Chicago - 20 minutes to go - Still utterly bored.

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So I'm sitting here in O'Hare bored look'n at Flicker (like ya do) and I came across some old shit that I had taken at toy shows past.

I had totally forgot about some of this.

You remember Ken, closeted boyfriend of Barbie right?

Did you know that in the 60's he had a "buddy" named Allan?

Ken's "boyfriend" Allen

It even says all of Ken's clothes fit him.

Er... yeah... OK.

Awesome disco lunchbox. Yours for only $100!

It was $100 but I kind of regret not owning the disco lunchbox.

I would so love to take my lunch to work in this!

SF 2004 - Fabulous DSquared

I so miss Deb.

June 2, 2001 - Yard Sale - Take it! Take it!

However, I do not miss Suzanne's evil bike.

Any chick that would ride it would become all cunty and stuff.

I kid you not. They'd become total bitches.

Version 55 of my website

I still like the way looked back in 2002.

Version 34 of my website

My 2001 design was nice too. This was way before I used CSS.

Three Plum Review? I'm still waiting for the update on the site Pickles!


Holy Shit! I forgot what Giga loooked like with longer hair!

Botcon 2005 - Botanica rocked!

From Botcon 2005 - Best Beast Wars Botanica figure ever!

Botcon 2005 - Greg's awesome Stunstorm

I always liked MrDuce's custom Sunstorm.

Botcon 2005 - View from our floor. See geeks.

The Embassy Suites in Frisco, Texas was still my favorite hotel from a Botcon so far.

I loved throwing shit (harmless paper airplanes) from above down the geekae below.

2006 Cowtown Model Train Show - A Team Trainset

Think of all the people who were pitied for not buying this train set.

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