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Less than meets the cubicle.


My messy office at work.

This messy cubicle is where I spend a good portion of my day.

When I left my other job, I also lost my awesome corner office with glass all around and had to move into a the first cubicle of my life.

My messy office at work.

I brought all my 6" Titaniums to work but they stick out pretty poorly from the general office greyness.

I really need to find a solid 2-3 hours to really clean and organize my space at work.

I'm so busy with projects and shit that if I'm not sitting their typing I'm out doing IT shit for this or that project.

But looking at a photo of my space makes me realize I really need to tidy it up.

Thankfully I didn't post a picture of my office at home!!!

I need to find my RID Predacons.

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Jesus and I wear the same shoes apparently.



First I'd buy the ROM statue and now I'd buy this Jesus on a Motorcycle statue.

Me buying statues?!?!

It is the pocksiclips!!!

You all know I love ROM: Spaceknight right?

Of course you do!

I hate to admit it but even I'd buy a damn Galador and Cybertron comic book crossover series and I hate product crossovers!

And of course you probably know how much I loathe Transformers statues and other peripheral toy crap outside of the mainline brand.



The JackOfAllGeeks just sent me a link to a ROM statue that is just utterly awesome!!!

It is even based on the comic look and thankfully avoided looking like the actual ROM toy which is an unwieldy awkward mess.

I... *can't believe I'm typing this*...

would... *but no other ROM things are ever likely*...

buy... *and a Revoltech is unlikley too*


Alas, it is a total custom.

GRC in Ohio!


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Looks like Nala will be going to the Gay Robot Convention after all!

I never expected it to be this close!

There's nothing quite like a 90 minute drive.

I may even have the Nala Mystery Machine by then.

But April. What the hell is up with that.

"The '-ies' suffix is the kiss of death."


And then I read...

We must remember that legitimacy for a pop culture entertainment franchise is not having a movie or bubble bath bottles shaped like the main protagonist, legitimacy is having people not laugh at you when you quote lines from that movie in public or tell people you use that bubble bath.
...which may be my favoritest line I've read on the web this week.

Just gimme an old Zoe/Jaime story! C'mon!!!


***spoiler in link***

I'm usually totally excited about Doctor Who.

I mean... sure there have been a few duds in the new series but on the whole the good outweights the bad.

But this news is about as lackluster as I could ever imagine.

This story and character played out. Why return to it when there's a universe of infinite storytelling out there to explore.


Spring? So it is true.


Well indeed it looks like the GRC is in Spring which pretty much means I don't see myself attending unless it is within 2-3 hours drive of Cowtown.

The funny thing is though I'm feeling that moving this to yet another time of year (3 different seasons in 3 years) isn't exactly going to do much to instill the general sense of "convention time" that most cons really have.

I mean, for various geekage you can easily say "con time" and the major con of each geekage is pretty much a known quantity without the variables of shifting time.

I can't see the San Diego Con ever changing time frames nor even the lowly Mid-Ohio Con which I no longer attend.

We'll have to see.

I'm getting too old for this shit anyway.

And while I don't really like to do the fan-insane predictions of figures, I'm thinking that the promo image implies more Classics stuff. Don't you think?

Crying... over you.


When I look at him I weep and think of all the things Takara/Hasbro could have done and didn't.

Yes. I'm pretty positive I want him now from this damn photo.

I can only image what he'd look like with a little Jin purtification. No doubt even better.

I'm also thinking that the future Mediocre Room of Love#8482; would look kind of cool with maybe 5 or 6 Sky-Lynx figures in like an attack formation hanging from the ceiling. Of course, I'd rummage the damaged bins at a con to find those. I can't see dropping the cash for the new release. Well... maybe one.

I'm thinking that I'll be revamping the office sometime in February. That is if I finish the foyer and the stairwell in January. I really need to get some quotes on having the hardwood floors refinished. The first level floors are ok but the 2nd level floors are in bad shape.

Cop a feel Copperfield style.

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I give you... awesome!

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Of all the unexpected things to be birthed from Glass City I give you... "The Polka Floyd Show".

Holy shit!!!

See... for years and years I tried to run away from my genetic past of accordion-fueled music. But I'm 100% Polish, born and raised in the Polish Diaspora of Lagrainka in Glass City.

It is genetically impossible for me to run away from the awesomeness of a properly used accordion!

First it was my discovery of The Polkaholics that brought me closer to the accordion rage.

And now... I think I may have just fallen in love with The Polka Floyd Show!!!

Just listen to their tracks at their Myspace page!

It is like the Baby Jesus came down and gave me an early birthday present that didn't transform!!!

Only 225 Daleks? Whatever!


Max Power, who apparently is one of the few people in the Cowlands in a non-retail job that has to work today, sent me this link about a Who geek with a mere 225 Daleks.

I long for the day when I'm down to 225 Transformers.

My favorite line from the article has to be...

But one person remains unconvinced - wife Dawn who said: "I am not that keen on them. I'd rather they were not there, I'd rather have them in the garage..."
Geez. 1/3 of mine are in the garage!!!

Turkey Day


November 24, 2005 - Happy Thanksgiving!

Enjoy your turkey day.

If you are Native American, I'm sorry. Please don't blame us Poles. We didn't get here until the 20th century!

And you do realize Hasbro and Takara never designed a Beast Wars character with a turkey alt mode.

I'm just saying... there's a huge gap there that a customizer geek needs to fill!

Other than a bunch of KO news posted on TFW2005 there isn't much news about real and official toys from Hasbro and TakaraTomy.

Methinks that it'll be a slow toy news for most of December too since we've more or less seen all the endless repaints of the movie stuff.

I think I want mini Legends Rescue Ratchet but other than that TakaraTomy repaint of Blackout shipping with the movie DVD in Japan and Hasbro's Evac there isn't much in the world of TF toys right now that even remotely stirs my nether regions.

(Off subject, but back in grad school, I actually had a professor of cultural anthropology who could not, for whatever insane Christian or what-have-you reason, refer to sexual organs or genitalia as such and in lecture used the term nether regions!!! When an academic can't use medical or other academic terms and has to use a guilt-laden term like nether regions we know the apocalypse of some religion is upon us. What's even funnier is that from time to time I now try to specifically use the term "nether regions" in conversations. I suppose it reminds me of happier and more academic times of my life.)

Since there's so little TF in my life right now I don't have much to say. Hell, I don't even have much to photograph. I do need to add some Target repaint basics to the site though. Maybe this weekend.

Living Room: Day 5 - 2nd coat and fake line at the top.I've mostly managed to get the living room and dining room done for Thanksgiving tomorrow. We still need to arrange all the furniture and setup shit. There's still the hanging of some wall art and other decoration we've bought. I really need to commission pieces from all my artist friends. I'd rather have real art from people I know other than shit I found in a store or gallery.

Giga took off work today and said he'd keep working on the first floor and the leaves. The damn magnolias in the back finally dropped the past 2 days and there's snow on the way this weekend.

Basically, after tomorrow, I've promised myself more or less taking December off to try and let my back heal and to try and get back on a simple daily gym and diet regimen. I can blame the steroids only so much for the recent weight gain. The rest is purely because I stopped going to the gym daily and because I stopped my strict daily diet. And of course, every time Hoop posts something about now fitting into size 32 jeans or some shit it pisses me off since I've strayed so far from where I was just 4 months ago.

Anyway, once I can sit, stand, walk, and lay down without severe pain I can hopefully shed the recent weight gain.

I kinda want to have the foyer painted by December 8's Pierogi Party and Dumpling Orgy so I may spent 3-4 days doing that up into the stairwell a bit. A better color and maybe a new light fixture will make it feel more "me" instead of the lingering "them". Then I can rest.

2007-11-21-santa.jpgMight as well set up some Christmas decor too even though I could honestly take or leave all that. Christmas to me is more nightmarish and less fun anyway, though I'd love to get a life size crucified Santa to put out front. And if he lit up too? So much the better. A crucified Santa to me is pretty much a dead-on interpretation of my general feelings for this insane runaway Victorian-created Christmas "holiday" time. When gas hits $3.50/gallon we'll see how the typical view of Christmas starts to collapse. Give it 3-7 years and the US consumer economy, which generates most of its profit off of a 30 day shopping orgy, will totally sink this country into a depression. It is right around the corner kids.

But there will always be plenty of pierogies to eat.

The Greatest Superhero of All Time. Period.

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So I was thinking about comic today and realized that there is in fact a definitive greatest superhero ever and he mostly goes completely forgotten.


I'm talking about Danny the Street.


Danny the Street is a creation of writer Grant Morrison during his run on DC's Doom Patrol in the early 90s.

Every now and then, when I'm wasting time thinking about comics, my absurd mind inevitably wanders to Danny the Street due to the shere brilliance of his creation as a comic book "character".

You see... Danny is a sentient stretch of neighborhood block that also happens to be a transvestite!

When it comes to completely new out-of-the-box ideas you don't have to go much farther than Grant Morrison and yes, I think Danny the Street is his crowning achievement and will always remain so.

One thing I saw when looking for a photo of Danny was a reference that Brendan Macarthy was going to do a Danny the Street story in DC's now cancelled Solo series in which Danny was going to become a Green Lantern and take the name Street Lantern!

F'n ay!

I'd read that!

It is Whoriffic I suppose.

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I came across Rich Morris' Doctor Who: The Ten Doctors comic today and damn if I wouldn't buy small PVCs or even full action figures sculpted in his style!

The script has the right vibe and characterization for each of the Doctor's and he's style is quirky but totally sums up the Doctors and the companions pretty damn spot-on!

One and Ten


Two and Seven


Ten and Nine


Five, Turlough and Tegan


And look at his Mel...


That's a great Mel.

And I hate Mel only a bit less than I hate Peri
so that's saying something!

When I look at this comic I totally see this as the Who version of Transformers: Animated.

I would so end up buying every single damn toy made off this guy's designs.

Time Crash


Eight minutes of super mega fun!

There's a great meta awareness to it all too. Moffat gets to actually Mary Sue himself in at the last minute.

And you know what?

That's perfectly ok!

As we say in the Domicile... Oy koledy!!!


Soon. Quite soon.


December 26 should be fun.

The part from the article I love best that will get some fan boys all worked up and in a tizzy?

..interacting with the natives in exciting and humorous ways...
and then...
...with kid-relatable plot lines filled with humor...
So humor mentioned twice and kid-relatable.

And even though it was never intended for males 14 to 60 some fans'll still get upset.

I may even convince myself to read some of the TF site forums after this one.

Will Sunstorm be for behind?


Not a mainline figure but it was inevitable wasn't?

Fanboys will now demand Thrust and Dirge.

Thus the great cosmic wheel turns.

In lieu of Transformers content... I present...

Old and busted:

Dining Room (before): northwest corner of the house

New hotness:

Dining Room: Day 17 - The new chandelier is installed.

Sure it has taken 19 days of work but the dining room redo will be over with this evening and I can begin work on the living room tomorrow.

Thankfully there's no major replastering involved. Well. At least that I'm aware of yet.

I have less than 7 days to get that room redone in time for Thanksgiving and then I have about 15 days to get the foyer and hallway done prior to The Pierogi Day & Dumpling Orgy.


The new toy room? Oh maybe by May.

You're such a lovely audience...

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The 25 Most Baffling Toys From Around the World (

I find it funny that actually has some interesting online fodder every now and then.

My personal faves have to be #15 (the sled), #13 (the putter), #11 (the shit hat), and #2 (the teddy bear gun).

#8 (The Bearbrick things as Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band) has got to the best though.

Ok. I've just got to say it and it'll probably piss some of you off but... well... oh well. That's life.

So according to the Tformers it looks like Target may be carrying the TakaraTomy Encore series of the upteenth rerelease of some G1 figures.

If you are willing to shell out $99.99 for a G1 Megatron, G1 Prime, or G1 Soundwave or even $64.99 for a G1 Starscream you have got to know you have a problem and it is time to leave this hobby.

How many times are these things, especially that damn Prime mold, going to be rereleased over and over and over and these crack collectors are just going to buy them over and over again?!?!?

It blows my mind. It really does.

Your $99 would be better off spend on Masterpiece Prime or Megs and that $64.99 will get you a new Wal-Mart Masterpiece Starscream.

To keep shilling big money on these 20+ year old molds is just stupid.'

Stupid. Stupid. Stupid.

Now these are obviously aimed not at kids but right dead center at your toy collector hearts!

Sure, there are probably a few new people who the movie brought in that would like to get these again because they had them as a kid but on the whole, these just feel like the same retread releases done how many time in the past few years.

It blows my mind really, especially if this is true and Target and Wal-Mart expect to get these prices for this stuff.

Now when big box American retailers start getting these kinds of things in it is just a tiny little nail in the coffin of the online specialty retailers like your TFSource and others like that.

You've got to know TakaraTomy would love to move the volume of product that a big box retailer can typically move.

And I'd suspect that if these somehow make themselves into stores (with the exception of Megatron who I still don't know how he can be sold again after the MP debacle) they'll eventually get discounted and clearanced out, with all of the ebay whores swooping down to then resell the shit to people willing to fork over cash for these old boring ass molds.

Don't do it kids.

Make the Baby Jesus happy. Spend that money on something much better toy-wise.

Spider-Man 3: Entirely Too Many Characters


2007-10-13-Spider-Man_3.jpgSo I finally got to see Spider-Man 3 via Netflix delivery the other day.


While it certainly wasn't as good as Spider-Man 2 or even the first film, it didn't really suck.

But the more I watched the more I got the feeling that they just tried to cram too much shit into the thing!

I mean, I've never been able to find any enjoyment in Spider-Man in the comics at all. It was just never my thing. Raimi's films have been where I have found the most enjoyment of the characters and even the villains which I've always found to be the lamest of most comic super-heroes.

I just don't get the thing of cramming so many characters into a single story. There's only so much plot a film can deal with and Spider-Man 3 started to really fall apart for me because of too much "stuff" trying to get done.

You really had 3 possible films here crammed into one and I realized that because it is so dense that I really only cared for maybe 2 of them.

*spoilers ahead for a film most readers probably have seen*




I have no idea what this piece of art is he's making fun of but man oh man, Kevin of BeaucoupKevinDotCom nailed these DC "marketing" materials.

The Dark Knight fighting Rorschach!?!?


That's 13-year-old fan boy fan-fic.

Then again, that's kinda-sorta what DC feels like these days.

And while some of it is fun in that "nostalgic remember you are a 13-year-old again way", most of it feels like there's absolutely nothing exciting or fresh to do with superheroes anymore.

And believe me... while I'm a fan of the Multiverse, I'm also a fan of restricted crossing over of the parallel Earths.

DC is pretty much abusing it and saying "Oh! You wanted the Multiverse back! We are gonna shove it down your throat now with a confusing mess of continuity!"

What sucks too is that it isn't even old pre-Crisis on Infinite Earths continuity... it is a continuity of characters that is a mish-mash of freshly-created new past continuity if that makes any sense to you. (See the Legion of Super-Heroes currently appearing in Action Comics.

UPDATE: Actually, thinking back, it would not be possible for the Legion of New Earth to actually be the Pre-Crisis Legion. There's no proper New Earth Supergirl to replace the Pre-Crisis Supergirl in the Legion. I suppose the New Earth Legion is a mish-mash of the original Earth-1 Legion minus bits and pieces of that past continuity up to the Crisis.

I have no idea if they've shown any of the Post-52 new Earth-1 but perhaps that is closer to the old Legion.

There there's the issue of which Earth the Legion that current appears in print is from since that can't possibly be New Earth or Earth 1. Perhaps it is the Post-52 Earth 2 which would be make some sense.

Then again, the mere fact that I can type this shit and actually make sense of it is a disgusting thing in and of itself and is the #1 reason why people shouldn't read DC (or Marvel for that matter) superhero comics anyway.

So I rarely ever go to any TF sites other than Tformers since they all pretty much have identical content and feed off each other.

But for some reason TFW was cached or something and I must have accidentally clicked that URL and here's something I briefly wrote about months ago and now must have one day!


I think it is really funny that this TForever place is selling these as "reissues" when in fact no official Takara Mirage has ever come out.

I find it even funnier they have the balls to ask $60+ for basically knock-offs.


If I find the ghost Mirage for $15 I might consider it. That at least looks like how I had hoped the Botcon 2007 Mirage would turn out. Alas, it was craptastic.

If Takara releases a ghost Mirage I'd consider paying the $60+ for it it.

I also came across KOTransformers where at least a few geeks have taken the time to try to document identifying the KO packaging. Kudos to them.



Originally uploaded by oskay
This may be the best Hallowe'en pumpkin I've come across.

I mean... the damn thing's motorized (video)!!!

The old school cylon pumpkin is pretty cool too.

You Are Very Drunk

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2007-11-09-t.jpgSo this morning I got an email totally out of the blue from Tom, one of my favoritest Gay Robot Conventioneers of all time. (Damn... conventioneer does sound pretty gay doesn't it?)

Apparently, he just got the Series 3 Doctor Who set and finally watched it.

You may recall my dire spoiler warnings to Tom in this past summer's award winning film "Nala's Jack Daniels-fueled Doctor Who Rant".

Damn! I haven't drank like that since... well... since Botcon. Funny how knowing I don't have to drive anywhere and knowing I don't have a care in the world other than dropping money down on liquor and plastic toys really tends to make me drink like that once a year.

Anyway, Tom liked Series 3 and apparently I didn't spoil much which is good.

He pointed me to a cheezy t-shirt that I'd never wear but that is just obscure enough to tweak my geek responder.


I think that "Blink", the episode where that line comes from, has got to be my all-time favorite modern Who story rivaling "The Mind Robber" and "Birthday Party Of The Daleks".

Ok. I've got to get my Who geek mode on and type up an email to Tom.

Happy Diwali to all my Hindu, Sihk, and Jain readers!



2007-11-07-ball.jpgA great gift for ages 4-12 Years?!?!?!?!

Hah! Screw you Sears!!!

The 6 ft. Mega Giga Ball will let me, Nala, completely reenact Peter Gabriel's "Growing Up" performance from the previous tour for Up.

Personally, bouncing up and down Clintonville streets in a huge inflatable ball would be the shit!

Perhaps I could be become "That Guy That Bounces Up and Down In That Huge Inflatable Ball All Over Clintonville" instead of that "Sick Fucking Loser With 2007 Transforming Robots".

That'd be quite the upgrade. No?

The greatest Christmas tree ornament ever!

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I had to buy it!!!



I went to Better Than Mediocre China Buffetâ„¢ today for lunch with Evebird and the Jack Of All Geeks.

We got to talking and I went off on a tangent about more background parts of Splintered, my magnum opus Transformers novel I've been working on for the past 4 years or so.

I'm actually making substantial progress with both the main story, and fleshing out the continuum that I'm writing the story in.

For me, the real love has been in fleshing out utterly useless geek concepts in ways that are both plausible, and yet satisfy to my adult expectations of science fiction.

Part of the problem in developing the main story has been that the more I delve into the psychological issues of Hot Rod's transcendence, the more ideas I get for rationalizing the entire universe I'm trying to create.

I'm finding I've gone 180 degrees in some areas and have totally abandoned some plot ideas I spent months fleshing out before. A trivial idea I had for Metroplex has turned him into one of the most classically tragic characters that has ever graced comic book fiction and yet it has absolutely nothing to do with Splintered in and of itself.

I thought about going back and releasing this as an old school Dickensish/Hugoish serialized story with a chapter or so a month being posted. I don't know. Maybe.

Someday, it be nice to have someone come up and say they made customs of The Dirae, Metro, or Theros. That would amazing.

Just remember... just because it is based on a silly kid's toyline and cartoon doesn't mean it has to be shit.

Hey kids! Toys!


Just me rambling about some shit that has been posted online lately.

Victorion! Attack! Attack!




Two of my favoritest things in the world in one painting.

San Francisco and Transformers.

I've actually come across some work of Sirron Norris before but this is really great.

I miss San Francisco. I really do.

I miss Christine and I need to meet the new baby. I miss my Fabulous Deb Doran. I miss Liz and Matt and George. I miss Biscotti. Hell... I miss all the people I've barely met and hung out with.

San Francisco is that way.

I need to hook up again with Casey and Paul, Courtney, Erik, Ernie and so many others.

And someday I gotta get down to southern California too to see the barrister.


Ack. Now I'm depressed.

This has nothing to do with The Beatles.



For Christmas, I think I'm going to give away these Santa Holding Butt Plug chocolates.

Nothing says American Christmas to me quite like Santa Holding a Butt Plug!

Now Chocolate Optimus Prime or Chocolate Baby Jesus holding a butt plug.... I'd so buy up all of those and give them to everybody I know.

So. Quite soon.



Yeah baby!

That's what I'm talking about!

Sorta old but totally new!

And he doesn't look much like a clitoris stimulator!

Have I found the new Shelves of Love???


So there I was going through more online retailers looking for shelves and lo and behold I think I have finally found exactly what I'm looking for.

I think I found my new toy shelves!

Even the display picture is how I more or less plan on painting the office even and I already have a black desk.

That's really the kind of shelving I'd like to have for the toys even though it'll cost as much as a f'n mortgage payment!

The don't look much different do they?

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So whilst doing my morning geek blog reading I was surprised to find out that the Sontarans will obviously be making their first modern era appearance in the next series of Doctor Who.

Now I could take or leave them.

But I wants me some Silurians and Sea Devils!!!

C'mon Beeb! Gimme some modern Sea Devils action!

Kneel before Dorothy Zbornak-El

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Remember I blogged about that Jor-El?

Now that I've seen a full picture I'm definitely more inclined to think that Marlon Brando morphed into Bea Arthur.

Wedge is my favorite Build Team member.


What is Columbus, OH known for?

Well there's the mythical Plastic Crack Transformers collection of course.


Where "wedgie-proof" underpants were invented.

For the greater glory of Galador!

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Holy Shit!

According to the ISB ROM made a guest appearance on South Park this week?!?!?!

I love ROM!!!

Must watch. I think the Tivo got it.


Something new!

Something awesome!

Something small!

Something cheap!

Repaints ahoy! Ugh!


Man oh man does the Hasbro and TakaraTomy repaint engine just keep chugging out the product.

A battle-damaged 3-pack of Starscream, Arcee, and Prime

A red Starscream repaint pack-in with a DVD release in Japan. (What's really funny is this is pretty lame repaint-wise but if Hasbro did it and labeled it "Thrust" TF-fan-bitches out there would be wetting their panties.)

More Real Gear repaints.

It is really true.

Sure the whole loss of the Attic of Love has dropped my collector-nature to an all-time new low but quite frankly, Hasbro easily has done that itself with the repaint regurgitation.

It'll be interesting to see if Classics 2.0 and Animated truly rekindles the roboplastico love or not.

Hell, I'm at such a low level of interest right now I've abandoned Shelf Quest 2007 completely.

When I get around to remodeling the office space I've been thinking of actually purchasing and installing modular wall unit frameworks that allow for modular floating shelves wherever I see fit.

Yes. It'll be costly.

But finding appropriate shelving has not been successful.

As usual.


Cowtown is left out again.

Guess we'll have to wait until the TV debut.

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