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Where are all of the other apologies to China from toy companies like Mattel did?

The lead is not a flaw but a feature. C'mon!

I find it kind of funny though that a good chunk of items listed here all end up at Dollar General, the home of quality merchandise!

My Little Pony (SDCC 2007 Exclusive)


My Little Pony (San Diego Comic-Con 2007 Exclusive)

So there's she is? If it is a she.

Are My Little Ponies gender-specific? I've never actually had one in my possession.

All I know is that if you lick it, the walls will start melting like candle wax and you'll see stars.

More eBay bad craziness.


And speaking of eBay, I have no idea what is being smoked out of the pipes by the people bidding on this Botcon 2005 FlameUp figure.

With 2 hours to go it is at $379.85!

I'm sorry but I didn't even pay that for Botcon Antagony, and she's a helluva lot cooler, larger, and rarer, than one of 3 Energon Arcee repaints from that year.

Hell... FlameUp isn't even the rarer Attendee Flame War!

Bad craziness there.

So. Remember that silly $1,000,000 G1 toy ebay auction?

I can't tell based on the history if it was legitimately purchased or not. That person listed has to have been a joke. I mean, the last item they purchased was tanning lotion.

It just can't have been real bid but they aren't listed on the declined page.

Bad craziness.



Ever since this goddamn movie started I've been inundated with viral emails asking me to go to websites of unlicensed TF products or to just blog about shit to drive traffic to these websites.

What's amazingly funny is how most of these are essentially crafted vermin emails that offer me absolutely nothing but ask me to post about their crap and giving links that will be picked up by Google and Yahoo and such.

I've probably had about 15 emails so far this week.

While one marketing firm representing Radio Shack was probably the top of the list, the rest have all been unlicensed poorly drawn crappy tshirts sites trying to make a buck off of advertising or their rather low-quality products.

What's amazing is not a single email offered me any form of compensation.

Not a single dime or freebie.

At least when the marketing firm hawking the anniversary version of the original movie came a calling they gave me a free copy of the DVD to link to their ad.

This is 'Merica folks! Nothing is free. Everything has a price.

A great "What the fuck" auction


As I post , this auction has 45 minutes to go.

All of the Botcon exclusive toys at $1000

I'm sorry. It is that kind of bad craziness that can't be justified.

And believe me, I've dropped a shitload of cash on toys before.



I do have a loading dock now though.

This makes most fuzors look good!


"Cool T-Rex Transformer Guy"

Sorry niknatti. This most certainly would not be a "great addition to any transformers collection".

In fact, I think it may be one of the most disturbingly ugly things I've ever seen.

Animorphs... the true bottom rung of Tranformers.

So. You think this guy got a shitload of $20 clearance Cybertron Primii and now is trying to get over full price for them?

Don't know how long the link will work since it is timed.

Bad craziness.

My god I am stupid.


Oh my god! These "energon cubes" suck balls.I really fucking thought that I was getting the energon cubes that I've seen in Evebird's office.

But noooooooo!!!

Stupid Nala has to just go and order something without looking closer.

These are overpriced frigg'n undrilled translucent dice!!!!

That's it!!!!


Nala <---- Lame.

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