Maybe I'll get $3000 for 98% of the Attic of Love


So. Remember that silly $1,000,000 G1 toy ebay auction?

I can't tell based on the history if it was legitimately purchased or not. That person listed has to have been a joke. I mean, the last item they purchased was tanning lotion.

It just can't have been real bid but they aren't listed on the declined page.

Bad craziness.


I think I saw that one (forced by ebay).

Let's assume that someone with that kind of purchasing power actually spends time on ebay for Transformers.

I mean, how can payments be made? Paypal? Money Order? Monthly payment of $199 for the next 800 years? :D

I hope that I didn't offend anyone, LOL

Other than the lotion, the buyer also purchased Mike Tyson's Punch-Out and Fresh Prince DVDs. My god, what is /b/ planning now?

Actually the last thing i bought on ebay was Siren tanning lotion and a Sam's club Ultra Magnus. And if it was a legit sale it wouldnt be unlikly that they don't pay because the 6 for feedback is'nt very reasuring

Holy moley ... quite the impressive auction.

The thing about acquiring TFs in such MIB condition for high prices, is that I would go crazy debating whether or not to open them (and enjoy playing with them - but reducing their value) or leave them MIB (keeping their value, but missing the whole point of collecting TFs IMO).

I used to keep things unopened. Lame!

If you are into collecting toys and don't open them then you might as well not collect.

This is not an investment.

The only reason I don't open some things is because of the Attic of Love's space issues. The boxes/cards just stack better once the top of the shelf is full of figures.

THEY ARE AN INVESTMENT!!!! Please don't take that away from me because that's the only justification I've been able to come up with. My wife ain't buying the "I just like to play with them" excuse anymore because I rarely actually play with them.

But yeah, people that keep them in the box irritate me. What good is an '85 Jetfire if you can't pick him up and fly him around while you make jet noises with your mouth? None, that's what. People that keep boxes that are in crappy condition bewilder me. I just got a G1 Kickback on eBay (complete for about 11 bucks, thank you), and the seller threw in the box. Just the box. No tray. The window was falling out, it was all wrinkled and bent. "Heavy Wear" would be the description. ???? Is that supposed to add value? Am I supposed to house him in the box when he's not standing next to the rest of my Insecticons? you think I could get a million for my two boxes of X-Files magazines? There's a couple of old X-files calendars included...

Who'm I kidding? I'm KEEPING THEM, especially since they'll definitely go up in value once the new movie comes out.


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