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Since we spent 3 days getting ready for my yearly big-ass cookout and it went off without a problem.

Those 3 days involved a lot of reorganizing, yard work, and cleaning and during my preparations of the guest room for our overnight guests, I uncovered something that I wasn't supposed to have.


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Of course, I want Knight Boat and now I get Nightbird!!!

I'm not winning here at all.

She's nice.

I don't know if she's $45.95 nice.

But she's nice.


Then again, after a link was posted earlier today to this, I don't think I can quite look at her the same way.


If I buy her, can I convince one of you customizers to sculpt me a little set of nunchuck dildoes?

Needs more va-jay-jay!




It is nice to read news that gets me excited.

I know they don't sell in the quantities needed but I'd love some more obscure characters done up in Revoltech.

Can you imagine an anime-accurate God Ginrai? With huge rocket wings and the whole shebang?

I'd buy that!

An anime-accurate Minerva?

F yeah!

Hell... any of the mainstream chick-bots would be great in Revoltech!

Hey kids! Toys!


Just me rambling about some shit that has been posted online lately.

2007-10-26-swbust.jpgOK. Throw a few hypocrite points my way for this one.

While I was berating plastic crap in a previous post I was simultaneously thinking that this new Shockwave bust isn't all that bad.

I'd pay $10 for it. Maybe $15.

$60? Hell no.

But I guess what it comes down to is there's not much in the way of G1 Shockwave out there so I suppose I can't be too picky when something is released, no matter how lame.

And it is translucent blue too...



It is kind of funny when it appears a knock-off translucent G1 Mirage may come out (from Tformers) and it looks a thousand times better than that Botcon version from earlier this summer.


I think those mini-mates are hideously ugly.

I don't think they are as ugly as those hideous DC minithings, but they are ugly nonetheless.

However, moments ago, I fell in love with Stickfas because of a picture.

Holy crap! These Stickfa Transformers are the... what do the kids say... shit!

I gotsta have that Stickfa Shockwave!

They even did a Ginrai!!!

So. Imelda. What about the shoes?


My biggest regret from Botcon was not purchasing the TakaraTomy (I still can't get used to that) Nike Sports Label Convoy and Megatron from Fumihiko for $100.

Yeah. They're pretty silly.

And yes, TakaraTomy looks to be doing the insane redeco thing with the Convoy one. We've seen the now generic "white repaint" as Ultra Magnus and now there's this "marine color repaint" that has popped. Oh. And the possible, though unconfirmed, Starscream.

I dont' know why but I find myself drawn to their silliness.

My only complaint is that they all are designed as left feet. I think it would have been a bit sillier to pair Convoy and Megatron as a set. And if they did more, the Autobots are always left feet and the Decepticons are always right feet.

I still may get them.

I doubt I'll ever find them for the price I could have paid at Botcon though.

Optimash Prime


Optimash Prime

And with Optimash Prime I've hit 1900 figures!!!

I so love him! He's great! He's level 12 awesome!

Optimash Prime is the 1900th Transformer that I've acquired.

2007_05_07_optimash.jpgNow I'm definitely getting the Optimash Prime here for my new office.

I have absolutely no qualms about this kind of fun cross-brand promotion at all and the Star Wars variations, while I don't own them, pretty much foretold the coming of this here guy.

However, the major reason I'm gonna buy this is the fact that he's a G1 Prime.

I find it funny that Hasbro so often seems to want to abandon the past but here's another example where they deemed it appropriate to totally change "Optimus" for the movie yet a cross-promotional toy is designed around a 20-year-old appearance.

Then again, there's a shitload of late 20-something males that will see this and know immediately who it is without even having to see that name.

There's something to be said for icons.

There's also something to be said for childhood-toy-cartoon-marketing brainswashing too!

(Kudos to Hasbro for making a little truck too!)

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