Please save me Exclusive White Chase robots!


Please save me Six-Wing!!! Logan Airport sucks balls!!!

Oh my god I am so frigg'n sick of Logan Airport!!!!


We've been here waiting for 6 hours and we have probably 2 more hours to go if we're lucky and we even get a plane!


It sucks so much ballage that I've basically been opening up hundred dollar figures, transforming them, and taking pictures since I HAVE NOTHING TO DO!!!!


Takara Micromaster Six-Wing (White Berserker Chase)

The white chase "berserker" version of the Takara Micromasters Six-Wing is really pretty.

He's not just white.

Each little bot's autobot symbols are dark and the combiner parts are trimmed in silver or gold.

I've always overlooked these chase guys, especially the red one, but this guy just totally works with the silver and gold trim.

I loves him.

I loves him lots now.

He's keeping me sane here.

Wendy's closed. Dunkin' Donuts closed.

We are stuck.



I think the micro Constructicon set was the best of the 4 IMHO.

But exclusive white Six-wing looks nice.

Looking forward to pics of the Hoont welcoming the robots home.

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