Bringing order to chaos.

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Tackling the Attic of Love:  A disaster

Like the Borg Queen my task tonight and tomorrow is to try to bring some form of order to chaos.

That order will pretty much consist of all the loose plastic crack placed into plastic bins and all of the boxed crack into the variety of boxes I've gathered over the weeks.

After 4 hours...

There's been some progress.

Tackling the Attic of Love:  Some order to chaos!

In the ensuing chaos of the last year I seem to have lost my Vagina Players. I found the Alternator bots but I can't find the accompanying plastic girls.

I can only imagine what is lost.

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Dammit! No collection of transforming robots is complete without their inexplicable prepubescent girl sidekick not-fun-at-all-just-sort-of-creepy figures!!!

No seriously, I think the one that came with Sunstreaker is still somewhere behind my monitor because I JUST DON'T CARE.

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