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Rampage has a leg!


Mad crack-props to Giger for the tip about the 99 cent Beast Wars Rampage at the Goodwill.

Rampage, while missing most of his parts, did indeed have his two bot legs so I can fix my near-mint one and now make him mint with the right leg!


Now of course I have the carcass of a parts-only Rampage.

So sad really.

Oh my god what a loser I am!!!

The 2nd exclusive figure for Botcon was unveiled and it was a fucking repaint of an Energon Basic!?!?!?!! A figure that even Wal-Marts couldn't get rid of fast enough even by doing 2 for 1 and such!

A figure worth at most $5!

Fucking fucking fuck!!!

I'm 0-2 in giving a fuck about these and I was a stupid fucking Transformers collecting idiot and have ordered 2 sets!!!!

Fucking fucking fuck!!!

My god I was stupid and gullible. So stupid and gullible!!!

So now we've seen 2 figures and while some fans may like these all I can say is FUCK!


My god for the money I spent I could have had a repro Master Sword!!!

That 8th figure that attendees to the con only receive better toss my salad or this will have been a very important lesson learned from Master Collector on my part.

And that's all I'm gonna bitch about these. Well... until the 3rd figure is shown.

Yay! More crack soon!

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Trixter makes Allspark main page and since she's a Cowlander also confirms that Cybertron Wave 2 plastic crack is around our fair Cowtown even though I didn't find anything new at the brand spanking new Target yesterday.

I'm kind of slacking this afternoon. I got home about 90 minutes ago and instead of changing clothes and painting and finishing the kitchen I came up to the attic and have been reading all of my favorite blogs and crack shit. And remember... just because I haven't been commenting on your site doesn't mean I don't read you. Now that I don't read sites at work I kind of have to play catch up once or twice a week so I don't have time to comment on everything I want to. Not that my comments really have any value or anything.

And Giga found me an Alternator Swerve the other day. That raises the crack total.

current figure acquired: 1353rd (Alternator Swerve)
current figures in attic: 1345
projected additions: 175
projected total: 1520
number sold: 9

I need to sell more and buy the ones I really want.

Not to sound like a plastic crack pissy pants but man I'm less than thrilled with the first preview image of one of the Botcon exclusives.

I can't say I'm much of a fan of any of the non-show appearing Beast Wars toys and I've got an entire box of these types of guys I won as a lot when I was trying to complete my Beast Wars needs. (You should see the Falcon/Hammerhead shark Airhammer fuzor piece of shit for how bad some of these designs are!

If the exclusives end up being a lot of these miscellaneous crappy Beast Wars figures I'm not only going to be super mega balls upset but I'll also feel as if I really got ripped off.

But it would of course be my own total fault.

I'm the one that pre-ordered the figures before seeing them. I'm the one that pre-ordered a 2nd set of the damn things.

Here's hoping that out of the 8 exclusives at least 4 will be something I'll really like and will be worth the cost.

I've a gut feeling that some of these will be smaller than Buzzclaw and at $20 each that will really make me mad as hell.

Hell. We still have NO FUCKING IDEA who the guests will be or which vendors will even be there. This show could be a massive waste of dinero for me. (But I'll always have Casino Night to share with Mr. E.)

He did what?

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Yes. I broke 1350 today thanks to Giger's Sprawl-Mart adventure this afternoon. He found me some Cybertron Recon Minicons, Clocker, and Hardtop. They all rock the balls!

With Botcon this September and that local toy show sometime around then I will definitely break 1400 by the end of the year.

Three away from 1350.

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Nassau stopped by last night and added a G1 Cosmos, G1 Windcharger, and a complete G1 Sideswipe to the collection of crack. Every time he goes home to Connecticut he always comes back with something for me. (And man... did he take care of his toys!!!)

With these guys, plus the exclusive give-away Skywarp that the Alex and Kristy picked up for me in San Diego, I've got a nice 1347 figures. So close to 1350 you can almost taste it.

Bad craziness. Bad bad craziness.

I wish I was done with the house.


The exterior work began today with the front porch being scraped and prepped for priming and painting.

I was able to get a dual 3-way switch on order so hopefully it'll be for me to pick up Friday and all the electric will be done in the living room.

I really over extended myself today at the gym but I really felt like I've hit a wall. I ran again but this time I pushed the speed up and man oh man are my knees feeling it. The aspirin hasn't kicked in yet at all.

Sucks to be me sometimes.

But... and super mega props go out to Mr and Mrs Boneyliscious who snagged a free Hasbro Skywarp give-away for me while they were out at the San Diego Comic Con this past week! I practically pant-hooted this morning when I got the email about it.

Speaking of plastic crack, behold the Alternator Sunstreaker goodness. Fina-fucking-ly!

In other news, Galaxy Force Blender is sort of a cement-mixerish thing. Can't say I like the "arm" much.

Galaxy Force Moledive is also just too non-descript for my tastes but he's quite large on the scale chart. But man oh man... look at that Megalo Convoy. He's going to be massive!!!

All the shit I'll never have.

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Since it is summer in the Northern Hemisphere of this planet that means Takara is unveiling exclusives aplenty.

All the shit I'll never have.


Guess who's hiding under the tarp at the Hasbro booth at the big San Diego Con event?

Must have Elita-1 mudflaps for the Deluxe Luxury New Beetle.

Galaxy Force SoundwaveSo a CGI model sheet of the new Galaxy Force Soundwave has appeared on the net. And there's even a little Laserbeak or Buzzsaw perched up on his "wing".

So far he's a dead on homage to everybody's favorite cassette-bot spewing 80's walkman Decepticon and I while I'm not into jet-ish alt modes much I can't knock the mere fact he will exist. I mean so far his model sheet makes me definitely think "yeah, he could be Soundwave" and that's pretty rare with modern TFs. (What's funny is that even to this day I still consider the G1 versions the definitive version and all others are compared to those toys and/or animated model sheets.)

GF Soundwave's chestI like the fact that his chest definitely opens and can hold whatever it is Laserbeak/Buzzsaw will transform into. I'm assuming a missile or bomb-shape of some type since that'll go with the stealth jet-ish mode and drop from the bottom.

As long as I avoid the Voicebox-dubbed Transformers Cybertron and stick with the Japanese Transforms Galaxy Force I think I can like these far more than if the bad characters of Cybertron get in the way. (Yes. This is a specific geek where the toys and the animated version play major roles in if I like or don't like something!)

And rumor has it... Primus finally will appear and look like this. Will they retool the Unicron toy to make a Primus figure? Hmmm. At least he'll be cooler than that shitty glowing Energon Primus that looked like the protoculture matrix from the wreakage of the SDF-1.


All the new Transformers have arrived and been open. Most are pretty good.

Some are just meh.

Only crack lovers need bother.

Ok. The damage is now complete and there's no going back on it no matter the internalized guilt.

Airfare was bought last night and registration was just submitted for the 'con. (Of course, hotel and that lovely $50 round-trip Super Shuttle charge from the airport to the hotel still isn't worked in yet!)

This had better be worth it. I've purchased the exclusives (plus an additional loose set) sight unseen and that's something that goes against my inner monologue. There's still no announcement of who the guests voice actors will be and there's still the issue of what I'll actually be able to buy at the show.

And I better be one of the people that gets the Deathsaurus cloisonn´┐Ż lapel pin. I don't know if I can live without it.

Let's just say that on top of all of the house-related items, September is going to be a very expensive month for me.

Here's hoping I can still find a way to go to San Francisco this year too. I soooooo need a couple of days out there.

Oh. And the Botcon info has this blurb...

With everything that is going on in the world today, you owe it to yourself and your family to take time out and attend this once-in-a-lifetime weekend of Transformers collecting.
How could I not spend all of this money with everything that is going on in the world today!!! I mean I would be a poor excuse for a human and plastic crack addict if I didn't obey the commands of the Official Club.

And my family? They no doubt think I'm a total sick fuck!

It has been a very cracky day.

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Well. It is done.

Mr. E. woke me up out of bed because Northwest Airlines tix dropped to $214 round-trip so he and I are heading to Botcon 2005 from September 23-25 in Dallas, TX.

I'll bite the bullet and register tomorrow for the Primus Package, the super-duper whopper expensive one. Hell. I may have to become a whore during the nights during that trip just to pay for this.

I think we've found a vein!

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Hey kids... guess what time it is?

So I had my problems with the first episode of Transformers: Cybertron that aired Saturday.

But I've come across perhaps the funniest way to describe it from message board post made by Solidus Prime.

The impression I get is that this is the cartoon equivalent of making a box out of poop, then crapping in it.
Now even I think that you gotta give the series a few more episodes before saying that. I mean Transformers: Energon was a total prune juice induced bowel movement in the scheme of poorly dubbed import animation!!! Cybertron needs 3 or 4 more episodes to get that bad.

Then again, they did skip the first 3 episodes of the source material. Perhaps that should count for something?

Just another crack-related post.


Ok. Just another crack-related post.

Regrets... I've had a few...

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So I'm patiently waiting for the new plastic crack to arrive.

Yeah. With the debut of the already messed up Cybertron and the appearances of new toys in the retail chains I'll admit that the "plastic crack gene" kicked in the past few days.

I even went on my first pseudo toy run yesterday because I needed to see if TRU had Cybertron Jetfire since I saw Walky had one. (Of course, I think he probably got them online too since there's some Takara-only stuff there too.)

The Transformer collector compulsion is a cruel mistress. It makes one irrational beyond belief. Hell... it makes me feel dirty and ashamed a lot of the time when I think about the better things in reality that this money could be spent on. I mean, there's a lot of people that have nothing out there and here I am with a habit that costs quite a bit and yet I don't really need.

Anyway. Suffice to say the recent increase in my cybertrone (that's the hormone that the plastic crack gene activates) is pretty bad and it shouldn't be at all. I wasn't thrilled with much of the Galaxy Force stuff so why do I get excited about the possibility of acquiring the US release stuff? It truly is all about "finding something new".


When my cybertrone levels are high I feel like a dirty filthy stinking whore. Especially since I went online again and bought more toys today.

Unclean! Unclean!

Super Unhappy Gay Pride Galaxy Convoy?

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Ugh. Some Japanese magazines get exclusive Transformers that are merely repaints. There's a trend in Japan of all solid gold metallic, all silver or pewter, and all black repaints. It looks good on some bots and bad on others.

However, Super Unhappy Gay Pride Galaxy Convoy is going to suck balls of such magnitude... well... just kidding.

The picture is just for the magazine to imply that it could be any color. It is a contest in which a winner will pick the color.

Yeah. Lame. But way better than Super Unhappy Gay Pride Galaxy Convoy!

Note To Reality: More than 3-4 colors, rainbow colors, and "tie-dye" style needs to be purged. There is such a thing as "colors all over the place" and nature itself doesn't even do this. Please see repto-avian Galaxy Force Terashaver for example of bad color choices.

Actually, that picture of Convoy actually reminds me of a trip I had back in college.

Ok Hasbro and the other powers that be.

I was giving you the benefit of the doubt on Transformers Cybertron both for toys and animation.

I already knew you'd altered some toys from their Takara releases and this was for the negative.

Now I've gone ahead and watched the premiere of Transformers: Cybertron, the supposed adapation of the original Takara Transformers Galaxy Force and it appears you've had to go and fuck this up too?

You start Cybertron with the fourth episode of Galaxy Force??? WHAT THE FUCK!?!?!?!

That's like giving someone an issue #7 comic book of an 12-part miniseries and saying "you'll figure it out".

And here all along I've been under the illusion that you'd done away with Voicebox as the producing company and went with someone else. But no. I mean, I love Gary Chalk and David Kaye but when they use these these voices they are just sounding like bad retreads of the great characters Optimus Primal and Beast Wars Megatron. Remember them? They were well written and well acted. Remember when that was possible in a Transformers cartoon?

And who the hell serious brought to the table the idea of giving Jetfire an Australian accent and Thundercracker and over the top redneck Texas accent? (No offense to the Australians. The Texans? Well...) I mean, one of the main problems with Energon was that having so few voice actors on the show made everybody eventually sound the same. So what do we do here? Give them accents??? Yeah, that worked for Energon Bulkhead!!! Ugh!!!

And Vector Prime? So you brought in TF vet Richard Newman. Great. That's cool. But does he have to use the Beast Wars Rhinox voice for a different character?!?!?!?!

NOTE: Accents can be distracting when you are producing this for an audience that speaks American English!!!!

And why change the name of Speedia? I mean... c'mon!!! At least it doesn't sound like a character and/or something generic TF from previous shows. Velocitron??? What the fuck!??!!?!?! The "tron" suffix is over-fucking-done to death.

The animation of course is still pretty decent. And the voice actors for the kids are really good. And the fact that the annoying voice reverb for 'bots is gone is a MAJOR improvement. And there was really only 1 or 2 bad lines of dialogue that were inappropriate because of the fact they couldn't fit into the original Japanese (but man oh man do the stick out)!

That being said I'm soooooooooooooo happy that Justice League Unlimited was on. Now there's a show that is written and produced for the adult fans.

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