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Oh the humanity!


To say that Matt went overboard for my birthday would be an understatement.


Thirty-five presents for thirty-five years.



I think I'll install a Shee Pee when I remodel the Bathroom of Love.


IronhideA Ford SYN would make a good modern alt mode for the original Ironhide. The "van" mode just doesn't cut it for a character who was totally kick ass and could take a helluva lot of damage. Here's hoping we get that $30 price point series of Alternators after all.

Here's hoping for a Hummer, Jeep Gladiator, and maybe a jet or two.


Yay!!! We went from the Axis of Evil to the new Outposts of Tyranny!!!

I just love how we are all like "Hey... we must defend freedom and all." now.

Distractions. Distractions. Distractions.

Like the US truly gives a damn about Belarus and Burma.

Then again I'm not sure of their oil reserves or other natural resources.


I think James Earl Jones should be hired to push the button on this one. Hell... he can even use his Darth Vader voice too while he's doing it.


I kind of broke down badly last night and ordered a whole ton of shit from Big Bad Toy Store because of a 15% off sale. No doubt they'll probably have a %20+ off sale next week in which I will get really depressed for having bought so much.

But I did snag Binaltech versions of Grimlock, Swindle, and another Zoom Zoom to open. I added several Robot Masters figures to the collection too. Oh. And a Takara Stepper.

I ended up not getting the Galaxy Force Vector Prime I wanted in lieu of the Stepper. Saved me a few bucks anyway.

Not that a "few bucks" mattered when considering the total I bought.

But hopefully Chico's Father will finally be able to get a Blue Tracks.


Oh. And I may be a grade A loser geek and all but at least I didn't do this.


Windows 95?!?! Ack!!!

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So I spent the past two hours helping Dave B. get files off of his father's ancient and practically dead Windows 95 Compaq.

At 24MB of RAM, the little bugger was oh so speedy!

Let's just say... thank god Matt found some parallel port Zip drives at work to do the job.

No USB. No working floppy. No network card.

Without the Zip this'd been a pain in the ass!

And there was a surprise for me too! Seems that Mary Beth happened to find a rather yellowed, but physically complete G1 Jetfire in the trash that some neighbors were throwing away! Sure he's missing his armor, gun, and is yellowed, but we are talking on of the greatest 1980s figures ever released!!!

He's now a proud member of the Attic Of Love™, I'll have you know that updated and new pics are available in case you are just lame enough to check out my addiction.

And speaking of the Attic Of Love™, you'll be happy to know that there are now 556 Transformers in my attic.

Today's acquisitions, though not arrived yet to share their love, are a G1 Trypticon that I've been craving for years, as well as a Takara Lio Caesar figure, and... while I really didn't need it... the impossible to find anywhere K-Mart Exclusive Armada Optimus Prime and Jetfire Gift Set!

Then again... do I ever really need any of it?

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