A serious breach of our Terms of Service and gay robot End User Licensing


So I wasn't going to respond to a comment from this morning but after talking to the legal team they felt that I should clearly address the issues brought up.

Commenter Jhiaxus took offense at my comments regarding my acquisition of the recent Target exclusive blue repaint of the Energon Arcee mold.

I will attempt to address his concerns on a case by case basis.

Why would I want to get ridf of a bunch of toys I Like, and who are you to tell me to do so. ...What gives you the right? Who died and made you the final word?

After I left grad school in the 90s, I was legally contracted with Kenner to a position called Critic Unbiased by New Toys. In this role I reviewed each and every Kenner product and was heavily involved in the Star Wars brand.

I, and several others, replaced Mrs. Anita Vida after she passed away.

My contract was continued when Kenner was acquired and I renegotiated this contract in 1996 to be the Critic Unbiased by New Transformers. This was actually a welcome change since I didn't have to move with the Cincinnati team to Rhode Island and I also did not have to review product across the entire company line. I was asked to focus purely on the Transformers brand then in what is now called the Beast era.

Are you even REMOTELY aware how much it cost me to get The Botcon bikes and Paradron? And Im to throw it all away?
Yes. All Transformer fans are required to throw away all toys deemed unworthy by a Critic Unbiased by New Transformers. This is why we are considered unbiased by the professional toy associations. Our reviews are based on incredible amounts of user information and demographic analysis that we keep on all past and current toys.

I imagine you paid pretty much the going rate for those figures at the time of purchase.

If you would look at the End User License on your Transformers that is included with every purchase, you will see you are required to properly dispose of your Transformers based on our opinions.

Due to the possible use of lead and heavy metals, as well as barium and plastics in all children's toys, it is recommended with due diligence on your part, that you seek a professional toxic recycler. Please do not dispose of these toys in your regular city or county refuse.

I liked every version used of this mold. Including Arcee. I don't care if its been done seven time. (Eight counting Elita-1) I dont see how this is irony in any way.
Irony threatens authoritative models of discourse and there will be absolutely none of that here at Plasticcrack.com or our affiliated sites. It was clearly listed in the Terms and Conditions you were instructed to read prior to posting your comment.
This is actually the second use of the mold domestically. Overpriced Botcon exclusives with remolded and foreign releases are beside the point. This is only the second official time rank and file domestic consumers have had access to this splendid little mold.
As a consumer, it was clearly within your rights of acquisition to pursue and purchase any form of said Transformer toy be they an original import release or a domestic release at whatever price you felt was adequate.

This site, as well as our affiliated sites, is not aimed, as you put it, at the "rank and file domestic consumer" but at the elite of the collectible robot toy collectors. The acquisition of children's toys should only be performed by trained professionals. This should never be tried at home and especially by amateurs. Toy collecting is a dangerous and often brutal hobby best left to a select group of properly trained professionals.

Yes the Target Arcee IS a great repaint and I use it as Chromia.
The figure is clearly labeled Arcee. Any attempt on your part to use it as Chromia is clearly a violation of the trust that Hasbro places in you. If the figure is labeled Arcee then it is clearly not Chromia. Any attempt to portray said figure as a G1 Sunbow-only appearing character is clearly illegal.
But what Authority gives you the right to proclaim some very nice repaints trash
As I clearly stated earlier, My primary sovereignty in this matter comes from my contract with Kenner and then this was then absorbed into Hasbro.

Also, in 1987, I was voted Kielbasa King of the Toledo Ohio Polish Village festival. This elevation to royal status brought with it certain inalienable rights and privileges that can be applied at any time.

These sovereign rights, as well as my contractual obligations as a Critic Unbiased by New Transformers, give me the authority to make proclamations in favor of a given toy at any given moment in time. These rights are not to be questioned and doing so requires breaking the End User License and agreement that went into affect when a toy was purchased.

But I wouldnt say bestest. Its equally as good as anything before, but nowhere near to the extent where I would have to discard my collection.
I am using my power as a Critic Unbiased by New Transformers and with the authority vested in me as Kielbasa King 1987 to declare your collection void and I am revoking your right to purchase any Transformers (domestic or import), any licensed or unlicensed Transformers product, GoBots, and any other form of transformable toy.
By the way, Arcee there is NOT associated with Sector Seven. There is no S7 symbol on her anywhere. Her bio states no involvement with anyone but Autobots. It is merely sold alongside Sector Seven characters.
Your previous statement that you are using this figure illegally as Chromia in your now invalidated collection contradicts what her bio says. This is a clear and obvious breach of faith that was placed in you when you purchased this toy and it is obvious that you yourself are not aware of this important toy's role in the greater scheme of the Transformers brand.

As stated previously, I hereby revoke your acquisition rights and invalidate any previous purchases you may have made.

Please place your invalid toys in their original packaging and send them to our corporate offices.





Nala you are my hero!

All hail the Kielbasa King! Long may he enforce EULAs!

Psst, the link to the original post is a bit smegged up.

I would like to use this space to say Action Masters are the only true transformers, and the rest should only be used to choke baby seals, the band Chicago and Mama Cass to Andy Gibb's "Shadow Dancing".

I hope Jhiaxus is listening.

Great post, Nala.

I do so love how some people take this hobby way more seriously than they should...

Jhiaxus take note, if you get that worked up over something someone says on their website then you have absolutely no right whatsoever to be connected to the internet. This is a stupid hobby at best and at worst an obsession...

This site serves as a voice for utterly useless blabbing about Transformers and other lameness.

Obviously you missed the disclaimer above...

Who do you think you are by posting your personal opinions on your website?

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