Chicago - Radisson - Now this is a bed!


I don't know why I'm posting this shit here but I arrived in Chicago in a horrible thunderstorm with plenty of lightning.

The Radisson is kinda of a meh hotel as far as hotels go with long creepy corridors. And of course, I'm in a room way far from the lobby.

But the bed?

Oh the bed!!!

Radisson Chicago O'Hare - This is a bed!!!

King sized for my pleasure!

One of the things I'm looking for in the future House of Love IV is a master bedroom truly big enough for a king bed with plenty of space.

At least my home for the next 4 days and 3 nights has a massive bed.

I'm wondering how many people have gang banged in it?

I need to go find me a 6 pack of Corona.

Well... that. Or a gang bang.


Where's the slot for the money to make the bed vibrate because it's simply not a hotel without it...

Remember to check the mattress seams for bedbugs!!!

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