Raiders of The Lost Attic of Love


G4 has a 2-hour live show from the San Diego Comic Con going on.

They have a live bit with Spielberg and everybody in the new Indiana Jones film, including Shia LaBeouf,

The thing that truly is awesome though... Karen Allen is in it reprising her role of Marion from Raiders of The Lost Ark !!! That confirms my initial thoughts that she's Shia's characters mother and since the film takes place in the 50s, he was most likely conceived around the time of Raiders.

Neil Gaiman was just on too.

The thing I hate about the G4 coverage though is the idiot hosts they get. These 2 were on last year and I swear so much of the info they spout during their attempts to be "hip" and "cool" is so incorrect it makes me want to scream.

Anyway, Simpsons Movie starts tomorrow.


G4TV used to be alot better when it was TechTV and they happened to be popular by accident. Since the switchover it seems they go out of their way to be "hip" and "cool" and try to sell the geek lifestyle. Umm yeah what they don't realize is that type of marketing doesn't work on their target audience which is why geek culture is the way it is.

Can't even stomach to watch the channel at all.

Oh I stopped watching it when they merged with TechTV too. But I'm not their target demographic either.

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