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Revoltech No. 25 Megatron


Revoltech No. 25 Megatron

Revoltech Megatron is the 2027th Transformer that I've acquired.

Revoltech Ultra Magnus


Revoltech Ultra Magnus

Yay! He's finally here!

I will have many hours to waste with this guy. He just gets me go'n far more than Convoy ever good.

Many thanks go to revlimit for emailing me about a place that still had them to buy!

Revoltech Ultra Magnus is the 1861st Transformer that I've acquired.

Takara Scorponok PVC (chase/bonus figure)

After many many years, and alas at quite a high price tag, I finally have found one of the hardest to find Takara PVCs.

Not only is it a chase figure, it is also considered a bonus figure as each piece was broken up with other full figures and you had to collect and track down all of them.

But finally. I have one! The first one I've ever seen.

Takara Scorponok PVC (chase/bonus figure) is the 1860th Transformer that I've acquired.

Takara Coronation Starscream PVC (chase figure)

Takara Coronation Starscream PVC is the 1858th Transformer that I've acquired.

Holy shit!

I actually won an auction with the extremely rare Takara PVC chase figures I needed and one of the even rare PVC chase/bonus part figures.

Cost me a shitload more than I really wanted to pay and contains a ton of PVCs I already have but I have never physically seen the chase/bonus colored Scorponok!

Insanely overlypriced awesomeness!

And I remember somebody recently emailing me about wanting to buy some PVCs.

Well... I'll have a ton for sale as soon as the items arrive!

Revoltech Convoy


Revoltech Convoy

Damn! That was fast! I just ordered him the other day.

He's a pricey little bit o'crack. But fun!

I really want the Ultra Magnus version through.

Really. Lots!

Revoltech Convoy is the 1842nd Transformer that I've acquired.

2007_04_06_ghost_starscream.jpgMay I present to you the only Takara Ghost Starscream that I have ever seen up for auction on Ebay.

I almost passed by it with a few minutes left.

I was only going to do $65 since I have everything else. I emailed Evebird and it wasn't even moments later I decided to up my bit and sure enough, he'd taken it up to $88.

What's both awesome and sad at the same time was one guy that obviously had quite a high top rate (regardless of if he was using ebay or sniping software) but he himself got sniped at the very last minute.

Ebay needs to kill the ability to use the sniping software.

It is just wrong.


What sucks more though is the remaining Takara Chase PVCs are where Evebird and I are actively trying to complete and competing all the way on.

Funny. I remember when he didn't give a shit about the PVCs.

Takara Convoy (with communicator) PVC

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Takara Convoy (with communicator) PVC

So yesterday I helped Evebird create some high resolution scans of his deleted scene cels for an article being written about them somewere.

As thanks, not only did he get me Indian cuisine for lunch yesterday but today I came down into my office and found a Takara PVC of Convoy with his forearm communicator!!! He's one of my missing PVCs and now I have him!!!

Thanks Mr. E!

This PVC is the 1740th Transformer that I've ever gotten.

Some PVC photography.


I'm just not happy with my lighting today.

Brothers Fortress Maximus and Grand Maximus --

TF Headmasters - Brothers Fortress Maximus and Grand Maximus

Takara Super Link Convoy PVC

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Takara Super Link Convoy PVC

This is the 1703rd Transformer I've ever purchased.

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