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Pulling out more Micronauts.

Pulling out more Micronauts

While I was doing laundry yesterday I pulled out some more Micronauts.

The 7-year old in me came back out and got excited as I brought them up from the basement... far more excited than any car robot has ever made me.

While I may have spent 9 years actively collecting Transformers... they will never appease my inner child. Only Micronauts can do that!

The Micro-NOTS.

A depressing bag of Micronauts parts

In attempting to not slack off the whole day, I went through some boxes of shit in the basement and uncovered a baggie of what remains from my original Micronauts from the 70s.

Micro-nots aren't they?

Micronauts Galactic Cruiser

Micronauts Galactic Cruiser

Ya gotta love an ebay win that was only $8 for a complete 30 year old toy with box and instructions!

Sure... it isn't quite like this mint rare find but $8 vs $75? I can handle $8.

My Micronauts collections grows... alas... still with no Biotron.

I cry inside even more over this.


Not that any of you really care, but when I was looking up Micronaut links I was shocked that there's a ton more shit on the net now then there was just a year ago.

And the one thing I found that shocked me was the fact that Marvel actually was going to try and relaunch the comic in the 90s with writer Shon C Bury.

This interview makes me both extremely happy and also extremely angry because it never came to pass.

Man. So much amazing art too. Minor redesigns but that's ok... it was still going to be Micronauts and not that thing that

And I'd poop my pants if I ever could get a commission out of Michael Golden like this!

And that Rags Morales drawing of Bug is mighty fanballstastic!

The Micronauts - Force Commander

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Force Commander

Ah. Force Commander.

Much like Baron Karza, his toy is pretty mediocre but oh, what a great tragic character Prince Argon was, as depicted in The Micronauts comic.

Thankfully, this toy is complete even including the styrofoam insert.

And he's white. He hasn't yellowed much which is a major plus.

The Micronauts - Baron Karza


Baron Karza

The Baron is missing his back rockets, but that's ok for me.

It has been 30 years since the NalaMatka threw away my Baron Karza, along with with all my other Micronauts.

A day that I have never ever forgotten.


To some degree... that trauma is probably why I buy whatever the hell I want to whenever I want to now as an adult. (Though of course, because of the wonders of the internets, you all can share in my adult pointless toy spending guilt trips!)

Way back when at the last toy show I ended up buying some very rare toys that mean more to me than even Transformers.

I've slowly been buying what I can find but it isn't easy.

Hell... Lucky Draw Black Fire Convoy was easier to acquire than most of this stuff.

But... I give you...

Baron Karza, Andromeda, Force Commander, and Oberon

Baron Karza, Andromeda, Force Commander, and Oberon of the Micronauts toyline!

And not only did I get these beautiful rare toys that day...

The Pickett got me...

One of the greatest films ever.

How I loves me some Ilsa!

And I have to find She-Wolf of the SS one day! I haven't seen it in years and that copy was damaged! It is my favoritest Ilsa movie ever!!!

Microtron is in da Attic of Love!

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Micronauts Microntron

He's not a Transformer but quite frankly, this little guy probably means more to me than the whole Attic of Love combined.

After almost 30 years I was able to acquire a complete Microtron figure. He's missing his stickers and his electronics don't work but he's beautiful.

His white only has a tinge of yellowing.

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