Holy crap? 1000?

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Wow! I happened to look at the TF Flickr group where I usually post my shots to and this pic of Mirage is the 1000th image I submitted to that group.

Now as of this evening I've posted 4,361 pics to my Flickr account so what's really creepy is that more than 1/4 have gone to the TF group and I can't even begin to imagine the TF shots I didn't post there since I try to avoid similar setups. Then again, most of my stuff is purely for documentation purposes of The Crack and all look like mediocre product shots.

I noticed that Ramen Junkie's next in line at 505!

Bad f'n craziness is all I gotta say.

Now I gotta go back to cleaning the attic.

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Man, that's still like a third of my photos. I was thinking I was at a lower ratio.

For what it's worth I've got another 300-400 images over at the Allspark's galleries.

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