So a rabbit, a penguin, and a giraffe walk into a bar...


BWNeo Break, Longrack, and Stampy (alt modes)

And the giraffe says to the penguin "Hey. You look pretty cool. Howsabout we transform?"

And the penquin replies "Sure!"

*insert transforming sound here*

BWNeo Break, Longrack, and Stampy (bot modes)

And the rabbit says, "Damn! That's some f'd up shit hanging off both of you!"

BWNeo Break, Longrack, and Stampy

Beast Wars Neo Break (bot mode)

Beast Wars Neo Longrack (close-up)

But then the old geek loser watching the whole thing says to the rabbit, "You may all be a little 'off' but I loves you anyway."

Too which the three Maximals replied, "Damn old man! You've had 4 too many beers there!"


Away from the site for a weekend and you end up posting like a madman!! Whoa!

Nice beast wars neo figures mate!

Yeah. Lotsa posts.

I'll be gone for a few days so no photos of any crack or anything.

lol.. nice trio shot nala.
but these gotta be the wimpiest looking maximals ever hehe. oh well i suppose the best offense is always one in disguise.. :)

oh and what's with the tongue??!

I don't really know.

I think it is "giraffe tongue attack".

The tongue is an action feature. . . push it and his eyes roll back in his head.

Lame? yes. But don't be saying anything bad about his claw.

So, now it's down to Big Convoy, Heinlad and Corhada. Just avoid Mach Kick. He's just silly.

Give in to the temptation. (Big Convoy is light years better than Lio-Convoy, and the repainted Corhada is going cheap on JRS toyworld these days.)

I own Big Convoy (2 versions) and Lio Convoy already.

I do need a Heinlad though.

Maybe he'll be the goal for the 2000th figure.

I do so love my very nice, very CHEAP Heinlad... 5 quid is sublime for a nice, MIB figure. And now, Longrack is on his way to join him. Now. If I could find me a Break...

Oh. You ask why the obsession in getting Break?

Clue. I'm a hockey fan.



You need no other reason then that they are awesome. And not enough transformers have missile launching knees.

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