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I wonder if there's any truth to that post at Tformers about 2 repaint Binaltechs coming out.

Bluestreak and Meister

Quite frankly though, I'd be really hard pressed to buy these.

I mean... I might as well just scrape all the stickers and decor off Smokescreen to get that appearance. It is is true then that's pretty boring a la the straight up blue Binaltech Prowl.

And is there a demand for... I can't believe I'm typing this... a movie homage Meister?!?!!?

While I could see TakaraTomy resurrecting the Binaltech name, I can't see them doing much in the way of the die-cast figures again after they abandoned that for plastic of KISS Play.

Then again who knows.

Yesterday, Dan posted some links to some stuff that I hadn't seen yet.

And all I can say is that at least the Marvel Transformer mashup has resulted in some toys, Iron Man and Hulk for example, that are more TF and less Marvel.

This has kitbash fodder for TF customizers all over it!

The alt modes for Iron Man Jet and Hulk Tank work well as bases for so many potential TFs.

I mean, the Iron Man Jet practically looks like the Autobot Broadside's jet mode!

But the real love for me is only 1 1/2 inches tall.

TF Classics 2 GalvatronObviously, with Toyfair in full on mode, there was bound to be some TF-related stuff being announced.

Classics 2 Galvatron was not something that I seem to remember being previously discussed.

I'd say he is a pleasant surprise but I'm not a Galvatron fan at all.

He's like my #2 TF cliche right up there after Unicron.

No doubt G1 Galvatron's introduction as a reformatted Megatron is the cause. It left a bad taste in my mouth character-wise in 1986 and continues to this very day with Hasbro constantly playing the Galvatron card for a Megatron repaint. I'm shocked we haven't seen one in the movie line.

At least this time he's an original mold and that head is really great.


I shouldn't have been too surprised that they'd regurgitate other molds for Classics 2 but Cybertron Soundwave done up as Blaster?

That really looks like a Botcon kind of repaint.


The news about Hasbro wanting to get Alternators back on the shelves is about the best thing I could have heard.

I'd still love a Mini Cooper and a Dune Buggy.

Other than a bunch of KO news posted on TFW2005 there isn't much news about real and official toys from Hasbro and TakaraTomy.

Methinks that it'll be a slow toy news for most of December too since we've more or less seen all the endless repaints of the movie stuff.

I think I want mini Legends Rescue Ratchet but other than that TakaraTomy repaint of Blackout shipping with the movie DVD in Japan and Hasbro's Evac there isn't much in the world of TF toys right now that even remotely stirs my nether regions.

(Off subject, but back in grad school, I actually had a professor of cultural anthropology who could not, for whatever insane Christian or what-have-you reason, refer to sexual organs or genitalia as such and in lecture used the term nether regions!!! When an academic can't use medical or other academic terms and has to use a guilt-laden term like nether regions we know the apocalypse of some religion is upon us. What's even funnier is that from time to time I now try to specifically use the term "nether regions" in conversations. I suppose it reminds me of happier and more academic times of my life.)

Since there's so little TF in my life right now I don't have much to say. Hell, I don't even have much to photograph. I do need to add some Target repaint basics to the site though. Maybe this weekend.

Living Room: Day 5 - 2nd coat and fake line at the top.I've mostly managed to get the living room and dining room done for Thanksgiving tomorrow. We still need to arrange all the furniture and setup shit. There's still the hanging of some wall art and other decoration we've bought. I really need to commission pieces from all my artist friends. I'd rather have real art from people I know other than shit I found in a store or gallery.

Giga took off work today and said he'd keep working on the first floor and the leaves. The damn magnolias in the back finally dropped the past 2 days and there's snow on the way this weekend.

Basically, after tomorrow, I've promised myself more or less taking December off to try and let my back heal and to try and get back on a simple daily gym and diet regimen. I can blame the steroids only so much for the recent weight gain. The rest is purely because I stopped going to the gym daily and because I stopped my strict daily diet. And of course, every time Hoop posts something about now fitting into size 32 jeans or some shit it pisses me off since I've strayed so far from where I was just 4 months ago.

Anyway, once I can sit, stand, walk, and lay down without severe pain I can hopefully shed the recent weight gain.

I kinda want to have the foyer painted by December 8's Pierogi Party and Dumpling Orgy so I may spent 3-4 days doing that up into the stairwell a bit. A better color and maybe a new light fixture will make it feel more "me" instead of the lingering "them". Then I can rest.

2007-11-21-santa.jpgMight as well set up some Christmas decor too even though I could honestly take or leave all that. Christmas to me is more nightmarish and less fun anyway, though I'd love to get a life size crucified Santa to put out front. And if he lit up too? So much the better. A crucified Santa to me is pretty much a dead-on interpretation of my general feelings for this insane runaway Victorian-created Christmas "holiday" time. When gas hits $3.50/gallon we'll see how the typical view of Christmas starts to collapse. Give it 3-7 years and the US consumer economy, which generates most of its profit off of a 30 day shopping orgy, will totally sink this country into a depression. It is right around the corner kids.

But there will always be plenty of pierogies to eat.


Something new!

Something awesome!

Something small!

Something cheap!

Like, you want these here gay robots, eh?


So I was thinking.

There's a good chance that I'll have the NalaKickAssConversionVanForTraveling™ by next spring and that would make attending something like Transformers Con up in a Toronto a possibility.

Obviously, I need to make sure my passport is in order and all but I think it'd be kind of cool to head up north and see how the Canadian geekae do gay robot conventions.

Maybe even a stop off at Niagra Falls and then possibly round trip back through Windsor, Motor City, and then a stop over in Glass City.

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We'll see.

I need to get my head back on straight and all by then.

And so it goes...


Let's not jump to conclusions.


Um... Mattel apologizes to China???

Interesting bad craziness.

It would be awesome if China had banned Idol because of this whole thing wouldn't it?

It is sadly anticlimactic.


I've hit 2000 Transformers!!!

God is in the details.


Kiss Player Hot Rod

See that?

That's a fishing rod "accessory" that transforms from KISS Player Hot Rod's exhaust pipes. (from fantofan)

That my friends, loyal readers, and TF addicts, is why Takara kicks ass!!!

God is in the details.

Takara knows this. It usually escapes Hasbro where the collectors are concerned.

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