Chicago - In which I feel like I want to hurl.


I suppose since the place had "dog" in the name I should have ordered hot dogs.

Surprisingly I wasn't in a dog mood so I went with a gyro, fries, and a small greek salad at Gold Coast Dogs and I have a feeling I'll be paying for it for the next for days.

This has been one of the single worst meals I think I've ever eaten in my life.

That was one of the greasiest and blandest gyros I've ever had with the greasiest fries and the lamest greek salad ever.

Just awful.

It is just sitting there in my gut and I honestly think I'll be ill later today as I try to digest this mess.


I think I'm done with food until maybe lunch or dinner tomorrow.

In less than a day here I've already eaten more crap than I would normally ever eat at home.

I wish I had a small refrigerator here. At least I could actually buy some basic groceries at Target.


Man, Everyone's got a website these days.

Atleast you could of gotten a Hellenic Bastard to make you a proper Greek Salad (even though I use Italiano Salad Dressing myself...)

I'm just spoiled with the quality salads at Tommy's Dinner in Cowtown.

I think Gold Coast Dogs was featured in that PBS show about hot dogs.

Don't worry, though, I'm contacting my friend in Chicago to hook you up with the greatest Tommy's Diner outside of home. The food is like $5 a person and it was the GREATEST BREAKFAST FOOD I'VE EVER EATEN. Even better than Tommy's. You just have to ignore the fact it's in a dilapidated industrial neighborhood.

@kelmeister: Uncle Mike's Place?

Steak and Eggers.

I just remembered another place I used to go, on Touhy ave, east of where you are at is Gioardano's- the best Chicago style pizza!
Also, in the same area, on Cumberland Ave, there is the Phoenix which is like Tommy's. It gets Fab J's dad's seal of approval.

I wish I had an easier way to get around other than walking down strange freeway roads.

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