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Way back when at the last toy show I ended up buying some very rare toys that mean more to me than even Transformers.

I've slowly been buying what I can find but it isn't easy.

Hell... Lucky Draw Black Fire Convoy was easier to acquire than most of this stuff.

But... I give you...

Baron Karza, Andromeda, Force Commander, and Oberon

Baron Karza, Andromeda, Force Commander, and Oberon of the Micronauts toyline!

And not only did I get these beautiful rare toys that day...

The Pickett got me...

One of the greatest films ever.

How I loves me some Ilsa!

And I have to find She-Wolf of the SS one day! I haven't seen it in years and that copy was damaged! It is my favoritest Ilsa movie ever!!!

Insane in the membrane? Duh!


Yes. I had a craving.

Yes. It was obviously filled lately.

Yes. I feel like a whore for buying those lame ass Transformers Club Seacons and that Nightbeat.

No. I don't feel bad about being a whore at the moment. That'll come tomorrow.

Yes. I still plan on getting rid of toys even though I've recently bought more.

No. I don't know when I'll have the time. The garage isn't going to get repaired and finished by itself.

Yes. The translation of the Bible into Lolcatspeak may just be the greatest thing ever.

Yes. The Crack Den is somehwhat cleaned up and has as many plastic robots as will likely fit.

Yes. It is barely 1/4 of the actual Attic of Love Collection.

Yes. It makes me sad I can't surround myself with years of wasted money.

Yes. I am a loser.

TF Animated Starscream


TF Animated Starscream

Shitty quality control. The paint on his head and face is scratched.

TF Animated Starscream is the 2102nd Transformer that I've acquired.

TF Animated Optimus Prime

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TF Animated Optimus Prime (Voyager class)

TF Animated Optimus Prime is the 2101st Transformer that I've acquired.

TF Universe Onslaught

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TF Universe Onslaught

TF Universe Onslaught is the 2100th Transformer that I've acquired.

TF Universe Legends G1 Jazz

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TF Universe Legends G1 Jazz

TF Universe Legends G1 Jazz is the 2099th Transformer that I've acquired.

TF Universe Legends G1 Hound

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TF Universe Legends G1 Hound

TF Universe Legends G1 Hound is the 2098th Transformer that I've acquired.

TF Universe Legends G2 Megatron

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TF Universe Legends G2 Megatron

TF Universe Legends G2 Megatron is the 2096th Transformer that I've acquired.

Doctro Who - Time Meddler

It is with mucho balls of awesomeness that I share with you my great joy and happiness in acquring the First Doctor story The Time Meddler on DVD!

Not only did I get First Doctor goodness in a comic book the other week, I got me some First Doctor surviving episode goodness and sucked it up and loved it!

In the previous story, the last of the original companions, Barbara and Ian, have made their way back to 1965 Earth and we are now left with Vicki traveling with the Doctor. And they discover that there's a stowaway aboard the TARDIS from the previous episdeo The Chase.

Yup! As a companion leaves a new one quickly takes his/her place in Who and Steven is now a companion.

And with this story we get the very first appearance of another Time Lord... though such names really don't exist yet within the Whoniverse.

The Meddling Monk is introduced here trying to... well... "meddle" with English history in 1066. Cause ya know... if your name is the Meddling Monk you gotsta meddle in something.

Anyway, this is also the first time we get to see another TARDIS too! With a working chameleon circuit to boot.

Lotsa bad crazy Viking and proto-English running around in on sets too.

I totally loved it!!! But then again, I take what First Doctor goodness as I can because there ain't much of it left!

Thankfully, the Monk will reappear in the mostly lost The Dalek's Master Plan and the Doctor will totally fuck with him again.

And because of the way that story ends, would could conclude that The Meddling Monk was likely to have survived the Time War.

At least I hope so.

I so would love a regenerated Monk who comes back as say The Crazy Vicar or the Uproarious Rabbi. I think every regeneration would be some other variation on clergy.

Man... with the right casting of a decent comedian, you could get a lot of mileage out of him now!

While the The Master is the Doctor's Lex Luthor... the Crazy Vicar would be more of the Doctor's Mister Mxyztplk.

Please Steven Moffat... please... let me work on your new Who... pretty please... and a pointless Coupling/Who crossover!!!

If I can make the Transformers and Knots Landing work together, I can make anything work together!

- - -

On a side note, I'm really pissed I'll never be able to see The Myth Makers. Damn you 1970s BBC! Damn you all to hell!

- - -


And that brings me to the Fifth Doctor story Black Orchid.

There isn't enough percocet or alcohol in the world to make me forget these awful 1980's Who stories I've seen.

This is an unusual story because it is only 2-parts, a rarity for Who up to that point, but man oh man is it an awful example of Who in general.

It feels like the BBC had a bunch of costumes they were going to throw out and Who needed a cheap epsisode and this was how they did it.

As we were watching it, I was actually predicting each story movement and was pretty much right on. It is that bad!

And also, quality acting and dialog from Adric too! His being eaten by the dinosaurs won't come soon enough!

It may be uber rare, but that Lucky Draw Black Rodmius Convoy is motherfugly.

Oh. Bought Onslaught and some of the G1/G2 legends figures yesterday.

I decided that I'd go with the cheaper Onslaught and then just get the Henkei Silverbolt and Powerglide.

I'm in heaven... oh such heaven...


Speaking of comics (because there still is nothing remotely Transformersish for me to talk about)...

Remember when I had an "opps I crapped my pants" moment back in May?

Well... Final Crisis: Legion of 3 Worlds #1 came out Wednesday!

Damn! I've got some semblance of my Legion back and I get it all drawn by my favoritest super-hero artist ever George Perez.

My love-hate relationship with paper crack is just about as crazy as the love-hate relationship with plastic crack!

Alas, I sold off 95% of the comics and obviously can never truly become what I wanted it to be.

Then again... when would I have time.


These are the f'n most awesomest children's costumes ever!

If I was lucky enough to have various spawns from my loins running around the House of Love IV I guarantee you'd they'd all be dressed as Daleks for Halloween!

Hell... I'd dress up as a Roboman even. (Though I'd make Giga dress up as one of those silly pig slaves from 2 season's ago.)

Oh... and speaking of something else not Transformers-related... run to your nearest purveyor of paper crack and pick up Doctor Who: The Forgotten #1!

I'm not a fan of Who comics by any means but this mini-series first issue has First Doctor goodness in it!!! And next issues... oh yeah baby... the Second Doctor!!!

I'm all over this shit!

(Thanks to Hoop for posting the costume awesomeness!)

I don't know what's funnier.

The fact that he's 30 and in a photo used for dropping the drinking age to 18.

Or the fact he's drinking next to Brave Maximus and is surrounded by other toys!

Way to go Despotes!

Only a photo of you and Omar in a drunken brawl at Botcon would have been better!

Saw Classics Silverbolt today at Target.

Put him back.

Spent a shitload more scratch on more important things this weekend.

Definitely think I'm gonna get the Henkei version.

TF Universe Blades


TF Universe Blades

I wanted him since he was first shown at Botcon.

The Cybertron Evac mold is one of my all-time favorites. I love the "lower legs and feet" for some reason more than other figures.

And the tail splitting to become "wings" is great.

But man oh man... once out of the box he's the shit in copter mode but the fact is that the Chinese can but on one helluva Olympic opening, have won the gold medal for women's gymnastics, but can't paint this figure for shit!

He's awful in bot mode. You can see it in his face.

Sad. I really was excited about him.

TF Universe Blades is the 2095th Transformer that I've acquired.

Dar-Es Balat... here I come!


Ok. That's out of my system.

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Well I found these last 4 guys at lunch and then, once I got back, ended up dropping a shitload of money on a trip to San Francisco in October.

Man oh man... August is proving to be extremely expensive.

TF Movie Deep Space Starscream


TF Movie Deep Space Starscream

The only reason I got him was he was 50% off and I was amazed how much I liked the paint deco on a shitty mold like this.

It'll likely never leave the package.

TF Movie Deep Space Starscream is the 2094th Transformer that I've acquired.

TF Animated Soundwave and Laserbeak


TF Animated Soundwave and Laserbeak

TF Animated Soundwave and Laserbeak are the 2092nd and 2093rd Transformers that I've acquired.

TF Animated Jazz

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TF Animated Jazz

TF Animated Jazz is the 2091st Transformer that I've acquired.

TF Animated Snarl

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TF Animated Snarl (but I'll call him Slag!)

He'll always be Slag to me.

Snarl was my favorite Dinobot... and Snarl will always be a Stegosaur to me.

TF Animated Snarl is the 2090th Transformer that I've acquired.

TFU Legends Red Alert


TFU Legends Red Alert

I'm a sucker for two-tone paint jobs with a simple third detail color.

And damn, if this little repaint didn't scream at me from the peg.

I'm thinking the larger mold might actually look really good in these colors too.

For kicks, let's just call it Minerva ok?

TFU Legends Red Alert is the 2089th Transformer that I've acquired.

New Old Who

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Holy shit!

First Doctor story The Time Meddler out tomorrow on DVD.

Must... have... it!

TF Movie Mudflap


TF Movie Mudflap

Micromaster Erector baby! That's what this paint job is! And when I saw it... I had to have it.

I'm not much into random shelf-filling repaints but this one was aimed squarely at me.

The insanely bright yellow and white is just awesome!

TF Movie Mudflap is the 2088th Transformer that I've acquired.

TF Animated Megatron (Leader Size)


TF Animated Megatron (Leader Size)

He's fantastic! So much better than this shitty Voyager size

TF Animated Megatron is the 2087th Transformer that I've acquired.

TF Animated Bulkead (Leader Size)

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TF Animated Bulkhead (Leader Size)

I had to get him! His voyager sized figure is great... but he just needed to be much larger in scale as in the show.

TF Animated Bulkead is the 2086th Transformer that I've acquired.

Classics Octane


Classics Octane

I don't give a shit what trademark was lost... he'll always be Octane to me and not a deranged Rhinox!

Classics Octane is the 2085th Transformer that I've acquired.

Such hard decisions to make.


So... I had a quandry...

Do I label the new guys "Universe 2.0" or just keep the fandom generated "Classics" as my line for these guys?

There was a time I'd have been extremely nitpicky about this sorta of gay ass shit.


Hell... I'm sticking with Classics!

Classics Prowl


Classics Prowl

My only regret here is that I should have waited for the Henkei version. Without the chrome, he's sorta dull. What TakaraTomy's doing really adds a little bit of pizazz to him.

Classics Prowl is the 2084th Transformer that I've acquired.

Classics Sunstreaker


Classics Sunstreaker

Classics Sunstreaker is the 2083rd Transformer that I've acquired.

Robot Heroes Beast Wars Rattrap

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Robot Heroes Beast Wars

When I think of Rattrap anymore, I don't think of his Beast Wars incarnations at all.

His Beast Machines model grew on me so much that's who I think of!

Robot Heroes Beast Wars Rattrap is the 2082nd Transformer that I've acquired.

Robot Heroes G1 Hound


Robot Heroes G1 Hound

Robot Heroes G1 Hound is the 2081st Transformer that I've acquired.

Robot Heroes G1 Blitzwing

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Robot Heroes G1 Blitzwing

I've never been much of a fan of his. He's at least a little quirky on the new show.

Robot Heroes G1 Blitzwing is the 2080th Transformer that I've acquired.

Robot Heroes Beast Wars Megatron

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Robot Heroes Beast Wars Megatron

Awww. I wanted an arrogant smirk.

Robot Heroes Beast Wars Megatron is the 2079th Transformer that I've acquired.

Robot Heroes Beast Wars Cheetor

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Robot Heroes Beast Wars Cheetor

I think Cheetor here may be one of my top favorites of this wave.

Robot Heroes Beast Wars Cheetor is the 2078th Transformer that I've acquired.

Robot Heroes Beast Wars Blackarachnia

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Robot Heroes Beast Wars Blackarachnia

Robot Heroes Beast Wars Blackarachnia is the 2077th Transformer that I've acquired.

Robot Heroes G1 Sunstreaker

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Robot Heroes G1 Sunstreaker

I was never a fan of his G1 toy and have never bought it. But it is nice to see Sunstreaker getting some spotlight these days.

Robot Heroes G1 Sunstreaker is the 2076th Transformer that I've acquired.

Robot Heroes G1 Galvatron

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Robot Heroes G1 Galvatron

Robot Heroes G1 Galvatron is the 2075th Transformer that I've acquired.

Frowny sent me this.


All I can say is I should never have pushed Leader class Bulkhead's button.



I went a little batshit crazy on the roboplasticos today.

I am a sick individual.

Thankfully, I got some of what I actually went out looking for...

But man oh man... I spent more cash than I have in ages on geek crap!


Classics Nemesis Prime (San Diego Comic-Con 2008 Exclusive)

Classics Nemesis Prime is the 2074th Transformer that I've acquired.

6" Titanium Skywarp (San Diego Comic-Con 2008 Exclusive)

Titanium Skywarp is the 2073nd Transformer that I've acquired.

I'd have to say that my quote of the day comes from Jaschu on Twitter...

"These boots cost 300 fucking gold pieces. Let's get 'em."

Funny how the old gaming lingo keeps coming up in my life.

This has been the week for people to visit Plastic Crack and to email me about it!

I almost feel guilty that I've been fairly TF-content-less for so long but as always, the real world of stuff is intruding upon the already lackluster feelings I'm having about collecting right now.

IMBotcon 2007 - Day 2 - Kristin got an iPhone(Though MrsDuce read the other day that I'd forgotten about the SDDC stuff and she and MrDuce were actually in San Diego and snagged me a set of everything! They are ten levels of awesome like that. Maybe it is all that damn TF love I send out coming back to me!)

Anyway, back to what I was blabbering about... oh yeah...

I came across your blogsite today and just writing an email from one Tranformers fan to another, I love your collection. I would also like to ask where you usually get your toys from especially the rare and exclusive ones. Ebay? I live in Singapore and its a little hard to find exclusives here because we do not have any major toy conventions here. I have to get them from Ebay. But sometimes I do stumble upon some great stuff here in Singapore. I have a blog of my own too which I recently just started. I collect mainly optimus prime.
I also sell some rare and hard to find toys too. I saw your Black Super Fire God Convoy and can you please tell me if you ever find one? I want one too. Loose or mint doesn't matter as long as its complete. But anyway love your collection. Transformers rock.
Palpmaster;s got a Convoyfetish going on.

Actually, I've noticed quite a few in TFgeekdom that really love the *fill in the blank* Primes!

I've never been a huge fan of the Optimii other than Optimus Primal and the Totally Kick Your Ass A Thousand Times Before You Know It Lucky Draw Black Fire Convoy.

Though quite frankly, looking at his Convoy pics has made me realize I gotta let my translucent Micron Densetsu Conovy out of the package one day. And my I Can't Believe I Paid That Much For A TakaraTomy Fusion Cluster Protoform Convoy.

So many gay robots, so little time to open them.

They are the love though.

See? There's a little love popping up today.

LCD Soundsystem singing "Daft Punk is Playing At My House" is playing at my house.

Yes. If I've got the stereo cranked up that means I'm cleaning the Crack Den and sorting toys!

I'm in no mood to scrape paint in the heat right now.

Then again, I haven't been in that mood since last weekend when I did a bunch of landscaping and shit.

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