Ever since this goddamn movie started I've been inundated with viral emails asking me to go to websites of unlicensed TF products or to just blog about shit to drive traffic to these websites.

What's amazingly funny is how most of these are essentially crafted vermin emails that offer me absolutely nothing but ask me to post about their crap and giving links that will be picked up by Google and Yahoo and such.

I've probably had about 15 emails so far this week.

While one marketing firm representing Radio Shack was probably the top of the list, the rest have all been unlicensed poorly drawn crappy tshirts sites trying to make a buck off of advertising or their rather low-quality products.

What's amazing is not a single email offered me any form of compensation.

Not a single dime or freebie.

At least when the marketing firm hawking the anniversary version of the original movie came a calling they gave me a free copy of the DVD to link to their ad.

This is 'Merica folks! Nothing is free. Everything has a price.


I'll write a review of any free junk if it's given to me.

I've only ever gotten one offer though for TF Anniversary DVD. They never sent the god damn disc either.


Really? I was skeptical at first and hesitatnt to post those ads.

I did get my free copy though.

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