I think Barricade found the matrix when we weren't looking...


You know the worst thing about having Bay, Orci, and Kurtzman do a Transformers film with no real story and with the TFs basically co-starring in it?

Having to read fanboys on message boards creating missing story details or motivations where none actually exist in the story!

There is no relationship between Megatron and Starscream! They share less than 25 odd words between themselves and less than 15 seconds on actual time onscreen together!!!

I've actually read somebody explaining all kinds of shit about Barricade!

This is the bad craziness that happens in fanboys when you don't show the shit on screen!

We start making total shit up out of thin air!!!


Oh well. At least Megatron were given a few seconds to talk in this film. Most other decepticons had little chance to say anything or show characters (before getting raped by autobots). This is horrible.

I'm by no means a huge whiner when it comes to the film. I knew what it was going to be going into it and that it was the director's vision rather than a TF movie.

That being said when I watched the sequences of Megatron I though, "So why wouldn't Welker's voice have worked?" Honestly would have fit rather well for that version of Megatron and then some of the lines wouldn't seem so forced. Hayes did alright but it was so synthisized that I couldn't really tell it was him, I mean why bother they could have gotten some guy off the street to do it.

They really did need to give the decepticons more lines and talk a little trash with the autobots, get some rivalry going, you remember that kind of stuff.

Yeah see, this is why i try and avoid TF related message boards because people take this hobby FAR too seriously and get bent out of shape over the slightest thing...

I had my nitpicks on the film, but I knew I would going into it. I'm a fanboy, nitpicking is what I do. I berate because I love. ^_^

That said,I enjoyed the hell outta the experience. I loved it in the theatre. Yea, the Brawl/Devastator thing is a bit irksome, and the Decepticons should've put up a better fight, but still much love. Much like Final Fantasy 7: Advent Children, I will download it ASAP, as well as buy it when it's available, and the inevitable special edition.

Many geekgasms. ^_^

Have you read the "leaked" plot details for part 2, brought to you by these same fanboys? Apparently, Starscream flies back to Cybertron to recruit a bunch more Decepticons. Meanwhile, Scorponok swims to the bottom of the sea and sacrifices his spark to revive Megatron. Oh, and a bunch of them brought up Unicron.

, im so glad im not the only one who thinks this stuff is is bat shit insane,

love the blog keep it up

BG: Why would Starscream return to Cybertron when Prime clearly states at the end that it has basically been destroyed. That's what the whole end monologue is about... calling survivors to Earth!

Hell... that's also part of the shoddy storytelling too.

Bumblebee makes a big deal about staying with Sam which implied to me that the others were going to "return" to someplace without him.

However, then we see him and whateverhernameis on the his hood snogging while Ironhide and Ratchet are watching.

It then seems, based on Prime's words, that they are are all staying.

It was just too poorly written to really make any actual logical sense.

I'm just taking the blue pill again and sucking it up.

You cant convince me that a sequel WON'T have Starscream gathering an army of outcast Decepticons, but they'll be based on the moon or some shit instead (SUP ARMADA?)

I think the implication of Bumblebee's statement was that he was going to stay with Sam while the others spread out around Earth. They just hadn't done that yet at the end of the film. (like the RiD cartoon.)

Please note that I am stroking my beard both thoughtfully and forcefully here.

(also, Megatron SO comes back, either at the end of II or the beginning of III, supercharged by the Allspark and calling himself Galvatron.)


Are you laughing like Roger Delgado or Anthony Ainley whilst stroking your beard?

i'm laughing like eric roberts while dressed as a gay space chinaman.


Hoop: Thank you for reminding me of Eric Robert's portrayal. I forget about that one.

Actually, I loved the part of the recent "Human Nature" where John Smith has drawn faces in his diary and one of them is Paul McGann, which for the first time ever acknowledged the 8th Doctor in official Who continuity.

As expected, that little fanwank meant that the Who movie is canon and it got a ton of Who fans crazy because it means they have to accept the Eric Roberts Master now, snake, American accent, and everything else.

I still say (and I'm officially calling this one now) Part II = Shockwave. I'd have to also speculate that Part III = Galvatron and/or Unicron.

Or, maybe I'm totally wrong, and Part II will be Galvatron rising from the depths, and Part III will be something stupendously cheeseriffic with a purple cloud called UniCron (CamelCaps on purpose).

When the credits rolled the audience clapped and I clapped right along with 'em. I liked E.T. and The Iron Giant was a fave movie so pulling themes from those 2 movies was o.k. by me. Being a longtime John Tuturro fan I was stoked to see him as icing on the cake of a goofy fun movie instead of elevating what was otherwise a stinker movie (a la Steve Buscemi in Armageddon). Anyway, the last scene, after the credits rolled for a couple minutes, was Starscream screeching off into the outer atmosphere, so for the next movie I predict: Starscream comes back in the body of Waspinator.

What the hell were you watching??!?!?

It was obvious to me that Starscream had actually been killed (off screen) and that was the Ghost of Starscream flying away to find the sparks of the Combaticons!

If you look closely, he looks translucent.

Waspinator? WHATever!

Nala, take your blue pill already. I was just kidding- about Waspinator. Not about enjoying the flick. Who could see if Starscream was tranlucent or had pink polka dots? He was onscreen for all of 2 seconds. Orci & Kurtzman can do what they want with him. Strip his circuits and call him a toaster. I'm gonna lay off these boards (applause) and just enjoy the pretty pics of new TFs posted here until the movie dust settles and the disappointed (cue the violins) my-Prime-is-bigger-then-yours fans get their undies out of a bunch.

I hope they crack the allspark open and it's kremzeek inside.

I think that is what the worst thing about the movie was for me, there was no relationship between Megatron and Starscream, or Megatron and any of the Decepticons for that matter. Megatron calls them and they all come a rollin' (So I guess the version of the movie I watched wasn't the only one where Brawl called himself Devastator?) There was no disagreement, no arguing, no backstabbing, nothing that made them Decepticons.

I didn't read anything about this movie beforehand other than who was playing who and checking out the new character designs, so I set my sights low when I went in (just like I did for Episode I and it worked). But even the toy descriptions give more background info than the movie on these guys. Bonecrusher showed no evidence of "hating Megatron and the other Decepticons." Brawl (or Devastator?) didn't emote that he was "in the grips of a rage so deep that he knows little else." Starscream certainly didn't get the chance to show that he wanted to "slip a jagged shard of steel between Megatron's processor clusters."

Hell, the Transformer that got the most screen time was Frenzy, and he ended up being my favorite bot in the movie, probably because he acted the most Decepticon-ish.

I'm not knocking this movie for what it was, a good way to spend 2 hours. It certainly was that. But they just as easily could have done that movie as GI Joe or Thundercats or, hell, even Care Bears and all they would have had to do was take out the Transformers and plug in characters from another cartoon.

Even the Autobots weren't very Autobot-y. I can't imagine MY Ironhide asking Prime if he could pretty please shoot the humans.

And I wish they hadn't killed Jazz. There, I feel better.

Apparently the next movie will also feature a sub storyline based around Pinhead reclaiming his antique puzzle box which the Autobots are trying to pass off as "The Allspark"

@Bruticus: I'm so glad I wasn't the only one who thought of that.

Giga, it was the first thing that sprang to mind when i saw the Allspark...

Well, I'm going for a spectacular (?!) Paramount arranged linking of Star Trek and Transformers with this crazy cube. I'm not kidding---I thought of the Borg the moment I saw the first visual of it and then heard the voice-over telling us that the TFs had no idea basically what it was. It makes just about as much sense as anything else about this wacko movie! Why, when presented with a perfectly workable mythos, would the writers/Bay/Hasbro set out to create this basically new purposely vague material? So they can fuse the two!!! Resistance is futile. . .

By the way, bravo on A3---I've never been to a con, but I vow to spend stupidly large sums of money to acquire him in the near future.

First off i did'nt know there was another James on here. second as a movie i thought it was ok here the pro/cons i see


+ GM has once again proved they have way more money than Ford

- Umm the movie is transformers not Sam and Mikeala's big movie

+ Bumble bee is kinda cool for once and not just a little b$%*h

+ Peter Cullen voice

and everything else was covered

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