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How To Make Cheesy Sci-Fi.

And yes. Transformers pretty much nails every aspect.

Boring Laws of Physics You Have To Ignore? Check!
Boring Laws of Chemistry You Have To Ignore? Check!
Boring Laws of Biology You Have To Ignore? Check!
Boring Laws of Economy You Have To Ignore? Check!
Mechas? Obviously. Check!
Energy beams? Check!
Teleporters? Check!
Automatic Translators?Check!
Control panels with aleatory blinking unnamed buttons? Check!
Mollusk-like Aliens? Check!
Paranormals? Check!
Spandex? Check!
Old wise people and a kid that is the "chosen one"? Oh my god! Check! Check! Check!
Monarchy? Check!
Robot? Duh! Check!
Invincible Foes? Check!
Slavery? Check!

So... boring... want... new... job...

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I am so bored of this XML project I'm working on.

08-04-06-wm.jpgOk. Someone 'splain this to me.

I don't understand the economics of Hasbro's distribution or how they make their deals with their vendors.

Now they recently announced that they'll be doing a "Scout and Deluxe Assortment with Bonus DVD" to be available at Wal-Marts.

Ok. That's fine and all.

The problem I see with this is that their new stuff is practically impossible to find and here in Cowtown, and most of the stops I made on US23 and I-75 to Glass City, are stores clogged with these sames figures minus the lame DVD.

Yes. Clogged!

There are literally tons of Backstops, Wrecklooses, Speed Mini-Cons, Swerves, Swindles, Scrapmetals, Downshifts, Override GTSes, and Skywarps clogging the shelves.

Need a Mudflap? There are probably 100 between here and Glass City. Dark Scorponoks? Vanguard Scattorshots? Vanguard Red Alerts? Hell. Northwest Ohio alone can full any supply you need.

The shelves of Targets, Wal-Marts, KMarts, Meijers, ToysRUs, and KayBees are clogged with these along with Alternator Skids and Tracks!

Meijers alone in Cowtown probably has 40 Crumplezone and Dark Crumplezones!

I just don't get why they'd just repackage the damn things with a DVD and put the same shit out on the shelves.

Out of all the figures in this Wal-Mart assortment only Brimstone I haven't seen in months.

Collectors already have all this shit so all I can think is that eventually this is intended to go on clearance and feed early holiday shopping. I mean. Adding the same figures already clogging shelves makes no sense but I'm not the toy production guy here.

I'm just the scientific publishing guy with an extremely lame addiction that makes me waste 10 minutes typing up a blog post about the fact that toy shelves are clogged with the same crap for months. Very lame indeed.


How about a Camshaft? How about a Mirage? A Menasor?

Cybertron as a line is dead. Cybertron as a cartoon is dead.

I think I'm going to just splurge and buy some of this online even if I have to pay a premium.

At the new $3.15 per gallon for gas it sure beats me driving around.

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