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So those are the lyrics.

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TA sent me this.


I so miss my BG.

3 more months to wait until the final episodes.


Balls... you are rocked.


I haven't written about it in a long time.

Hell... I haven't had much time to internet much about anything non-domicile modeling related.

But I just have to say...


That is all.

Battlestar Galactica: Six Of One

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Damn! Mighty fine! Mighty fine indeed!


Battlestar Galactica

And in one episode... the seeds of the inevitable are sown.

Man oh man it was so great having new BG on again. Even though I can barely stay awake past 9:00pm anymore I'll make a Friday night effort to make sure I catch fresh BG from the flotsam that is television.


Found new crack but no Big Daddy.


Found some new scout class crack repaints at Target today.

I was hoping to find a Big Daddy but was surprised to see the 3 I did, all of which I wanted.

Crosshairs has got a really nice como deco on him. I've been particularly drawn to the Air Raid camo deco and the pseudo Skyblast version of this kind of paint deco in the previous Sector 7 repaints.

Warpath isn't bad. The heavy black and red is nice but I can't say the light blue works as well as it could. I'm not sure what color would though.

Storm Surge however is shitloads of fun. The predominantly blue/white/black works so well and it is a bright vibrant blue.

I've seen some people do customs of this mold as pre-Beast Wars Skorponok and I think it works for the most part. Sure he's a small mold but whaddaya gonna do.

Alas, no Biggy Daddy to be found.

I will be so happy when the Crack Vault is remodeled and I can have my light box and lights again. Grrrr... I shouldn't even bother with photos if I can't do them right.


Oh, and Kelmeister send me this link that has some Season 4 BG promo pics.

Run... don't walk...

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For the fans of The BG I have to tell you...

Run... don't walk... to your nearest purveyor of video crack disks and pick up Razor on DVD.

The unrated version has so much extra footage that it is truly amazing that they edited this stuff out.

There's so much First Cylon War action and Cain character stuff that it really is a better film.

I see why some of it was deleted, but man oh man, the amount of visual effects footage that was cut is mind-boggling.

Old school basestars! Fanwank homage shots! Battlestars go'n explody!

Of course, it was a Netflix version that arrived for us to watch so now I gots to go buy it!

Oh, and the DVD version of Family Guy's "Blue Harvest" is also better than the broadcast version.

Never forget who the enemy is!


So I was putz'n around my Flickr contacts page and came across some stuff that AzLee linked to that is so frigg'n awesome that I have to share.'s Battlestar Galactica posters are phenomenal!!!

The "How To Spot A Cylon" one is great.

And I'm really tempted to get the "So Say We All" one below and use it as the color source palette for my office.


I demand more Kendra Shaw dammit!!!


Holy shit!

I finally got around to watching the TIVO'd Battlestar Galactica: Razor movie.



As usual.


Cowtown is left out again.

Guess we'll have to wait until the TV debut.


Ok. It has been a couple of days now so I can finally write a bit about the greatest television show ever.


Battlestar Galactica's final episode for the season has aired.

And I, Nala, loved it!!!

***Spoilers Ahead!***

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