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The howling is the whole point!!!

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The dangers of lame robot thoughts.


So if we are getting a brand new Universe 2.0 Inferno I'm wondering if they'll do the right thing and repaint Sidewipe as Red Alert to go with him.

I mean... they always were a strange sorta gay tag team duo.

And if you are gonna repaint something then at least repaint something that makes sense.

Distorted view, see through baby blue!


I was kind of hoping for a very Lio Convoyesue repaint for this Leo Prime figure.

Oh well.

I'm unlikely to buy it now.

That's probably a good thing.

Ok. Now I'm mad.


There was more damage from the various falling robots than I had originally noticed.

The "nose" off my Exclusive Crazy Steve Botcon 2008 WTF?!? Tetrajet Skywarp appears to have broke off.


That's like one of my best acquisitions for 2008!!!

I'm so sorry oh Evil King Macrocranios! :-(


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And speaking of adoring readers... where the hell is Frowny???

He's been AWOL for what seems like months now.

Hell. I don't think I've seen him pop up on my various IM time wasters either!

Any attempt to make this room not look like a disorganized mess is futile.

I wanted an adult toy room and I'm still gonna end up with a toy room that looks like any other miscellaneous toy collector who lives in his mother's goddamn basement!!! (Albeit with quite nice shelving and an excellent color choice and matching rug!)

Anyway, so I'm trying to dust off this crap on the Classics/Universe 2 shelve to shove the recent shit onto it when I noticed something.

I always put guns in the right hand of all my bots.

I cannot find a single figure that has a gun placed in a left hand.

Yes. I'm right-handed.

Yes. This probably is why I do it since it is natural to always focus on the right hand.

Are any of you left-handed?

If so, please look at your gay robot collection and let me know which hand you put your guns in.

The anthropologist in me is screaming for data!!!

Soon after dark Emily cries.


So yeah.

I've wasted the past 6 hours or so cleaning up The Crack Den and trying to get the shelves rearranged and maximize the limited space I have.

Yes. I am the lame.

I think the highlight of the day was when RID Slapper took a nose dive off of the top of Black Fire Convoy's box, then fell into the Master Sword God Magnus was holding which then fell into Fire Convoy which then took a 5 foot fall to the ground.

Fire Convoy took a nosedive off his shelf!

He didn't quite shatter, but all the armor kibble flew off into various directions.

Thankfully, G1 Shockwave didn't fall off.

I really don't have much G1 stuff out because I really don't like all that much of it.

I don't know what I'd do without him though. He's the reason this f'n mess exists in my life!

And then... there was awesomeness!!!

The real Classics Ultra Magnus!

And then, Teen Jesus came down from on high and with a choir of cherubim and seraphim in the background, blessed this wretched horrid little mud ball with the awesome and stunningly magnificent Fans Project City Commander armor/trailer set.

Oy koledy!!!

Soon... Bender's Game will be out!

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Only a week or so to go and Bender's Game will be out. November 4 to be exact!

All I can say right now is Futurama Opening + Yellow Submarine + Hypnotoad = Nala's totally running to buy it on November 4!!!

Much better way to spend that night instead of suffering from Democrats and Repulicans.

Fansproject City Commander Armor/Trailer

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Fansproject City Commander Armor/Trailer

You think for the shitload of money I spent on this I could at least count it as a figure!

Haven't gotten around to transforming it and putting it on Magnus yet.

The land of race car yah yahs!

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Micromaster Countdown Test Shot 1

Not that you care or anything but I'm gonna throw up all my stupid ass test photography up on my Flickr galleries in a new set.

The more and more I dig into this EOS XSi and all the bad crazy lenses I've bought the more I realize I have to really put the camera and lenses through the ringer, especially for gay macro toy photography.

Future stuff.


So I was sorting through mail the other day and found the cat-shitter liner known as Master Collector.

Inside was the new TF Club magazine with some photos of the new Universe figures.

While I like the little Cosmos, I have to honestly say it is pretty sad that we'll never get a decent Cosmos. And it sucks because it was so close to reality.

I have zero interest in another Hot Rod... even a cheap Legends one. Actually, he looks a bit like Energon Rodimus and G1 Hot Rod sorta-kinda thrown together. (We already got a Deluxe Hot Rod. I see this little guy likely as repaint fodder.)

Warpath is ok. But quite frankly, what is up with Hasbro and these tankish designs that all kind of look the same? From just the picture, there's an Armada Megatron vibe. That's been used a couple of times hasn't it? Universe Galvatron has more of a traditional Warpath shape than the new one.

Dinobot's ok but I don't think I need another one. The last TakaraTomy reissue of the original will suffice.

While Rhinox things Warpath = Sex I gotta say that Wheelie = Sex outta this bunch.

Oh. From what little I've seen, Masterpiece Grimlock looks like he may be worth the price too!

I find it funny that TakaraTomy just loves the " brain cap" accessory for Grimlock. Their PVC came with it too while Hasbro left it off of the their version.


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I wish I was conversationally fluent in Polish.

I'd really like to read and write (better than a Polish 1st grader) at Transformery.pl.

I'm just the World's Most Beloved Polish-American™. I wonder who the World's Most Beloved Pole is?

- - -

Other interesting places where links to my shit is turning up?


stealing my photos here

TF Animated Ultra Magnus (alt mode)

After giving up, I put Magnus down and Giga eventually took a stab at the arms.

He got him transformed.

I just am not having a good time finding the right settings combination to get this damn Xsi to do full frame focus. I keep getting soft focus towards the back. Grrr!

[Update: Finally! Some improvements out of the camera!]


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He said...

Just as goats have an innate fear and distrust of chupacabras, I fear and distrust information from comic shop employees.
... and I realized the profound truth therein.

E-Hobby Urban Defense Robot Gadep

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E-Hobby Urban Defense Robot Gadep

And to think I just thought he was an old generic Guardian Robot.

Yeah. He was probably a poor choice to buy but I never ever thought I'd see a repaint like this.

I like that they took liberties with the front of this box too. It obviously isn't just the old Omega Supreme done in 1 ink.

E-Hobby Urban Defense Robot Gadep is the 2130th Transformer that I've acquired.



I am getting old.

I just can't seem to see how to get Magnus' damn upper limbs transformed right to go into vehicle mode.

I just can't get the top part of this mother f'er into alt mode!

Flickr stuff.

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Flickr has recently changed their info, now showing you aggregate stats and external links back to one's Flickr photos.

My Transformers stuff is interesting.

The most popular TF Photos I've taken?

They all seem to be of movie figures and then the Sam's Club RID Prime.

However, at #9 my most popular photo is when I came down with the awful horrible shingles. (Actually, one part of my current health problem can be directly traced to that shingles outbreak!)

My #1 TF Photo though?

Transformers Movie Brawl (bot mode)

This deluxe Movie Brawl photo.

TF Universe Minicons Armada Series

TF Universe Minicon 12-Pack

Hit the Cambridge K-Mart and managed to find the minicon set.

Backstop, Bodyblock, Knockdown, Heavytread, Makeshift, Flatfoot, Suppressor, Blight, Brimstone, Cloudraker, Boltflash, and Skyhammer are the 2130th through 2141st Transformers that I've acquired.

Doctor Who: The Forgotten #2

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Doctor Who: The Forgotten #2Doctor Who: The Forgotten #2
Written by Tony Lee and Art by Pia Guerra.


My Doctor!



Joe Grant!

The Brig!

It doesn't come close to the excitement I get at the The Ten Doctors but hey, I'll take my my Second Doctor any way I can find him!

TF Animated Ultra Magnus

TF Animated Ultra Magnus

He's nice.

I'm surprised how visually he reminds me of a merging of G1 Ultra Magnus and Car Robots Gad Magnus.

As you probably know, I'm a huge fan of the latter kneeless one.

TF Animated Ultra Magnus is the 2129th Transformer that I've acquired.

This and that Thursdays.


I happened to be reviewing my blog stats looking for more damaged entries I need to fix and so forth from back in the 2002-2004 era when I noticed a major spike in traffic from a site I seemed to be unaware of!

Yup! Jin Saotome's got a blog.


In other news, some search terms that lead to plasticcrack.com over the last week were...

9 i hate target
9 you're letting the stank out
8 crack
7 transformers crack
7 asshole fall out
7 letting the stank out
6 letting all the stank out
6 transformers devestar
6 sweet gay
6 close the window you're letting the stank out
5 asshole fell out

Hmmm... I'm at work so I'm not going to bother looking now but damn if I'm not curious as to what all the "asshole fell out" searching is for!


Oh. I can't remember who emailed me a week or so ago but no, Hasbro did not ask me to take my photos down of Action Master Shockwave.

I upgraded MovableType again and thought it best to drop down to the newest default templates.

I need to completely rebuild the entire site from this new code, especially the commenting sections, and just haven't had the time.

I've got most of the staff of plasticcrack.com currently working on Sarah Palin / Barack Omaba slash fiction right now.

Hopefully the production schedule will free up soon to continue retooling the site... or should I say sites now... along the custom designs I have.


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I'm having some problems transferring a domain and all I can say is that having to discuss the name "theyrejustfuckingtoys.com" in emails with someone is hilarious.


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It isn't robot related, but this guy's art is great!

The steampunk Jawa is my favorite!

I love his style!

I'd die to see a few TF posters out of this guy. Especially a Shockwave.

You want $66,800 that?

Good luck with that.

Here's the Arstechnica article Kelmeister's Husband just sent me.

I love the general comments too from people who are obviously not afflicted with our disease.

Henkei Powerglide


TF Henkei Powerglide

So much nicer than his Hasbro counterpart.

This is one repaint that is worth every penny.

My only complaint about him is that his arms look so small in relation to this upper body.

Maybe I can get Teresa to craft him a frilled leather jacket too.

TF Henkei Powerglide is the 2128th Transformer that I've acquired.

TF Universe Bluestreak

TF Universe Bluestreak

Pssst... Hasbro?

Why give the love to Bluestreak here with some color on his missiles and make Prowl all boring?

And no. You don't have to comment that his name does not appear as Silverstreak here!

TF Universe Bluestreak is the 2127th Transformer that I've acquired.

TF Collectors Club Seacons


TF Collector's Club Seacons

No. Seriously. Was I drunk or really high when I bought these club figures?

I paid how much for fugly colored 20+ year old toys again?!?!

The TF Collectors Club Seacons (Snap Trap, Skalor, Nautilator, Tentakil, Overbite, and Seawing are the 2121st, 2122nd, 2123rd, 2124th, 2125th, and 2126th Transformers that I've acquired.

TF Collector's Club Nightbeat

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TF Collector's Club Nightbeat

Why the hell did I buy this ugly ass thing?

TF Collector's Club Nightbeat is the 2120th Transformer that I've acquired.

TF Universe Sideswipe

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TF Universe Sideswipe

TF Universe Sideswipe is the 2119th Transformer that I've acquired.

TF Animated Swoop

TF Animated Swoop

He's nice and different.

TF Animated Swoop is the 2118th Transformer that I've acquired.



Well, I guess with E-Hobby redoing that Sunstorm again it makes the original release that much less original.

It kind of pisses me off actually.

I paid major money for this figure since it wasn't exactly something that I ever expected them to do again.

What next? Reissue Ghost Starscream?

Odds of them redoing the crappy Superion?


Amazing. The instructions artwork makes Universe 2.0 Bruticus unfortunately look so much better than the actual toys.

I don't really remember what any of those limbs look like since the Energon Combiners went on a shelf and were never touched again.

Wouldn't one of the jets... that little warthog one... couldn't that have been thrown into the mix here too?

Well... I suppose the tool has two copters on it or something.

Is that a South Dakota Scots accent?

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This is why I loves me Crazy Steve.

That's insane addiction there. And ya gotta respect that don't ya?

Traveler's Blues

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So apprently, according to the Twitter feed...

giga wrote: @naladahc all your mailorder TFs are belong to us!
I've got so much on order coming from 3 places that I have no idea exactly what it all is.

I've been hesitant to check the credit card because of the likely damage there.


It was nice to see that TakaraTomy is finally rereleasing something new instead of yet another Starcream or Convoy rerelease. Hoist and Trailbreaker , while not my cup of tea, at least haven't been reissued yet.


I never got up to WeBeToys on Geary and Masonic. I wouldn't have any space to bring back any Titaniums even if I did find them here.


I'm ready to go back to Cowtown. I miss The Hoont amongst other things.

Well... not my job.

Robots = Football

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I've said it for years.

I'm happy others recognize it too.

I tried to explain it to my mother though in regards to my father's Saturday interests. That didn't seem to go over well.

In the sand...

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I was walking along the beach on the Pacific this morning and had to leave my mark.



I washed my hair today with shampoo I took from the hotel at Botcon in Rhode Island.

That makes this kinda-sorta a Transformers-related entry, eh?

There's a Trader Joes there too!

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The only WeBeToys is way the hell out from here on Geary over near the Western Addition.

I'm wondering if they'd have those 2 damn 6" Titaniums.


Snarl my one-armed ass!


Snarl my one-armed ass!

Let's just call him Dinobot Slag ok?


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I got an email from the powers-that-be. Apparently those fugly Seacons and Nightbeat I ordered are shipping soon, if not already in the mail to me.

There's a lot of crack coming.

Can you smell the excitement?



That's it.

You can smell it.


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Shockwave apparently stowed away in my laptop case.

But somehow... he lost his arm!?!?!

At least it is not his kick-you-in-the-ass arm!

Laundry. Pack. Install. Fold. Pack. Etc.


So I'm in the middle of the insane mad dash to get ready to fly out at 6am tomorrow.

There's a chance I may see Mrs Duce and Mr Duce if they were to drive up to the City. Otherwise, that'll be the only robot geekage I'll be exposed to there.

The return of less than shitty Transformer pictures?

Giga found my light box.

He's started taking photos of his toys to sell. I'll try and start getting mine started when I come back next week.

Part of all my laptop and desktop rebuilding has been so I can synch up data so I can work wherever I'm at on the various websites.

Hopefully, I'll get some quality time in on the new site design and maybe even some editing done on Splintered while I'm traveling.

I must me mad! Mad! Mad I tell you!


I'm not sure if it is the 2 Tramadols I took or the cortisone injects that were shot into the gap in my knee joint this morning but in addition to the Hasbro Toy Shop order, I just went a little batshit crazy over at the BBTS.


I'm just too old and quite frankly just too jaded to waste gasoline any more driving aimlessly around the Cowlands looking for a toy that has likely been snagged by lowlifes from the stores.

I've got Universe Sideswipe, Universe Bluestreak, and Henkei Powerglide coming from there.

I also decided to put a bunch of crack on pre-order just so I won't have to be bothered with looking for it out in the real world.

Animated Ultra Magnus, the silver Alternity Nissan GT-R , Animated Swindle, Animated Blurr, and Universe Inferno are all pre-ordered.

Hopefully TRU will get those last 2 damn 6" Titanums fully up for order. Prowl and Grimlock are there just not orderable at the moment. Prowl does look kinda craptastic though.

According to TFSource, I should be seeing my City Commander armor and the other insane I pre-orded to arrive soon.

Toys. Toys. Toys.

Need a life. Need a life. Need a life.

Ordered. No discount.

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Well I had hoped that FALL20 code I saw posted would discount the Dragstrip and Overkill I ordered on HTS but only Swoop got the discount.

It was too much to hope.

Didn't have the damn Animated Ultra Magnus either.

T-Minus 48 hours...

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Any readers or lurkers out in the San Francisco Bay area?

I'll be flying in Wednesday morning and staying until Monday the 13th.

I'm always up for local beers, robot talk, house remodeling talk, etc.

So those are the lyrics.

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TA sent me this.


I so miss my BG.

3 more months to wait until the final episodes.


The Last Little Sontoran in Texas

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Series 2 of The Sarah Jane Adventures started last night.

Why didn't the BBC personally inform me?

Must... find it... out there... to watch...

Oh internets... help me...

And it goes on and on and on...


In preparation for trying to get more sedentary shit done over Autumn and Winter, since it is likely I won't be able to do much in the way of physical activity, I decided to finally spend the time redoing Maximus, my desktop PC and maybe even redoing Kama, my laptop.

Maximus is now about 5 years old and I've only rebuilt it once since Summer of 2003. It is totally maxed out guts-wise, and while I really want to buy a new desktop, I'm going to hold off and see how long I can keep the old desktop active. Though when I do buy that Adobe CS 4 Master Collection later this month, that damn 8GB of memory on the new PC I want would no doubt be a blessing.

I'm now on day 3 and only about 40% done completely backing up, totally wiping out the drives, and rebuilding from scratch. I'm also experimenting going with a completely encrypted environment too.

Now the real time-killer is the reorganization... or actual organization... that I need to do.

I have hundreds of gigs of unorganized files, especially those that pertain to my photography.


For someone who has been in publishing for almost 15 years you'd think I'd manage my own personal image assets a little bit better than I do.

Of course not!
That would be too appropriate.

I have probably 15 folders littered over multiple drives labeled "To Be Sorted" that have never ever been sorted.

Hell... I don't even want to think about how many times I may have backed up and duplicated that files over and over. Bad bad bad Nala.

So I'm going to waste the rest of today and Sunday going directory to directory, sorting everything and trying to eliminate redundancy.

That way, when I'm done, I can at least have a solid backup of all of my data (going back to the mid 1990s) that is as simplified as possible.

The real future time waster is going to be the cataloging of and proper description/metatagging of all of my photos going back to 1997 or so. I probably have thousands of files labeled IMG00001.jpg to deal with.

Oh. And speaking of organization, Giga's working diligently on building an online store where he'll be selling off his action figure collection.

I'm thinking of using that store, or my own variation of it, to sell of the Transformers instead of using Ebay.

So... hopefully soon we can run a beta of the store and see how it goes.

Ok. I gots files to clean up!



I walked by a TV running the movie at the store the other day and within 2 minutes I was totally sucked in and immediately bought the film.

I'm talking about... Speed Racer!

It... it... it is insanely fun!!!

I bought into the world created in the film and I honestly can't say the last time I remember having so much fun watching a movie.

Not even this past year's Iron Man was this much fun.

And I think that's the key here. You have to buy into it completely and not think about how insanely crazy it is.

The fun I had in this film is what I wanted to have in Transformers and didn't get.

So today sucks 50% less than yesterday, which if you follow me on Twitter you know sucked such balls of nastiness that the American Society of Balls of Nasty Suckitude had to come up with a new official balls sucking ranking for the level of balls yesterday sucked!

Then again, I think it may be because I'm really looking forward to seeing John Waters speak tonight at "Remembering Andy:A Conversation with John Waters and Vincent Fremont" at the Wexner Center at Ohio State University.

John Waters is like the disturbingly deranged unnerving gay uncle I wish I had as a kid.


You mean you didn't ever want a disturbingly deranged unnerving gay uncle when you were a kid?

It would have added an incredibly level of insanity to growing up in Glass City.

I know I've been pretty much absent as of late.

There's not much in the world of transforming toy robots to really be concerned with right now and the recent downturn in my health hasn't really put me in the mood to shoot the shit about toys.

Yup. The knee's a real mess right now and I don't think it'll get better any time soon. It sure hasn't in the last 3 weeks.

I'm going in Monday to have cortisone injected into it so that I can at least attempt to make it through next week's trip to San Francisco. After I return I'll be discussing options with my doctor for surgery.

There's this glimmer of hope in the dark dank recesses of my mind that if I can get the knee operational again then that will make it easier to get back onto my gym routine on a permanent basis. Thankfully my back has been ok. *knock on plastic robots*

Without my 5 day a week cardio my health fails really quickly. Such are my genes.

I'm thinking I'll likely be messed up for a week or so and maybe, with Giga lugging up boxes from the basement, I can sort some toys and finally meet my promises to purge some of the toys.

We shall see.

Anyway, time to go get ready to watch my favorite Moose Killing MILF Governor of Alaska.

Oh... wait... I do have something to say about robots after all...


Methinks the kids are gonna love these though no matter how cheap and un-Transformersish they are.

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