Now starting at a lowly $99,100.


So remember that woman trying to sell off those Transformers for $1,000,000?

Well I got this email, supposedly from her today, telling me auction is back up.

Apparently, it was yanked by eBay because of Megatron and the stupid "needs the orange tip" stuff.

Anyway, it is now starting a mere lowly $99,100.

I don't think she's ever going to sell this thing as a whole collection. I don't care if half of it goes to charity or whatever.

They are just toys.

And although some of you may get all hot and bothered by them and your panties will get all moist and bunched up... at the end of the day they are just toys.


Wow! Never woulda guessed there were that many Transformers here in Escondido.

So will this make G1 Megatrons even more pricey since they can't be sold as easily?

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