My proxies in San Diego...


Ok. I Paypal'd my monies to Mister and Missus B in San Diego.

Here's hoping they can come through for me on Alternator Rodimus, Titanium Menasor, and the My Little Pony Exclusive!

And I've also got feelers out to Chuck too so if all 3 score there may be extra toys to disperse!


I wonder if they're planning on including the fishing rod with Rodimus. . . if not those people will be missing out.

if extras for roddi lemme know, I'll take one off your hands ;)

I did the same thing, I have a friend picking up an Alternator Rodimus for me at the SDCC. Here's to hoping he can nab one for me before they are gone.

People are already selling them on Ebay(pre-order) for anywhere from $50-$80! Unbelievable!

I love how someone will sell something they don't physically have in their hands and people are dumb enough to bid against each other for a virtual thing. Blows my mind!

Repaint of Rodimus. Bleh.

I sure as hell hope that this repeated use of the name Menasaur means Hasbro wants to give us a real revamp/remake of Menasaur complete with 5 Stunticons and a combined form.

He was always my fagorite G1 combiner.

RJ: I think you can pretty much kiss the thought of that goodbye! I just don't see Hasbro ever doing it again.


. . . except for the Club exclusives. Unless you just meant Menasor specifically. Personally, I'd rather have a Defensor.

Here's hoping I can get one for a decent and fair price post SDCC on eBay ....

Just got word my friend at the San Diego con, he picked up my Rodimus already! Now I can't wait to get it!

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