Photo Review: Botcon 2007 Huffer


Botcon 2007 Huffer (alt mode close-up)

 Botcon 2007 Huffer (alt mode)

Botcon 2007 Huffer (bot mode)

 Botcon 2007 Huffer (face close-up)


he's been done in Pipes colors already. They just named him Armorhide. lol

Armorhide was a lot lighter and more varied then Pipes.

Thus speaketh the Kielbasa King of 1987, thus it is true.

Yeah, but Armorhide was close enough to Pipes that unless they re-molded the head, Pipes would have been a pretty lame exclusive.

Another public "thanks" to Nala for picking up Botcon Huffer for me ... it is very much appreciated!! What a great guy!!


Give him to meeeee.

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