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Oh well.


I really had high hopes that the toy for movie Blackout would kick ass.

The few prototypes and blurry pics we've seen seemed to indicate he'd be cool.


Alas, while he's sorta-kinda cool still, he basically ended up as robot with a helicopter on its back.

At least he's still going to be the best TF helicopter I've ever seen.

So close... yet so far away...


So close... yet so far away...

The Holiest of Holy Grails is less than 1/2 a mile away at a post office.

So close I can almost feel it.


February 1 will be a day that lives in plastic crack infamy.

I debated about telling you all.


G1 Fortress MaximusI debated about telling you all about a purchase I just made from a guy I work with.

I just picked up a G1 Fortress Maximus.

He's only missing one of his hip guns and Cog., the smaller bot made up of Grommet and Gasket.

I'm told he's fairly white, has all his ramps, and all of his stickers, while they are applied, are all in really good shape.

I figure I'll never be able to get a Takara Fortress Maximus with Master Sword and it isn't every day someone can just drop one off to me at work.

In which vaginas are electrified.


KISS Player Autolooper exterior packaging (w/ Kremzeek)

AlligatorHotrod from Flickr noticed something about the Autorooper/Atari packaging that I never noticed when I took the photo.

Atari has Kremzeek coming out of her crotch!!!

Her crotch!!!

KISS Player gets weirder and weirder and weirder...

It brings a whole new meaning to Bubba The Love Sponge's "Shock The Puss" bits.

And no, I'm going to try and not think that Atari has drops of semen coming from her face on the package or figure.


Now I feel dirty.

Holy crap!!!

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Rev. Bob Levy, Sal Governale, Shuli, Yucko the Clown & Beetlejuice will be appearing in Oxford, Ohio on March 2!!!

Tickets are only $25 too!!! Maybe I should give myself a non-plastic crack early birthday present.

Oxford is only about 2 hours away.

Why they hell wouldn't they just come to Cowtown?

WTF?!?!?! Auction Of The Day


Starscream Destron E-hobby isn't exactly what it claims to be.

This version of the destron starscreams comes in the regular white version.
I love when I have absolutely no frigg'n idea what the hell a seller is trying to sell.

Holy shit! I don't see these that often!

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Zone Metrotitan

There's a totally groge'us Zone Metrotitan up on crackbay right now.

I've always wanted one of these.

Hell... I wanted to do a repaint of Cybertron Metroplex one day as Metrotitan. I suppose I should try to snag an extra Cybertron Metroplex if and when they get clearanced.

Instruments of Destruction


Film Megatron

Tformers.com has some finished deco'd Masterpiece Megatron images up.

I'm loving him but I certainly hope he can stand without the damn base he has. My initial concerns were that the weight of the viewfinder/fusion cannon would be way too heavy to make the figure stand.

And honestly, after getting MP Starscream and Autorooper yesterday, I'm kind of concerned about Tomy-Takara's product these days.

Oh. But I got to give kudos to the variation on the Kremzeek!

What's old can be new again.


So I managed to get some old TF-related content from naladahc.com merged into plasticcrack.com this weekend. It is all under the old content category.

Some highlights include:

The post that would eventually lead me to separating my plastic crack content from naladahc.com into this site you are now reading.

However, I originally envisioned something more along the lines of a trading site that would be named "Rough Trades".

Funny how that never amounted to much.


Plastic Crack in other languages.


Me having only 746 figures.

November 11, 2004 when I hit 800.

The arrival of the rare Energon Ultra Magnus from Australia.

That insane Beast Wars lot I bought.

The awesomeness of Stampy.

1100 being hit

Even the 1300 mark.

The awesomeness of what SNATCH would have been had I developed that. SNATCH being "Stupid Names of American Transformers Created by Hasbro".

The surprising fact that Frowny McBeard has been around these lame ass websites for many years now and I've never met him in real life.


All kinds of insanity there. Hopefully I can find all of the crack entries from earlier databases that I purged and get those here.

And man, I really used to order from Big Bad Toy Store a lot in years past. I can't remember the last time I ordered from them.

Unfortunately, I'm seeing many links referring to the old galleries I kept at naladahc.com that don't work, especially where going to OTFCC and Botcon 2005 are concerned. I need to find where all that data is and get it moved over.

The Transformers Are All Dead


I wish I had more time to devote to my photos.


Well after waiting for 2 months my KISS Player Autolooper has finally arrived.

Or I suppose you can can him Autorooper, as the Japanese translation puts it.

Pick your favorite and go with it.


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KISS Player Autolooper comes with Kremzeek!!!

The greatest weapon ever created.



Shockwave becomes a gun.

And Megatron becomes a gun.

And Browing becomes a gun.

(cover your kid's eyes)

Masterpiece Starscream


Masterpiece Starscream

He doesn't really fit in the light box.

And... I gotta put stickers on him too!!! Argh!!!!

Masterpiece Starscream is the 1823rd Transformer that I've acquired.

KISS Player Autolooper


Autorooper and his awesome Traffic Cone Gun

Autolooper has finally arrived!!!

Alas, Takara/Tomy has decided not to give him proper license plates out-of-the-box.

In fact, I have to put all his stickers on him.

I really really really hate putting stickers on toys. I always fuck them up and once you do you are damned for all time.

KISS Player Autolooper is the 1822nd Transformer that I've acquired.

This sucks.




Maybe it was on this truck.

I so want mine!


Club AirazorSo Remy Rodis has a gallery of Club Airazor up and all I gotta say is "Damn! That's a mighty fine retool/repaint!".

She's great!

She's quite the brightly colored figure but honestly, if you go to the original Airazor, it works!

He even did a pic of both of them.

Please. Airazor. Get here. Soon.



As I pulled up to the House of Love in the Deluxe Luxury Volkswagen New Beetle, my eyes came upon a box next to the door and my heart missed a beat.

Oy koledy! It is here!!!

I rushed up the stairwell and grabbed the package, only to realize it was from Captured Prey.

My heart sank.

So yeah, Masterpiece Starscream and my KISS Player Autolooper have finally arrived.

But they aren't really important in the grand scheme of the Nalaverse.

It is.

Starscreen! That's the ticket!


Ya know, movie Starscream isn't that bad of a toy.

He's just... not Starscream.

Toywise he's pretty cool. I'm impressed.

So... I think I'll call him... Machine Wars Starscreen.

It'll make it easier to buy him.


Oh. And this is the most worthless repaint ever.

The more I look at the Energon combiners the more I realize I was stupid for ever combining them.

They really were a poor attempt to give the line a gestalt in my opinion.

And the Constructicon Maximus molds look the ugliest to me.

So. I suppose I am a hater here on these guys.

Anyone want a Japanese TRU Exclusive Buildron set for $40 + shipping?

Now I don't want to be a hater...


So, I came across these pics from a link at Tformers.

Now I don't want to be a hater. There's enough of of those in this sick and depraved Transformers geekdom.

But man oh man...



Did movie Megatron really need a vagina?!?!?!?!?!


That is a robotic vagina that even Elita-1 or Arcee don't even have!!!



I just got an email from Captured Prey that my Masterpiece Starscream and my KISS Player Autolooper have shipped!!!

I ordered these guys in November!


I was almost ready to cancel the damn thing.

I have spent so much frigg'n money this month on plastic crack this month that I honestly can't believe I'm not in my usual guilt fest over it.

And I'm so hoping my special item arrives tomorrow. I've been waiting too long for it.

Perhaps then the guilt will start setting in.

Ok. I got around to snapping some quick shots of the new wave minicons in bot mode.

Overall, I can't say I'm a huge fan of minicons.

Give me Micromasters any day over these guys.

And believe me. I'm not a G1 guy at all.

(Lotsa big ass photos in this one kids.)

Don't F*ck with The Sons of Alpha Trion

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Don't F*ck with The Son of Alpha Trion

This is a quick concept of an image I'm working on.

When I have more time to do the proper setup and adjust the lighting and all I'll continue working on it.

Otherwise. Enjoy this version filled with suckitude.


So I look pretty dishelved these days.

I haven't shaved for over a week since I didn't want to risk irritating the shingles blisters on my face. (And no, according to the doctor and everything I've read I can't give chickenpox to anyone anymore.)

I've been an eating machine recently, I think due to the drugs, and I feel nasty and bloated.

I am 2 weeks over due for a hair cut and sideburn shave.

All in all... I look totally trashy.

But as I walked around an evil Wal-Mart today looking for a price scanner, holding a clearanced 20th Anniversary Prime and a Ramjet for Evebird, this 15 or 16-year-old girl walks buy me, looks into my eyes, and says "Hey there sexy!" at which I replied "Er... hi." and continued walking on.

She wasn't even "barely" legal.

The scary thing was I'm fairly certain it wasn't said snarkily or anything. It was serious.

I can't recall that ever happening to me, especially when I was 15.

What's super mega creepy about it?

I was in my last year of college when she was born.

Super. Mega. Creepy.

Anyway, I did find a Ramjet for Evebird, I didn't get the Prime since $50 is still too much for that, and Wal-Marts are still filthy dirty places to shop.

All kinds of crackiness.


As you can see there's been all kinds of cracky acquisitions today.

Too much in fact.

I even managed to find a 6" Titanium Rodimus Prime for Evebird too.

What's sad is we hit like 10 stores, many of them Targets, and didn't find a single other Ultra Magnus/Skywarp 2-Pack for those readers overseas.

That pisses me off.

Anyway, we'll keep looking for two more and a Cybertron Galvatron.

I swear I found 4 Cybertron Megatrons today but not a single Galvatron.

And Megs was released super mega early in the line!!! I don't get it.

Oh. And I removed the authentication plug-in until I can email the developer and see why it conflicts with TypeKey. Many of you still seem authenticated after I removed the plug-in but we'll have to see.

And what really rocks is the other plug-in has prevented any spam since last night. I usually average 1 every 2-3 minutes. Not a single one since I redid the app last night.

Classics Ultra Magnus


Classics Ultra Magnus

Words cannot convey how much I love this figure.

Yes. He's all ghost white with barely any trim or other color except for some blue/teal here and there.

I don't care.

I love him.

I love him lots.

Classics Ultra Magnus is the 1821st Transformer that I've acquired.

Classics Skywarp


Classics Skywarp

Part of the "Battle of Autobot City" 2-Pack along with Ultra Magnus.

Classics Skywarp is the 1820th Transformer that I've acquired.

Classics Cliffjumper


Classics Cliffjumper

I really want to love Cliffjumper here but in the end I just can get over the fact he's merely a red and silver Bumblebee.

The Classics Bumblebee head was just too special to be reused.

I really wish they would have retooled the head a bit and changed the smile.

Cliffjumper is just not the kind of bot to smile.

Classics Cliffjumper is the 1819th Transformer that I've acquired.

Classics Ramjet


Classics Ramjet

Classics Ramjet is the 1818th Transformer that I've acquired.

Classics Minicon  Overbite

Overbite rocks!

Classics Minicon Snarl

Snarl rocks!

Classics Minicon Dreadwing

And Dreadwing rocks.

As with 99% of all minicons, I just don't care for their bot modes.

Overbite, Snarl, and Dreadwing are the 1815th, 1816th, and 1817th Transformers that I've acquired.

Classics Minicon Oil Slick

Oil Slick will so end up painted as the General Lee. You know it.

Classics Minicon Grindor

Grindor's not bad for an SUV.

Classics Minicon Dirt Rocket

Now Dirt Rocket here is one fine motorcycle!

Oil Slick, Grindor, and Dirt Rocket are the 1812th, 1813th, and 1814th Transformers that I've acquired.

Classics Minicon Steelwind

This little guy (above) makes an awesome jet. Very much in the vein of Cybertron Jetfire really.

Classics Minicon Thunderwing

The paint deco on Thunderwing's wing tops is fantastic.

Classics Minicon Nightscream

I'll never be a huge fan of minicon bot modes, but damn that's a fine dragon alt mode.

Steelwind, Thunderwing, and Nightscream are the 1809th, 1810th, and 1811th Transformers that I've acquired.

Yet another problem.

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From the looks of it, the new configuration of my site for the benefit of those who frequently comment may have killed my TypeKey authentication.

To that I can only say: balls!

But will it be any good?


Doctor Who animated

So we'll be getting a Doctor Who animated series soon.

Well. At least the UK-world will be getting it.

It'll be another in a long line of things the US probably will not see coming from the UK.

I'm hoping they use the medium of animation to the fullest here.

There's so much you can do in animation on the cheap that you can't do in live action.

What's really cool about this is David Tenant and Freema Agyeman will be doing the voices of The Doctor and Martha so it will at least feel like it is a part of the continuity.

Perhaps this is the medium that will allow for the 10th Doctor to meet other Doctors from the past.

Yes. I do like that occasional cliche, But I really only want to see it happen if it is the 1st Doctor meeting the 10th incarnation. WITH SUSAN!

I want Susan validated as a Time Lord.

And an animated story could make that happen


Dear Longview:

I just want to let you know that I'm in love with you.

Your bright yellow goodness. Your "arm thingings" that give you huge shoulders. Your looking like a real Transformer.

I want you to longingly gaze through your lenses, making me see the world through your beautiful awesomeness.

You and your 3 brothers will make my summer a happy fun time place.

Of course, once you are put on the shelf you'll never ever leave it.

But know that I will love you anyway. Deeply. And passionately.

Let's hope this works.


I implemented a new plugin that should tie you non-TypeKey users to my authentication system.

I've trusted all of you regular users by your IP address so as long as that doesn't change, and even dynamic ones don't change often, you should be able to comment without me having to approve it.

Hopefully that'll get merged into the regular app.

I couldn't see why you couldn't authenticate some you knew was legit without TypeKey or OpenID.

Well. Here's hoping.

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The FastCGI isn't quite working yet.

However, I do think a new anti-comment spam feature I installed will make a difference.

Not that any spam gets through or anything. MT 3 is great at filtering it.

But I want to prevent it because I know I've accidentally killed a few legit comments because there was so much spam I was deleting.

Oh well. Got everything upgraded to MT 3.34 too.

What a pain in the ass.


Movable Type used to be really easy to use and modify for the non-programmer.

I've got enough UNIX and server experience that you'd think I could get this FastCGI implementation working.

But no.

It has to be a pain in the ass.

It always has to be a pain in the ass.

Anything that is supposed to speed things up and make life easier, especially in light of the constant spam attacks this blog gets, just has to be a pain in the ass.

I'm gay for Cover Girl


So. I'm not really into any other toys other than TFs.

That much is obvious if you read this site.

But I came across a blurb elsewhere about 25th Anniversary G.I.Joe figures that I had to look up. I guess you could call these a "Classic" line of figures.

What I realized was that I might buy these, but only the female characters.

I don't know why. I suppose it has to do with the fact that out of the hundreds of male characters that there really are only 6 women in the Joe mythos.

I'd buy the Scarlett, and also Lady Jaye, Cover Girl, Baroness, Jade, and Zarana figures if they were released but I'd probably totally skip any males other than maybe a Crimson Guardsman.


That's totally gay.

Not as gay as this new Gung Ho mind you.

That's like 12-level gay.

Just looking at this figure in a store could turn a straight guy gay.

Focus on the Family could have a field day with Gung Ho.


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It didn't arrive today.

Don't mind me.


I just decided I needed to work the possible new designs live so the index page will be changing here and there.

It is so important to see a bunch of the content with all the inline graphics and shit layed out to see the effects of the CSS changes.

Oh well.

You'll live.

I love this!


There may be some Season 3 spoilers but I doubt it.

Watch at your own risk.

Only a continent away.


Good news. If I read this site right it is now in San Francisco.

I think.

Hopefully, if it can get out, it can go have a pint with the Fabulous Deb Doran at Vesuvio.

So much crack.


Evebird managed to snag me a Classics Ultra Magnus/Skywarp today!

So I've got 3 known items coming and hopefully, MP Starscream and Autolooper.

What next? A musical?

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Could you watch Doctor Who performed on stage?

Well, so far there's a stage version of 1967's "Evil of the Daleks".

I can't believe they are going to do a stage version of "The Dalek's Master Plan" later this year.

Tails: Mascot of the Attic of Love

You might be surprised to learn that the mascot of the Attic of Love™ isn't actually a Transformer but this little version of Miles Prower, aka Tails that I've had for like 9 years or so.

I have no idea why I have this toy but he used to be on my monitor at the old House of Love II and of course, he moved with me.

He's the best Tails toy I've ever seen. All the ones I have found since suck total balls.

He's got simple but great articulation and has tons of character.

I have no idea what Sonic is really about or any of the related stuff. I remember watching one Sonic series on I think Fox during the 90s. It had really good animation and I totally fell in love with Tails as a character.

That's the only real reason I remember buying this little toy.

And he basically predates the beginnings of the serious disease that is the collection now. When I got Tails I had maybe 12 Transformers, all of the figures I'd had from the 80s.

So there ya have it! Tails is the mascot of the Attic of Love™.

C'mon. Get here already!

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Well, it apparently has arrived at something called the Airmail Transit Centre in Singapore.

I'm patiently waiting.

Reissue mania.


Sorry about all you folks that were hoping for new Beast Wars molds from Takara.

I figured that when BBTS announced there was going to be some Beast Wars shit coming out of Japan that it had to be reissues. I mean, with the recent rerelease here it made a certain amount of practical sense.

Based on the shelf cloggers, I'd have to say that the Beast Wars reissues probably were a dud. I think Christmas finally cleared a lot of them out here in the Cowlands but they sat on the shelves for a long time. Then again, kids wouldn't know what the hell they were anyway since most of the target demographic for Hasbro wasn't born before 2000.

I'm still happy Takara retooled the heads for their 2-pack release of Beast Megs and Beast Convoy.

Those are still some of the best simple alterations ever made to Transformers.

Of course, I was a loser and paid $100 for the Takara set only to have Hasbro release them.


A pox on thee. Well. Me actually.


Ugh! I was diagnosed with shingles today.Well today, after a few days of thinking I had an electric razor rash, I was diagnosed with shingles.

The blisters/sores really hurt to the touch.

Doctor M. said that it would be wise to take a few days off of work just to make sure I'm not exposing any adults to it. Adults that never had chicken pox that is.

I never really knew what shingles were until today.

Oh well.

So I'm going to be home.

I've brought some work home. I've got plenty of writing and planning to do.

But honestly, I think I might be able to finally clean up the Attic a bit. Hell, I might even get some new photos take where I actually spend more than 3 minutes doing setup.

There's a good chance I could get some quality hours in the basement working on those goddamn comic books I want to get rid of.

And with any luck, and with the air mail gods shining down upon me, he may arrive too.


Dalek Thay, Dalek Caan, Dalek Jast and Dalek Sec.

Did you read me?

Dalek Thay, Dalek Caan, Dalek Jast and Dalek Sec.

Alas, only Dalek Sec survived the 2006 Dalek/Cyberman battle of London.

He's smart like that.

And, based on the teasers at the end of the "The Runaway Bride" Sec will be back in Series 3!

Yes. I'm moist.

Masterpiece Megatron



I'm extremely happy that 2007 will see the release of a real Megatron.

Now this isn't a stab at the pointless ugliness of the movie Megatron but c'mon, in a year when you can get Masterpiece Megatron or that transforming creature dildonics Megatron, which one would you really rather have?

The new color images of MP Megs are great. I can't wait for this guy.

My only wish is that Takara had done the multiple-face gimmick option on Meg's face like they did for MP Starscream.

Megatron needs a smirk too.

(Oh. And there's going to be a Revoltech Megatron too!)

This kinda makes sense

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With a backdrop like Antarctica how can you not take a picture like this.


Maybe not with the condom.

Then again, I don't think a condom would have helped Shmi and all.

It is done.


I just paid for an item that I recently bought online.

I won't discuss it here until it arrives since quite frankly until it enters the Attic of Love it really isn't part of the collection.

I'm hoping that it arrives in perfect condition.

I'm always a bit scared about having things come from some Asian countries.

Not that Asian countries are a problem or anything. I'm just always worried about damage and so forth due to the shipping.

This goes doubly so for expensive and rare items.

All I'll say is that some of you may just very well shit your pants when I unveil it to you.

Now I can feel guilty for the next 12 months.

(And WoozyGuy... ixnay on the itemay!)

6" Titanium Soundwave and Laserbeak"


6" Titanium Soundwave and Laserbeak

What a piece of crap!

It took forever just to get him stable enough to stand. He's loose as shit and the legs are just awful. His saggy crotch doesn't help.

At first I thought he looked better in the packaging but once I got him out I had memories of 6" Titanium G2 Megatron.


Laserbeak is kinda cool though for a simple as he is.

Titanium Soundwave and Laserbeak are the 1807th and 1808th Transformers that I've acquired.

Two at Yale, one at Brown.


I was putz'n around Wikipedia, like ya do, and started randomly reading on Family Guy and realized that Chris is essentially giving the "shocker" in this photo.

Being that most cartoon characters only have 3 fingers + a thumb, this has got to be the equivalent of the shocker!


I need to make sneak in various shockers in pics with MP Prime, Magnus, and the other articulated-hand bots.

Costco Exclusive Cybertron Optimus Prime and Wing Saber

These may quite frankly be the stupidest Transformers I've ever purchased due to the completist sickness.

These are exactly the same figures I already own but in a 2-pack from CostCo that Marmot picked up for me in Florida and sent to the Cowlands.

Hasbro didn't even bother to repaint them at all.

Costco Exclusive Cybertron Optimus Prime and Wing Saber are the 1805th and 1806thTransformers that I've acquired.

Thank you disillusionment.


Long time readers know that I am eternally grateful to Frank Herbert for giving me The God Emperor of Dune. The Dune series, and especially this novel, forever changed me when I was a lad and helped shape who I am today.

I made a vow to never read what has become known as Hunters of Dune or the forthcoming Sandworms of Dune by the schlock writing team of Brian Herbert and Kevin Anderson.

These two novels, if you can call them that, are the supposed fruits of finding Frank Herbert's notes for a 7th Dune novel to come after Chapterhouse: Dune.

I gave in and read the awful direct prequels of House Atreides, House Harkonnen, and, House Corrino because I knew they could never taint the original books.

I even went to far as to suffer through the super mega godawful Butlerian Jihad, Machine Crusade, and Battle for Corrin "books" that sets up the Brian Herbert/Kevin Anderson version of the Dune universe because I knew that these certainly could never taint the original books.

These 6 pieces of drivel popped out once a year like clockwork like so much garbage mass-market sci-fi.

But the thought that they found Frank Herbert's notes locked in a safety deposit box makes for better fiction than this crap ever could.

Today I was looking up something Dune-related and came across some Google results that sounded like awful laughable bad fan fiction.

What I didn't know when I was reading them was that they were basically spoilers for Hunters of Dune.

Whatever Flash 9 bug, god, God, gods, faire folk, Kwizatch Haderachs, Flash 9 demon, magic elves, or what-have-you that made my web browser crash at that moment I thank you.

Thank you.

Now I need to get back to writing that novel about Frank Herbert coming back to life as a zombie and eating the brains of the publisher's of this prequel and sequel shitfest.

JOP posted a link to this in one of the entries.

You either get it or ya don't.

But where's the always hot Grace Park???

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Tricia Helfer is on Stern right now!

I love the fact Howard and Robin have totally got into Battlestar Galactica now.

Sure. A few seasons late. But I'd rather have them talking about the previous episode of BSG than American Idol or the other shit they often watch.

Most people don't realize that The Howard Stern Show is actually one of the gayest radio shows ever.

Really! It is!

They spend more time during a given 5 hour show kibbitzing about more pointless television and celebrities than any other program I've ever listened to.

No amount of nude pr0n stars riding the symbian can ever change that!

8 Important Lessons Learned from '80s Cartoons

CARTOON: Transformers
LESSON: If we’re not careful, robots will kill us all.
This is a humbling lesson for any child to learn, but an easy one to accept, considering Transformers was one of the coolest cartoons of the '80s. Would the Unabomber have renounced his violent ways if he were to witness the sheer stunning spectacle that is Grimlock? Hard to say, since he didn’t have a TV. But we will tell you one thing: when machines replace humans at the top of the food chain, we’ll be standing on the sidelines, waving our Autobot flag with fervent pride. Because, let’s face it, getting eaten by an alien car would suck.
How it affected us as adults: The reason we stay away from Priuses and make our TV wear a blindfold when we sleep at night.

Quintessons - Custom
Originally uploaded by evebird.
Imagine my surprise to check out my Flickr contact updates and see that the esteemed Mister E. has not only one, but two custom Quintessons!

I've never been a fan of the G1 Quints (and even less of a fan of Alpha Q) but these look damn good.

This and that...


Ok. I've been busy with real life shit. But the back bedroom remodel is finished in under 25 days! Of course, those weren't consecutive days due to my bad back and the holidays, but it feels good to be done with yet another item on the list of shit to get done.

TF Moview Ratchet in Alt ModeKids... I gotta say... I am titzup in love with the alt mode for Film Ratchet (left). If the actul figure manages to have that much detail when I'm holding him in my hands he's a definite addition to the Attic of Love. I can't say I'm a fan of the yellow but that's just because I'm not into heavy yellow vehicles unless said vehicle is a certain Sam's Club exclusive figure.

On the whole, the movie figure alt modes rock. I can't wait to see the helicopter Blackout toy. Maybe that'll get leaked soon.

And yes, I also love the silly binoculars too. It'll make a great addition to the camera, gaming system, and digital phone bots. These are definitely my favorites so far from what has been leaked out.

You all read the rumors about Welker?

Personally, I've read the one script that was leaked and it matches up pretty much with the trailer and some of the images we've seen.

All I can say is I love Welker. I have since I was a kid. But it doesn't matter who does voices for Megatron in this film. It really doesn't matter.

Personally, as a joke, I think they should cast Leonard Nimoy.

2006_01_12_film_umagnus_alt.jpgAnyway, I've decided that the greatest redeco that Hasbro can ever do... (and if they don't I'll kitbash it)... is to repaint Film Protoform Optimus Prime as the generic Ultra Magnus repaint (right)!!! He'll look like a huge rocketing sperm!!!

How utterly fantastic is that!

No. Really! I mean it!

Oh. And Masterpiece Starscream still hasn't arrived from Captured Prey yet. He was in stock when I ordered him but the whole order was delayed because I put Autolooper on it.

I want both but damn, that was in November when I ordered.

Sarah Jane sans The Doctor

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So I caught the premiere episode of The Sarah Jane Adventures last night.

Yeah. It is aimed at a teen audience for the most part, but on the whole, I kind of liked it.

Definitely more light-hearted than Doctor Who and a helluva lot different from Torchwood.

The K-9 appearance is pretty lame. They make up a lame excuse that he's off sealing off some black hole or some shit for a year and only can contact Sarah Jane every few months. Pretty lame.

He won't be on the regular series and I definitely think that's a crime. Just because he's getting his own totally unrelated cartoon series shouldn't mean he can't appear here as her companion.

I definitely think I'll give this a chance.

Oh. And she's got a Sonic Lipstick instead of a Sonic Screwdriver! Kick ass!

These are great.


I came across these and links to the source over at Ultrasparky.



These anime-style imagesof Futurama and The Simpsons casts by spacecoyote are just fantastic! Zoidberg and Bender are great! And the inclusion of the Hypnotoad is awesome!

I like Dysfunctional Neighbour Totoro too.

OK. I've got to come out about something here.

Something very important.

So I've managed to see the first and second episodes of Torchwood and all I can say is that I just can't see any channel in the US picking this up.

The first episode was great but just "too British" and the second episode involves aliens who feed off of orgasms!

Yes. Orgasms!

There's exploding sex. There's lesbians suck face action. There's gay innuendo. Naked men. And off course there's Welsh accents!

Totally not coming to US television!!!

But I really am falling in love with this after only 2 episodes.

I forgot how much I love the term "snogging". It is one of the best words ever.

And I also get to watch the premiere of Sarah Jane Adventures too!

I like it better than the final alt mode.


Movie Protoform Starscream

Ya know, now that we've got some real decent resolution pics of Cybertron-Protoform movie Starscream I gotta say... he's a helluva lot nicer to look at than the actual Earth-mode version in the film.

He pretty much seems to just fold up into a rockish thing but I like the way the chest in bot mode becomes like intake turbines in the rock thing. It really almost reminds me of God Bomber.

He needs a bit more color but not outright coloring. I guess I'm thinking something to give him some depth in the goldish plastic. It looks too flat in the pic but it could just be a mediocre shot.

Evebird saw something that I've never actually seen in the wild and I really don't know what I should drop on it.

There's an auction for the Botcon Japan Exclusive Car Robots AI Chain PVC. (full pics)

This has always been a must-have for me but I've never ever seen one.

So far I'm losing the auction.

I can't justify the Buy It Now of $150 for this tiny thing but man oh man.


I hate toys. I really hate them.

I especially hate Car Robots toys!


The past few months of me working on the actual house and letting the Attic of Love slide into a chaotic state of disaster continues.

The current disaster that is the Attic of Love.

It is really bad.

I'm sure you've all noticed that for the most part, the purpose of this site was to more or less document my collection and my photography of the crack has always been a major part of it.

The past few months just haven't been all that important to me in terms of my geeking and hell, things pretty much amount to me ripping open a package, throwing the figure in the light box, and taking one pic and that's it.

I just don't have the time, or the inclination for that matter, to even try to really do anything remotely creative with my photography like I was doing a long time ago.

I'm lucky if I even bother to remove any lint from my white fabric. And hell, when's the last time I bothered to even change the color?

Oh well. The bi-polar love-hate relationship with this pointless crap continues.

3" Titanium G1 Galvatron

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3" Titanium G1 Galvatron (disco pose)

Now at least Galvatron here isn't too bad a sculpt.

On the whole, most 3" poses are pretty weird and unsettling and Disco Pose Galvatron continued that aesthetic.

3" Titanium G1 Galvatron is the 1804th bot added to the Attic of Love.

3" Titanium G1 Optimus Prime (Battle-Damaged)

No matter the paint job, he still looks like The Evil Monkey In Chris' Closet.

3" Titanium G1 Optimus Prime (Battle-Damaged) is the 1803rd bot added to the Attic of Love.

3" Titanium G1 Thundercracker

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3" Titanium G1 Thundercracker

Let the repaints begin.

At least repainting Titanium Starscream still works in the general G1 "clone" sense used for the other seekers.

3" G1 Thundercracker is the 1802nd bot added to the Attic of Love.

3" Titanium Hot Rod

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3" Titanium G1 Hot Rod

I just can't call him "Rodimus". It doesn't work for me.

3" Titanium Hot Rod is the 1801st bot added to the Attic of Love.

I love CrazySteve's Antartica pics!

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There's just something to be said about CrazySteve, holding a TF, wearing a Star Wars shirt, on an Antarctic ice pack, standing in front of a lone penguin.

He posts some of the the most interesting geek pop culture historical artifacts over on his site Please Save Me Robots. I'm loving the recent newspaper ads.

And he told me his secret: public library records!

'Tard that I am I forget about actual non-online research anymore.

Well... there's no turning back now...


So Giga found $150 round-trip flights to Boston for Botcon so he booked 'em.

We'll be heading to Boston early to see friends and then on Thursday driving or training up to Rhode Island.


I'm not sure if we'll do Botcon for the whole event or maybe one day or so.

Let's face it. If you've been to one Botcon/OTFCC you've been to them all pretty much. The panels are pretty much the same with the sames kinds of content and the same kinds of questions asked over and over again.

The dealers are more or less the same dealers year after years since there is a finite market for transforming plastic crack.

And unless you are there for the drama of message board group geeks versus message board group geeks really only 1 afternoon is needed in the dealer room. I've been kind of amazed at the behavioural patterns of TF geeks in the a confined setting of a con versus the general anonymity provided by the internets. It brings out the most interesting aspects of geekdom.

Frankly, I'm looking forward to visiting with Annalisa and her bf and seeing their new house, maybe meeting Mr. Grimm, and just having a vacation.

Of course, San Francisco would be a helluva lot better vacation. I need a Christne and Deb fix something bad!

Hmmm. Maybe I can find a way to do both depending on how selling the House of Love III and buying the House of Love IV goes.

Ya know...

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Day 19 - 2nd wall coat and 1st coat of molding and trim done

Ya know... when I'm done with redoing this room later this week that useless closet to the left could be used for shelves for crack.

As far as closets go it really can't be used for much of anything. Folded linens maybe.

Is it serious or a parody?


Is it serious or a parody?

That's what's so beautiful with this!

Did my asshole just fall out!?!?!


Holy Fucking Shit!!!

There are customs and kitbashes.

And then there's incredibly AWESOME customs and kitbashes!

Now I just need to do a custom TF Taint!


I came across one of the most awesome bits of geekage today in my internet wanderings.

There is actually a Doctor Who novel titled The Taint!

How awesome is that!!!

Oh. And if you haven't seen this year's Christmas Special "The Runaway Bride" I suggest you do.

It was fun.

I kinda want to see The Sarah Jane Adventures too. I can't believe that BBC restricts access to that content on their website since I'm not in the UK. Boooo!

Just for that I'm not going to give them my spin-off proposal for Jamie and Zoe: Kicking Ass in a Kilt and a Catsuit.

Of course they will. Duh!


So. I was cleaning a shelf and thinking last night about the future plastic crack deluge that will hit around June.

Based on the current crop of figures that have been released we can extrapolate there there aren't quite enough for your typical Transformers line.

I can see Hasbro padding the line heavily with different sized versions of exactly the same characters based on the 3" versions of the Prime and Clitoral Stimulator Megatron and maybe a few more down the line.

The question I pose to you all: Do you think that Hasbro will do the lame and overly done redecoing of the same molds for the movie line?

It will be stretching it big time to do this since the story is finite so having a logical explanation why there's a "Galvatron" repainted from Megs and a "Ultra Magnus/Nemesis Prime" from Prime will really be pushing.

Of course, that hasn't stopped Hasbro before.

When the rare repaint has been done, Takara typically has provided the best ones in my opinion.

Hell, they even justified many of the various exclusive Car Robots figures from moments in the animation when they powered-up or were effected by energy.


Your picks of pointless Hasbro repaints of the movie line from figures seen so far?

And I'm extremely understaffed!


Shockwave's Burden

He's still the greatest Transformer ever!

(The guy that does Starscream's voice is damn good!)

So... yeah... um... ok...


I haven't been commenting on the flurry of prototypes and auctions for TF movie toys but I figured it is finally time to say something because this is a lame ass Transformers blog and those figures are pretty much the only thing new lately.


Film Bumblebee (larger one) - Ugry! I'll pass.

Film Bumblebee (smaller one) - Ugry still! I'll pass.

Film Ratchet - I can't stand the color or the head but on the whole, it would make a good base to custom something better. I'll probably pass.

Film Megatron (3") - Um. I'm sorry. He's just plain fugry! Oh, and lame. He's like some strange organic clitoral stimulator or something. I'll pass many times.

Film Optimus Prime (3") - Of course he doesn't look a thing like the movie CGI model and he's basically a Legends of Cybertron-ish looking figure. I'll own.

Film Starscream - When the opportunity presents itself to have a multimillion dollar film and this is the final design for the chracter/ toy, it really makes Masterpiece Starscream look like the finest designed toy in the world. Film Starscream will most likely not be in the Attic of Love. I'll pass.

Film Barricade - Looks like an enlarged mini-con mold. I'll pass.

Film(?) Digital Camera - Pure unadulterated love. He'll be mine! Maybe two.

Film(?) Cell Phone - He'll be mine!

The holidays are almost over...

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I am utterly sick of holiday food.

Since December 22 I've eaten so much ham and casseroles I could skip them for another 360 or so days.

And of course, I've got one more New Year's dinner this afternoon to make it through and tomorrow I can finally return to my strict diet without crushing my social life.

My back feels a helluva lot better than it has. Hopefully it isn't just the lingering results of the percocets.

I half-expected Autolooper and MP Starcream to show up this past week but alas, they are still MIA. I still haven't gotten the CostCo Exclusive 2-pack from Marmot either. Laser says he's been slacking on shipping it but it isn't like they're that special or anything.

The big debate has started about if it will be worth it to go to con this year. Right now I'm not inclined to go but perhaps HasPub will pull something out of their asses that will make it seem worthwhile.

Oh well.

Have a good New Year's Day!

Podcast: Um... yeah.


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