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3" Titanium Energon Skorponok

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Titanium Energon Skorponok is the 1767th Transformer that I've acquired.

I kinda of wish Hasbro had done G1 Scorponok or Black Zarak.

Black Zarak would be great as a 6" Titanium.

3" Titanium G1 Grimlock

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Titanium G1 Grimlock is the 1765th Transformer that I've acquired.

What exactly was the purpose of Alpha Q?


I was thinking.

I remember every episode of the G1 cartoon.

I remember every episode of Beast Wars and Beast Machines.

I remember every story from Robots In Disguise and even Headmasters.

However, for the life of me, I couldn't tell you what happened in Armada, Energon, or really even Cybertron.

Megatron kind of just runs around being a dick in Cybertron but that's about it.

And Energon has got to be one of the easiest things to forget. Ever.

I wonder if kids of today will even remember any of these series.

I hope not.

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