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In the DCU she'd be Stompa ya know.


TF Animated Strika

I've been looking at Animated Strika and ya know, out of all the Beast Machines characters you could reimagine, the old Lesbot looks pretty damn good in that sketch at

I can't wait to see what she looks like in color and especially how the toy comes out.

At least I hope there's a toy.

And I can hope for it to be at least Leader class can't I?

I gotta admit, the new Wreck-Gar was a lot different than I expected.

Yesterday's "Garbage in, Garbage out" episode of Transformers: Animated was pretty good.

Weird Al was ok and all, but for me the geeking all had to do with Corey Burton reprising Spike and also the appearance of a very pregnant Carly. His Spike voice is a bit different, but that was almost 2 decades ago so I expected some shift.

I so can't wait for his Shockwave!

And Giga reminded me that I'd been saying there should be a garbage truck bot for a long time.

Transformers Animated: The Elite Guard


The Good

Thankfully, this is a robot-centric episode light on the humans.

Ultra Magnus - Oy koledy! He's fantastic! And he wields Mjolnir and the the Dinobots cower in front of him!

It is like the writers have taken 22 years of G1 Ultra Magnus joking and turned it around.

Though in my opinion, God Magnus pretty much did that already in Car Robots!


Damn I gotsta have me a Jazz now!


"Prime" is a rank.

I love the fact that Optimus is not leader of the Autobots but merely leader of a squad of them. That's so much better.

The Bad

Sentinel Prime is such a tool. I hated him when he appeared in flashback and I hated him here.

Then again, it is obvious he's a tool so you can realize that Optimus isn't so much of a tool. Though Optimus is a lame ass character too.

I think that if I just watch the episodes of Transformers: Animated that do not have human villain/criminal antagonists and only focus on the appearances of Decepticons I can find a lot more enjoyment in watching a kid's show.

That being said, I'm still trying to figure out exactly where in Michigan (or Ohio for that matter) some of these shows can take place in.

Dinobot Island is likely Pelee Island or maybe Middle Island.

However, some of the strange pine forested mountainous landscapes don't quite make much sense to me.

Michigan has some higher areas, but nothing that I can remember actually ever looking like it does in the show, especially in southern MI where these series takes place.

Come to think of it, when I become that successful television producer, I plan on many shows taking place in Ohio and I'll be sure to put mountains on the horizons no matter where in the Cowlands the story will take place!

TF:A and other crap.


Finally! Some Decepticons!

I was getting sick of the rejects from the first season of Smallville being used as adversaries.

I'm all about Lugnutz.

And yes, my purple/grey/one-eye fetish must be playing some role here because I'm not usually into the dull lummox type.

I actually didn't mind Blitzwing, even though the multiple personality gimmick kind of got old rather quickly for me. I'm far more into straight up decent characterization.

It'll be nice when these frigg'n toys'll be out.

But man, this is one line where unretooled repaints are going to totally suck in terms of characters.

The design aesthetic is really anti-repaint here because it'll look like the original character with simple a new paint job. (I know. You seeker people just love that!)


I'm hoping to at least get the entry page and page redesign implemented, along with some tweaks to my CSS.

I'm having problems with the commenting form codes working right in my new layout.

Damn Movable Type 4.1 can be brutal for templating.

Since I'm tearing down and emptying the future Crack Vault for remodeling starting this week, I won't have my desktop tower and files easily available so if it doesn't get done, it won't until I've got the room remodeled and such.


Got an email from BBTS. My toys'll be here tomorrow! Woot!!!

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