Was this worthy of being an exclusive? I'm not sure.


So TFormers has a gallery out there of that Menasor repaint of Titanium Rodimus Prime.

I think The B's got me one in San Diego.

It is funny that I'll have one of these that I really didn't want all that badly and yet I've never seen the G1 Ultra Magnus Titanium anywhere.

That kind of disappeared into nothingness. I don't even know if it appeared on the shelves here in Cowtown.

Actually, come to think of it, I have still yet to see that damn Legends of Cybertron Menasor repaint of Optimus Prime either.

Anyway, look at gallery, it becomes pretty apparent to me that the Rodimus Prime mold just doesn't work for anything but Rodimus.

Leaving off the flames might have helped but I don't it would have helped much.

It just looks like a black Rodimus Prime. If this was Takara I'd say it was some kind of Lucky Draw attire.

Perhaps they should have made the character Dark Rodimus or something. You could have written a character bio that works a bit better.

Oh well. I still think he looks nice.

Alas, he looks like just a dark Rodimus Prime.


I agree that a black/purple Rodimus doesn't work out well. They might as well call him Black Rodimus instead of forcing it as Menasor.

I thought its just me that haven't seen Titanium G1 Ultra Magnus in stores.

But it is available in Canada Wal-Marts since June. Maybe it is a Canadian exclusive.

Nala: Do you want a LOC Menasor? Let me know, I'll keep my eyes out for one if need be.

Yes. Please do.

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