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Faced with the dodo's conundrum...


Went out briefly to two parties.

Alas, my back hurts and I've become old crotchety tired guy again.

So I left Giga and Marcie and came home.

Heating Pad.

I love thee.

Oh. And have a happy new year's eve!



You know you are getting old when you accidentally insert Leo Tolstoy in a conversation when you meant to actually say Leon Trotsky.


Let this be a lesson to you.

Everything you do in your teens and twenties will come back to bite you in the ass in the most unassuming random ways in your 30s.

Oh. And especially stay away from nitrous oxide tanks. Bad. Bad. Bad.

Trust Nala on this one.

Happy Happy Joy F'n Joy!!!



I think Roger is in the trailer too!

He is the Crime-Solving Boat ya know!




And I wanted a Knight Boat exclusive!!!


Why does the Transformers Collectors Club hate me so!?!?!

Doctor Who: Voyage of the Damned



Just a shout out and thanks to all the geeks who emailed me various means to watch this week's Doctor Who Christmas special Voyage of the Damned.

I loves me some new Who and this will definitely hold me over for a few more months.

Voyage of the Damned continues the fun of the yearly Christmas special and may actually be the best one so far. Definitely much better than last year's The Runaway Bride.

While I had absolutely no idea who Kylie Minogue was prior to her appearance here, she was pretty good and not a bad bit of tail.

Also, making a return appearance to Who after many decades was the good old long suffering husband of Hyacinth Bucket, aka actor Clive Swift.

This year's generic holiday "army" was The Host, a bunch of evil-programmed robot angels that have more than a passing resemblance to the robots from The Robots of Death.

On the whole, it was a fun little episode where over 1995 or so people die high above the planet earth.

That's Christmas for you.

Still in Glass City...


Well we kinda-sorta saw Transformers: Animated last night.

I spent the last part of the afternoon/evening installing a new faucet and plumbing for the NalaParents with the assist of The Cousin.

Actually, I really only needed to borrow his tools and some supplies but he ended up doing most of the work. Of course, he's also a lot younger and shorter and fits better under a vanity so I suppose it worked out best. Last thing I need is my back getting really messed up again.

Anyway, what we saw of Transformers: Animated we liked but it is very much a kids show with fan wanks left and right.

Using the G1 footage as historical footage was amusing and quite frankly my favorite moment was the cameo by Season 3/Headmasters Spike, Carly, and Daniel.

I don't have much more I can say about it really.

What sucks is we know the Domicile Tivo ran out of programming data while we have been gone (don't ask) and it didn't snag it.

There's definitely a few toys I think I'll want from the line.

Not a lot.

But a few.

Happy Day After Xmas

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Here ya go.

I wish I would have found this earlier.

Video of what can happen when you don't get those cha cha heels you wanted!


Decided to stay in town 1 more day and go see The Cousin's super mega major home renovation project.

Well... and have some Rudy's Hot Dog too.

I'm off to see the Wizard.



Ok geeks!

I'm off to Glass City to enjoy oh so quality family time.

The staff at wishes you a joyous and happy holiday season.



Bwhahahahahahaha! Yeah. Right. That sounds so much like a holiday wish I'd say!

If you have them, may you find your stockings full of Jin Saotome custom Transformers tomorrow.

If you don't partake of Christmas, which I'm getting closer and closer to every year, may an invisible Jewish space zombie, or at least a deranged Robot Santa, bless you anyway with, at bare minimum, multiples repaints of Energon Arcee.

And regardless of what you celebrate this winter season, here's hoping we all wake up to those cha cha heels we so badly wanted!

The horror that awaits us if we don't get our cha cha heels is just too much to ponder.

Making Transformers a tad bit enjoyable.


Well it is still an awful film but last night it was at least a bit funnier.


Kelmeister suggested I download the recent Rifftrax mp3 for Transformers. She and the husband came over and we synched up the movie and the mp3 and sure enough, it made the film a bit tolerable.


Now many of you may not have heard of Rifftrax yet.

They are mp3 commentary audio files for current films done by Mike Nelson and the others from Mystery Science Theater 3000 fame.

I know a lot of you disagree but I have yet to see how I can agree with anyone that this is either a 1) cool film or that it is 2) even a C-grade film.

Transformers is truly a sorry excuse for a film that has made that kind of money. It is a jumbled mess of often demeaning stereotypical Bay chaos.

Watching the new film with this commentary rekindled some of the same feelings I had while watching this at the Star Wars Holiday special and the prequel films.

In fact, one of my favorite moments in the TF track was actually during one of the utterly drawn out pointless scenes without any robots in it and Mike Nelson says something to the effect of "Oh my god I can't believe I'm saying this but I would so go for a pod race now!".

Well... and also the brilliant comment about Archibald Witwicky and Moe Greene!

Get your Rifftrax today!

He lives again!!!


2007-12-22.bigdaddy.jpgHoly shit!

Baby Jesus was indeed listening to my prayers this Christmas season!

Spectroscott just sent me the link to this and I could not believe my innocent eyes!

Big Daddy!

Big Daddy!

Big Daddy!

May god have mercy on us!!!



So I got an email from Dan saying he found me a Wal-Mart Starscream and he'd mail it to me.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Nala experiments with HDTV

So I bought us a Samsung TX T3093WH as our first foray into the world of HDTV.

I've been looking around for a long time but the LCDs and plasmas just don't seem to have the image fidelity I really am expecting if I spent $2000+ for something.

So I figured I'd start out small, with a 30" CRT HDTV, and build up the necessary knowledge about signals and such, and then improve our peripherals in the hopes of actually finding a 42"-50" plasma in the future that actually meets all my image fidelity needs.

I'm thinking of this as baby steps to HDTV.

I threw in a few different DVDs and even with a low-end DVD recorder it does a beautiful job.

We'll probably upgrade to the Time Warner HD package soon in the hopes we'll see immediate quality improvements.

We better.

On the whole, I still think the whole push from analog to digital and also HD has been nothing but a corporate crock of shit to have a massive consumer turnover of televisions.

The two 27" ones we have are all early 90s models and will obviously last us many more years.

Somewhere in the whole push to convert broadcasting is just a group of people making a shitload of money off of the perception that HD is actually better.

I'm still waiting to see something consistent that proves it to me!

We'll see if this little experiment changes my mind.

New crack surprisingly.


So I was out buying the Domicile a f'n Christmas present last night and ran across the street to hit Big Lots for a cheap-ass big bow.

I walked in to the WeBeToys and amazingly they had new toys.

I snagged the Allspark Powered Landmine thing.

He's got an amazing vehicle mode. I don't recall anything quite like his alt mode before but he'd make an interesting base for a Beachcomber.

They had the Camshaft repaint and I left that one on the shelf.

I want to thank Hasbro, the Domicile, and Chuck Norris for helping me overcome my completist gene.

It is an amazing feeling to look at crack that I don't have and then actually put it back on the shelf.

Two years ago that would have been impossible.

Robot Dog Costume + Chimpanzee = 1979


2007-12-18-bgmini.jpgNow personally, I think minimates are some of the ugliest shit ever popped out of a mold.

But that's just me.

However, with that said...


And yes, the lack of Boxey does not go unnoticed!

Those are your new shoes, Dawn!

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I noticed Max put up a photo from one of our favorite movies over at his blog.

Indeed. This is the single best Christmas scene from any film ever.

Hell. It may be the single best film ever!

(And if you didn't realize it yet, I came home sick today and have been bored shitless and the cold meds are making my head even foggier than usual. And that's saying something since I'm usually way more messed up sober!)


Giga asked me to update his Netflix queue yesterday so I rearranged some things and added some other films.

Shipping at the moment is Beer League, Little Miss Sunshine, and Notes on a Scandal to be followed by Rashômon, and then Lawrence of Arabia.

Yes. A little all over the place there.

Don't worry. There's plenty of Who in the queue.

This was actually really the first time I went into the system. Quite nice really.

I wonder if I plead enough to them... will they get the Japanease Masterforce and Victory series in?!?!?

Obscure TF stuff would be great.

Any of you partake of the Netflix awesomeness?




I have a brilliant idea.

How about putting the goddamn fucking Hasbro Starscream that's exclusive to your goddamn store online instead of putting up the goddamn TakaraTomy one????

How about doing that you bitches!

Merry fucking Christmas!!!!



Damn you cruel fate!

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I found my lights and I thought I knew where the light box was but alas, I do not.

Cruel fate is preventing me from photographing the 3 new Sector Seven basics I bought.

And believe me, be happy I didn't post the shitastic non-light box shots I took.


Mega crap.

Needs more va-jay-jay!




It is nice to read news that gets me excited.

I know they don't sell in the quantities needed but I'd love some more obscure characters done up in Revoltech.

Can you imagine an anime-accurate God Ginrai? With huge rocket wings and the whole shebang?

I'd buy that!

An anime-accurate Minerva?

F yeah!

Hell... any of the mainstream chick-bots would be great in Revoltech!

10 days until new Who!


So, if you are a Who fan, the trailer for this Christmas' "Voyage of the Damned" special is up at the Beeb's site.

Click on Day 14 of the calendar.

The best news I read all day.

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And then I got the email forward...

Doctor Who: The Seeds of Death

Sent to: Giga

Arriving on or around: Saturday, Dec 15, 2007

Oh yeah!

Best news I've read all day!

The chance to see new (well, very old actually) Second Doctor stories is the bestest thing in the world.



I hit a couple of Wal-Marts and other places today while I was out looking for other stuff and of course, found absolutely zero MP Starscreams.

Nobody emailed me any links to photos of the GIJoe shit so I had no idea if the stuff that was on the shelves is what anyone was looking for or not.

The highlight of my day was wanting to run out of HHGregg screaming because they had like 100 people working the floor and only 3 customers and many tried to get my attention for help. I so HATE stores where people make commissions off sales. You feel like prey to their various filthy sales pitches! I'm so not the kind of customer these places like but if they'd leave me alone to browse and look at things without "directing" me to certain products

Surprisingly, Microcenter, another store I'd rather not shop at, had staff that totally ignored me today. And that's totally fantastic.

I hit a K-Mart too.

Man oh man they are pretty much the dreggs of the retail chains these days aren't they? OSU Campus Big Lots is cleaner! And that is usually worse than the worst Family Dollars or Dollar Generals!

What's amazing is that K-Mart had few toys of any brand at all. They had about 3 Real Gear figures and that was it.

What's even more amazing is that this was what they had months ago!!!

They obviously can't be bothered with Christmas toy sales around here anymore.

I did get new tires and an oil change in the Beetle today. So at least something was accomplished on this day off.

And I think I found the bed I want to buy this weekend.

Never forget who the enemy is!


So I was putz'n around my Flickr contacts page and came across some stuff that AzLee linked to that is so frigg'n awesome that I have to share.'s Battlestar Galactica posters are phenomenal!!!

The "How To Spot A Cylon" one is great.

And I'm really tempted to get the "So Say We All" one below and use it as the color source palette for my office.


Enough with the email deluge!



Enough with the emails.

I promise that once I have time to go through the boxes in storage and the boxes in the garage, I will come up with a list of shit to sell and what I want for them and post it here first for you all before any more plans develop to sell at the GRC.



(I never should have mentioned the future sell-off of toys again. You peoples is addicts! Addicts!)

It is a little UK-centric, but still universally funny.

"Behold! The Politically Correct Nativity Scene!"

And yes, it has absolutely nothing to do with Transformers or even Doctor Who for that matter.

You know... I was just over at the Transformers Collectors Club forums, the only TF fandom forums I ever actually occasionally interact with, and I realized something.

The GRC is like 90 minutes away from here and I want to unload a shitload of the Collection Formerly Known As The Attic of Love.

I really should plan to rent a van, or maybe have my van by then, and cart the good stuff down to Botcon and sell it off there.

No shipping. No Ebay bullshit hassles. And just cash transactions.

Why am I such a retard that I didn't think of this earlier?

I'm getting too old.

Most definitely the mind is going.



So last night I get this email from Evebird about Hasbro now hawking AFA-graded bullshit on their site and lo and behold, the url doesn't work today.

Personally, it feel it is pretty bad form for Hasbro to put a $199 bullshit AFA-graded item on their mainstream site for a toy that was aimed at collectors in the first place but made practically impossible to also acquire in the first place. Of course, they can do whatever they want though. It is a fool that pays $199 for the damn thing anyway.

Then again, their utterly pointless "exclusives" to retail outlets that don't even bother to put them on their own website stores also blows my mind.

Alas, those stores can also do whatever they want.

I've given up even trying to find a Wal-Mart Masterpiece Starscream in a damn store and the days of me driving all over the place to find a fucking toy are long since past.

And believe me, it isn't $3 a gallon that killed that either.

For the most part, the only reason I care about any of this craziness any more is the fact that I now really look forward to going to the Gay Robot Convention to meet up with Tom, Kristin, Greg, Mike, and the rest for a few days.

I think it may just be possible for me to buy the occasional piece of crack and just really do the one event to just be social.

And that... that's almost damn healthy!

[Update: I was reading over at B-W's site about the whole AFA silliness and fandom reaction. More than I would ever realize in my sheltered TF internet reading. I may have to actually go into forums and read them now. Grrrr.]

I do not believe in luck.


Holy shit!!!

Have you seen the Cartoon Network TF: Animated clip here?

Corey Burton's Megatron is... is... is... perfect!

It has so much age to it.


I am so happy to be free of David Kaye in a Megs roll.

He was the perfect Beast Megs but the past 3 series have been so retread.


Oh baby.

This is like voice pr0n to me!

Utter shit.


Transformers Movie Bumblebee (2008 Camaro)

Spectroscott found me one just before coming down from the North for Pierogi Day.

Transformers Movie Bumblebee 2008th Transformer that I've acquired.

To jest polskim rzeczą!


Let the madness begin.


Pierogi Day 2007

So with a very hurty back, I bid you greetings on this cold damp icky December Pierogi Day morning!

I managed to get all the fillings made yesterday and spent 2 f'n hours peeling potatoes.

So on the docket today we've got beef and dill, sweet cheese, potato and cheese, kapusta (polish saurkraut), and mushroom.

I'm gonna start making dough soon so that when my slave labor friends start showing up around 10:30 we can get going on with the rolling and cutting to prepare the mass stations of filling.

Thankfully, the freezer is back in the basement and fully operational.

Let the madness begin!

Oh. And SpectroScott found me a Deluxe 2008 Bumblebee. I've never ever seen one in the wild here in Cowtown.

He'll be in my hands in a few hours.

I hear he's actually a really decent figure, ugly movie design aside.

New Children's Books!

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I just had to post these here because I thought they were awesome.

My friend The Fabulous TA, and I rarely if ever use that word to describe someone but TA fits the bill, sent me this email with these attached.

I'm not sure where they come from but they are great!


And thus, the preparations for the big day begins!

Yup! Today's filling-making day for the Pierogi Orgy tomorrow!

They'll even be TF geeks from outta town over at the Domicile making them!

Oh. And I don't care what the haters say, I'm loving this shit outta this custom Ultra Magnus!

I'm always amazed at how bitchy TF fans who can't customize are about work that only exists because some fans give a shit to make them.

I can see being critical of Hasbro's choices every now and then but man oh man, some geek goes out and wastes valuable life hours making a new versions of something and other people who can't do it end up bitching and being critical about it.

If I'm ever at Botcon and meet Jin Saotome, I think I'll find one of these people who always bitch about people's customs and punch them in the pussy with Jin's fist!!!

Then as they lay bleeding on the ground, we'll collect the blood and use it to make a nucleon-powered Fire Burning Guts Big Daddy custom!!!

Damn right!

Ok. I gots cook'n to go do!

Brainiac versus Big Daddy. Who would win?


So Corey Burton reprising his Brainiac chracter on a recent Legion of Super-Heroes was kind of laughable.

He had like 3 lines.

3 lines!!!

He's A-list voice acting talent so I'd love to know how much one gets paid for 3 lines?

I mean, the C-listers who they had to have do Transformers this past summer barely had 10 lines among them all. It really never mattered who did any of the voices other than Optimus and even then I didn't really give a shit. (I'd love some more Neil Kaplan in Transformers.)

I burst out laughing the other day when I read this post at Tformers about Darius McCary reprising Jazz or some such thing.

He add oh so much to that awesomely written film character. I think he said something about "nice planet bitches" and then something right before he died.

Yes. Very important to have just the right actor for that!

What's even funnier about that post is the succeeding comments that ensue about it.

I can't even imagine what actual forum boards are like.

Anyway, I was talking about Brainiac here wasn't it?

So I've been a fan of Brainiac since the 1983 revamp as the metallic robot skeleton with the huge skull ship.


The Silver Age planet shrinking pink and white wearing human-looking bot's time had come.It was one of the best revamps ever, turning him from the green-skinned Coluan creation into an emotionless robot that viewed himself almost in religious terms with Superman as his prophecized destroyer.

Plus... let's face it... his skeletal revamp appearance by the great Gil Kane kicked major ass!

2007-12-06-brainiac-90s.jpgUnfortunately, it only lasted a few years.

The Superman reboot of 1986 wiped the awesome Brainiac from continuity and gave up a really lame new one that never quite did much of anything. Hell, he started out as an Alan Moore-looking circus mentalist possessed by a living Coluan named Brainiac and it kind of all went down hill through the 90s. This modern incarnation has always been pretty lame.

And then, like they've done so many times before, Paul Dini and Bruce Timm created a version of Brainiac closer to his original self, but even more different by tying him into Krypton in Superman: The Animated Series.


And this is where Corey Burton comes in.

Burton provided the most phenomenal cold and cruel emotionless voice for this new Brainiac.

For me, the voice has completely become the character!

This new version of Brainiac was fantastic! Super-mega-balls fantastic!

They thankfully brought him back in Justice League Unlimited and paired in with Clancy Brown's most excellent Lex Luthor in one of the best Brainiac-Luthor team-ups ever!

Anyway, where was I going with this?

Oh. Yeah.

So for Legion of Super-Heroes they've changed the character yet again. He's not tied to Krypton anymore. He's back to being the shinker of the city Kandor, and he's Brainiac 1.0, essentially an earlier model of the Legion's boy-robot Brainiac 5.

It works with the cartoon's continuity and definitely is easier to explain Brainiac 5's existence than the original real Brainiac 5's history.

More on Brainiac here on Wikipedia. Brainiac 5 here.

Yes. Crisis on Infinite Earths and Zero Hour and Infinite Crisis made everything so much clearer. *gag*

Snowy Cowtown McSnowsalot


Snowy Cowtown McSnowsalot

And then it snowed.

And then it snowed some more.

And then it snowed some more even.

Snow sucks the balls nasty!


Pulse sent me a link to this custom Fortress Maximus done out of a Cybertron Metroplex

Damn fine!

Even has a Master Sword!

And speaking of customs, the All-Mighty God of Customization and Purtification, Jin Saotome, has done a Cyclonus out of the smaller Energon Megatron and Energon Night Boat!


I think he deserves his own special panel at Botcon in called "Why my customs totally kick your ass."

Planet Terror may well be one of the single greatest films ever!

(Yes. With Netflix I am now catching up on everything I missed in the theatre!)

Cherry Darling is one of the greatest film characters off all-time!


Robert Rodriquez should have directed the boring ass Transformers.

I demand more Kendra Shaw dammit!!!


Holy shit!

I finally got around to watching the TIVO'd Battlestar Galactica: Razor movie.



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