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I must have you!


RID PrimeOf course around these parts love of the Fire Convoy mold is a given.

It was RID Optimus Prime, along with Team Bullet Train and Wedge, that got me into serious crack addiction back in 2001 or so.

Remy Rodis' 6" Titantium RID Optimus Prime gallery is fantastic!

Sure, there's a lack of detail due to the size of his head and all but I'm not going to let that ruin him for me.

He's just great!

Robots In Disguise Optimus Prime (Sam's Club Exclusive)

I've wanted a loose one for so long. Now to find me a loose Sam's Club Ultra Magnus!

Purchased at Botcon 2006 from Tom during room trades. (Thanks Tom!!!)

This is the 1700th Transformer I've ever purchased.

So I've been a total loser today and have been trying to figure out the best way to take toy photos with what I have available here in the Attic and with my old but trusty Olympus 2020Z camera.

I decided I'd spend some time with the new Transformers Universe Bonecrusher, who happens to be made from one of my favorite molds: Car Robots Build Boy.


TFU Bonecrusher - closeup

Transformers Universe Bonecrusher!


I have to say that in 22 years of Transformers, Scourge has got to be one of the finest Transformers ever made.

And then Autobot Prime on Allspark wrote...

...It's easy to cope. RiD was just G1 as seen through G1 Beachcomber's eyes. There was, like, this flying hand that turned into a DRAGON, man.
And there you have it. One helluva way to describe one of my favorite TF series.

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