He make robots purty.


So the other day Giga was looking at custom toys and found Jin Saotome's custom/kitbash TFs and I was literally blown away at the guy's simple alterations in color or decor that make or break a figure.

What' he's done to the lackluster movie figures is nothing short of miraculous.

And... a ton of them are up on eBay as I type.

Alas, he totally pwned me on this custom Jazz, which was going to be a possible thing I did for Botcon 2008 if I got my shit together.


Yeah, it's a nice custom.

... I'm positively flabbergasted by the bidding going on there, though.

The lack of decent hands on Starscream really bothers me and after looking at Jim's custom Starscream with removable hands it bothers me even more...

Amazing customs though. If i had that skill i don't know i could put in the time and effort to customise a figure only to sell it on ebay...

if you like his movie stuff go to the Transtopia forums and look up his version of Shockwave. Very nice kitbash of Energon Shockblast and a few other choice parts. Even managed to transform into a passable blaster.

Jin does really good stuff and not just TFs his other comic stuff is good too.

I've seen his version of Shockwave on his website and it's wicked as is most of his custom work...

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