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So I wanted to have both a Hot Rod and a Rodimus Prime but that meant getting another Hot Rod.

I opted to snag the Target Hot Rod/Cyclonus 2-pack.

Ugh! What a shitty figure.

Wow! What a difference.

2-pack Hot Rod (on the right) really looks and feels like a knock-off. Compared to the Classics release he's so poor it isn't even funny.

Hasbro really went all out on this set. I haven't even looked at the Cyclonus yet.


So yeah.


Kind of amazed how awesome the Breakaway and Fracture repaints turned out to be.

Damn fantastic!

You can see I opted for the Hasbro Silverbolt too. After getting him, I can safely say that an extra $25 is not worth the G1 paint job!

Blitzwing really is the shocker though. Others may like him but I wish I'd never bought him.

He's loose as shit and quite frankly he's just an ugly robot.

And what's up with the continued craptastic quality control?

Fracture's paint job... and even Breakaway's is kind of crappy. For me there's enough good in the figure to outweigh the bad. And they also were cheaper.

But Silverbolt?

Poor quality control on Silverbolt

His waist is totally f'd up!

I've definitely seen this more and more. I think I'll start tagging the figures that have problems so I can look... over the course of the ones I buy from a given line... to see if patterns arise.

China is not going to become our Overlords with this kind of shoddy toy painting!

I love my Daddy!


Big Daddy!

Now this is the way this mold is supposed to have been painted!

The predominantly orange and black colors, with a bit of light blue and silver/grey really works.

The red flames and exposed carb just make this one of the best painted alt modes in 20+ years of TFs.

Now the original Cybertron Wheeljack Downshift was ok, but with this repaint in Big Daddy hotness comes a repaint that is worth every penny.

However, with that said, mine has awful quality control as is even broke.

The silver should paint is really bad and the one clip to hold his waist to his chest is broken off.

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