 2037
Galaxy Force Dark Fangwolf Exclusive - 2038
TakaraTomy Fusion Cluster Protoform Movie Convoy - 2039
TakaraTomy Fusion Cluster Protoform Movie Starscream - 2040
Transformers Movie Bumblebee (Stealth Deco) - 2041
e-Hobby Crystal Rodimus - 2042
e-Hobby Twincast and Flip-Sides - 2043 and 2044
Beast Wars Neo Heinlad - 2045
Takara PVC Silver Alloy Convoy (Chase) - 2046
TakaraTomy Hyper Hobby Scanning Bumblebee (magazine exclusive) - 2047
Botcon 2008 Starscream - 2048
Botcon 2008 Optimus Prime - 2049
Botcon 2008 Jazz - 2050
Botcon 2008 Grimlock - 2051
Botcon 2008 Razorclaw - 2052
Botcon 2008 Goldbug - 2053
Botcon 2008 Megatron - 2054
Botcon 2008 Hot Rod - 2055
Botcon 2008 Blurr and Whisper- 2056 and 2057
Botcon 2008 Sideswipe - 2058
Botcon 2008 Rampage - 2059
Botcon 2008 Divebomb - 2060
Botcon 2008 Ricochet - 2061
Crazy Steve Figure Botcon 2008 Exclusive Skywarp Tetrajet - 2062

I think that is it.

And yes. I'm counting my Crazy Steve exclusive.

It is one of the best things I got this year!

If there's one movie you see this year about an alcoholic genius inventor that ends up creating a suit of powered armor and goes about kicking all kinds of ass after he has a crisis of conscience then make sure Iron Man is that movie.

Holy shit!

It was... it was...

It was damn near perfect.

It is quite possibly the most fun and dead on balls awesome comic book to film adaptation that I've ever seen.

In the world of awful films made from comics, this one is a shining gem of how to do it right.

Thank you Jon Favreau.

I knew from the moment I saw the leaked image of Tony Stark in the original thrown together armor I knew there was going to be something special here.

Everything about this film turned out great!


And if you are saying to yourself "I want to see a fantastic movie that has superheroes in it during the dark era of the 1950's McCarthy hearings" then look no further than The New Frontier, the film adaptation of DC: The New Frontier.


Now that's what I'm talking about!!!

Nala + the real Time Trapper + some semblance of the original LSH = crapping pants.

It has been a long time since a final word balloon in a frigg'n piece of paper crack made me feel like a kid again.

"...I deserve better than I've been given."

No shit!



Congratulations to Mr. Hooper_X and now Mrs. Hooper_X.

On your wedding day, in the slightly butchered, yet immortal words of Luca Brasi, I tell you... "May your first child be a masculine child. (And still like toy robots when he is 30.)"

1. Have any of you ordered directly from e-Hobby?

2. If so, how the phrock did you do it if you don't read Japanese?!?!?!?!

Purpley Grey Goodness


Just got an email from BBTS that my Henkei Astrotrain is ready to ship.


I so have to finish the last bedroom project! I so want to setup my office/crack room and get this shit out!

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