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I also received this email (exactly as shown).


We ( e-Hobby Shop ) are internet shopping for Transformer funs in Japan.
My name is K_Ootsuka, managing e-Hobby Shop Divisition.
Now we are making "Link " to introduce "World wide Transformer Sight "
for Japanese funs.

And I found Your Homepage, named PLADTIC CRACK COM
Would you Link each other?
I think, Transformer funs of bothside, will be more interest in it.

Best regards
Part One Co., Ltd.
e-Hobby Shop Division
Manager K_Ootsuka

I'm assuming it really is from e-Hobby. That's kinda cool.

I replied back and tried to use Google's translator feature. Teen Jesus knows that the hell it ended up reading like.

Now I loves me some e-Hobby. I can't even calculate the amount of money I've spent on e-Hobby stuff over the years.

I'd really like that Omega Sentinel repaint but damn, I just don't know. Maybe if I finish the garage repairs I'll treat myself to more plastic.

I received Giga's Twitter earlier "Target has new Classics and leader Bulkhead, Megs. " and was like... yeah. That's nice.

I just don't want to spent the money on toys right now.

The love? The love? Why have you abandoned me?

And yes, I played Star Frontiers too.


So as I was walking out of the biblioteca I noticed Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition for Dummies on the shelf and went back and checked it out.


I have no idea really.


I briefly played D&D back in 1983 and 1984 when I was just starting my career as a social outcast.

Apparently, I was playing 1st Edition since I had what looks like the original Monster Manual, Players Handbook, Deities and Demigods, Fiend Folio, and the Dungeon Masters Guide. I had some of the early adventures (I can't remember what they were called... Scenarios... something like that) and all I remember is that S3 was this great one involving a crashed spaceship and a Mindflayer that was wearing sci-fi armor and there was an Egyptian one too.

One of the things that made me different from the other loser geeks I played with was the fact that I wasn't into fantasy stuff. While I read Tolkien and such, it was never "mine". Even as a child I was far more grounded in history and historical sci-fi even and that really took my D&D stuff into different territory.

Everything I did and ran was based on a custome skewed classical Greco-Egypto cultural world I created. The only "monsters" per se were those based in human myth and religion.

Pretty fucked up for a 12 year old and definitely not the dragons, elves, orcs, and halfling stuff the others were playing.

Anyway... what was I saying.

Oh. Yeah.

Just perusing through this 4th Edition Dummies guide shows me how geeks completely sucked the fun out of the game.

Man oh man this shit's insane!!!

And once in gmail I read...

I'm just writing to let you know that I'm a huge fan of your blog~!!! I'm a faithful reader and check for updates all the time. In fact, you inspired me to start up my own blog about robots. However, my angle on it is to also feature my other hobby, which is playing rock music. You should check it out as I have a few posts already set up.


If you could link me on your site, I'd really appreciate it, and I'd appreciate any feedback or advice you have for a robot fans like yourself~!

Advice? From me? Nala? Bitter and jaded Transformers collector?

Well Mr. Kang, the only advice I can share with you is finish your graduate degree and post-doc, don't buy a house near people who drink 24 hours a day, and if you do buy a house make sure your basement is sound and doesn't leak.

That's the best advice I have.


And don't waste your hard earned money on too many gay toy robots.

Get just the right about.

Not too many.

Or else... you'll end up bitter and jaded about having a shitload of toy robots you don't want.

(And the thought will go through your mind that it is easier to just throw them out than try to go through all the effort of selling them.)

Um... I fergots.


Wow! Talk about just not caring about Transformers right now.

I forgot SDCC was going on and I also forgot to ask my resident SDCC lecture circuit peeps Mr. and Mrs. B. to snag me the Hasbro TF exclusives.

Oh well.

In lieu of Transformers content...


Yeah. I know.

I don't have much to blog about these days.


In lieu of Transformers content...


And may god have mercy on your souls.

It is a rare occurrence in my world when I read two sentences that are so insanely brilliant and just happen to be consecutive.

I give you...

Those Voltrons were so heavy and metal they could have opened for Iron Maiden. Oftentimes I found myself standing directly beneath the mighty metal lion Voltron watching him hang there all heavy and mighty, just as God's balls hang heavy and mighty in the sky above mankind.

My god I just love that man's writing.

I'm not even Fistfight to his Action Master Shockwaveyness!

This is quite frankly the best commentary about Voltron toys I've ever read.

Screw it!


You know something?

Screw it!

Not only do I want Susan back!

I want John and Gillian made canon and I want Kroton and Frobisher too!

Kroton would totally work in a couple-parter in the new Who! And Frobisher, which technically more expensive to do, would be great in a minor role. Kid's would totally eat this shit up! (So would I!)

And think about it... if the Gallifreyans and Time Lords are all supposedly extinct, what irony that the only Gallifreyans that (somehow) exist other than the Doctor are his grandchildren, who have to essentially recreate the race.

There's so much awesomeness to bring in from the non-TV material!

C'mon BBC... c'mon Steven Moffat... I know you've got the balls!!!

I quadruple dog dare you!

Who watches the trailer.


Well... I'm not sure what to think.

A film is entirely too small to contain the story. That's just reality.

The trailer shows a lot of comic panel duplication in the cinematography.

Yeah. The lame geek in me got a little hard at the Owlship coming out of the river.

Laurie's costume just looks silly though.

Kudos to incorporating the minor stuff like Doctor Manhattan's martian clockwork "house".

But... I just don't see how a film can capture what is very much a story steeped in the literary structure and conventions of a comic.

Edward Forty Hands

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I know I'm entirely too old for this kind of shit but...

I really want to play Edward Forty Hands at Botcon!!!

I think I could definitely do that better than playing Amy Winehands!

Victory Saber 1" Love?

C'mon Hasbro. We're talking the real Victory "Totally Kick Your Ass And Hand It Back To You On A Plate With My Sword Sticking Out Your Hole" Saber here right?



Please let it not be something else just called Victory Saber.

I love to read when others have those "what the fuck" moments when it comes to adult toy collecting. It makes me feel less isolated in the collective 12 Step group we all are a part of.

I think "hyperarticulated reconfigurable paperweights" just may be my new favorite phrase too. And it'd make a kiss ass band name, no?

That said, I think it may just be the true medical name for plastic crack addiction - Articulated Reconfigurable Paperweightophilia.

In other news in my real world, I ripped the front facade of the garage off!

[Oh. And I'll get some Whogoodness out to you shortly Hoop. I've just been a bit busy.]

Awesomeness comes in many sizes!

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Awesomeness comes in many sizes!

So... yeah...

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I had hoped to have more toys out, sorted, and ready to get the hell out of here.

Alas, real life once again intrudes.

So Saturday we got us a call from Skippy and he was heading out to launch some of his new birthday rockets.

Since I got so much done at The Domicile that day I didn't feel guilty about wasting the late afternoon.

7-5-08: Skippy's new big ass rocket!

These new rockets are gimondous!

7-5-08: Skippy's new big ass rocket!

The one has this little compartment in which small objects can be placed. Next time... I'm launching a small Transformer PVC or Spychanger up.

7-5-08: Down comes the rocket

There was lots of sweet sweet rocket love with tons of rockets being launched.

However, as with last time, the smaller rocket ended up taking off so fast and far and ended up out of the park... likely falling in the Olengrungy River or onto SR315.

This is how NOT to launch a rocket:

Doctor Who: Journey's End



After watching it twice, I'm still not sure about this week's Series 4 finale Journey's End.

However, when it comes down to it, the resolution at the end is quite possibly the cruelest and most horrible fate that a has happened to a companion in the 45 years of the show.

Yes. It was worse than what happened to Katarina (being blasted out of an airlock), Adric (being eaten by dinosaurs), or maybe/maybe not companion Sarah Kingdom (disintegration).

Death would have been preferable.

*spoilers ahead*

Czołem, Wasa Moscium!



So it was a rainy grey and relatively cool Independence Day.

The early afternoon was all about the usual Doo Dah Parade and Browning cookout.

It pretty much rained the entire parade but I was impressed with the number of people that watched from the sidelines as well as participated. The weather sure wasn't inviting.

Came home and then went across the street to the block cookout.

Apparently, every year J. buys and blows up thousands of firecrackers.

He had this 25-30 ft roll of about 16,000 firecrackers.

It took about 6 minutes to blow the entire roll.

Hell... my camera even ran out of space at 4 minutes.

After that, I briefly stopped by Carina and Skippy's party but they were all heading down to Whetstone for the fireworks.

Not one for big crowds, I did my usual anti-social thing while Giga went with them.

Yeah. I came home and went to bed.

Fun, ain't I?

So much fun that my July 5th will consist of cutting up hundreds of branches and placing them in compost bags all the while waiting for the BBC to air the series finale of Doctor Who "Journey's End".


I is the lame.

On more levels than any human can possibly imagine.

Happy Independence Day!

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Happy Independence Day

Today's the day when we remember President Whitmore and Captain Hiller's successful defense of the Earth against invading alien attack.

May it never happen again.

Krypto... rocks.



My general ongoing malaise when it comes to funny books can be easily overcome with a dose of Krypto.

There is nothing more f'n awesome than a white dog of questionable breed with a red cape that has super strength, super hearing, and can fly.


There's no denying it.

There's nothing better.

We here at Plastic Crack extend our great joy and happiness and wish our 1 apparent Canadian reader a Happy Canada Day!

May you always remember that if things had gone differently in 1812, you'd be eating normal bacon.

*ducks head from thrown Best Diorama Botcon 2008 award*

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