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Binaltech Arcee

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Binaltech Arcee

You know. This color combo and vehicle works as Arcee.

Binaltech Arcee is the 2104th Transformer that I've acquired.

Binaltech Arcee... this car/color combo works.

And I gots the big ass gun now!!!

TakaraTomy Binaltech-18 Rijie (E-Hobby)


TakaraTomy Binaltech Rijie (E-Hobby Electro-Disruptor Mode Exclusive)

I think he's probably better than a Grandus.

TakaraTomy Binaltech Rijie is the the 2000th Transformer that I've acquired.

Must have. Must have. Must have.



Yes. It is a gimmick.

Yes. My panties are sopping wet for a gimmick.

But c'mon... if you've got a character who possesses the ability to become invisible then I'm sure as hell not going to bitch about a transparent redeco version of him!

I gots to have me the e-hobby BT-18 Mirage.

These are the kinds of repaints and redecos or whathaveyou that I totally love!

Binaltech Black Convoy (Takara 2007 Wonderfest Exclusive)

My god is he heavy. If I accidentally dropped him I think I could take out at least 2 cats with him. He cost a pretty penny but I think in the long run he's totally worth it for my collection.

Even looking at him in the package you can tell he's a thousand times purtier than Alternator Nemesis Convoy!

But the weight! Insane! He's as heavy or heavier than MP-01 Convoy and MP-02 Ultra Magnus.

Binaltech Black Convoy is the 1858th Transformer that I've acquired.

Too much for me these days.



I doubt I'll ever have the Binaltech Black Convoy at those prices.

Sure... it is exclusive and all but do you know how much Spring plants and such $250 buy?


Gotsta get me some Black Convoy


2007_02_26_binaltechblackco.jpgI needs to get me one of these Wonder Festival 2007 Exclusive Binaltech Black Convoys soon.

There's something about the deco that looks nicer than the Hasbro Nemesis Prime exclusive from last year's San Diego Con.

Takara seems to have modified the Hasbro packaging too. I was wondering if this would come in a KISS Player box or old-school Binaltech box but ya know, I like it.

They typically have done very differently colored packaging for exclusives and this maintains that trend.

You know it doesn't belong to any mainstream line.

I like that.

I like that a lot.

Instruments of Destruction


Film Megatron has some finished deco'd Masterpiece Megatron images up.

I'm loving him but I certainly hope he can stand without the damn base he has. My initial concerns were that the weight of the viewfinder/fusion cannon would be way too heavy to make the figure stand.

And honestly, after getting MP Starscream and Autorooper yesterday, I'm kind of concerned about Tomy-Takara's product these days.

Oh. But I got to give kudos to the variation on the Kremzeek!

The greatest weapon ever created.



Shockwave becomes a gun.

And Megatron becomes a gun.

And Browing becomes a gun.

(cover your kid's eyes)

Masterpiece Starscream


Masterpiece Starscream

He doesn't really fit in the light box.

And... I gotta put stickers on him too!!! Argh!!!!

Masterpiece Starscream is the 1823rd Transformer that I've acquired.

KISS Player Autolooper


Autorooper and his awesome Traffic Cone Gun

Autolooper has finally arrived!!!

Alas, Takara/Tomy has decided not to give him proper license plates out-of-the-box.

In fact, I have to put all his stickers on him.

I really really really hate putting stickers on toys. I always fuck them up and once you do you are damned for all time.

KISS Player Autolooper is the 1822nd Transformer that I've acquired.

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