A Quickie Botcon 2007 Recap


The coffin lid can be closed on Botcon 2007 now with absolutely no indication of where 2008 will be held.

All in all, this was my 4th Botcon (if you include 2004's OTFCC) and this year it transfigured into something far healthier than in previous years.

2007 marks the year it went from being an excuse to go buy more useless robots to going to hang out with people I've met.

That small difference of it going from being a warped paraphilia to a social event completely changes the entire function of going to the GRC for me and my perception of it all.

Unfortunately, the gulf between myself and those I'll just refer to as "special" fans who still cannot seem accept that these things are just toys has widened even more.

But that was always going to happen now wasn't it?


Botcon - Day 3 -The first day pretty much started off with waiting in line to register, picking up my box set, and then waiting in more lines to pick up the exclusive souvenier bullshit and a $16 hollow plastic ball on a stand.

The "waiting in line" thing would be the theme for most of the trip actually.

The evening brought us the showing of the Transformers movie and hanging around being a bunch of losers.


Botcon '07 - Day 2 - Hasbro Tour - WillThe highpoint of the entire con really has to be the Hasbro tour which was beyond my previous expectations.

Aaron Archer and the rest of the Hasbro staff did an excellent job for the entire presentations and we got to see some great stuff and I personally had some great conversations with creators.

Of course, after the tour, there was a lot more waiting in lines to get into the dealer room and such.

Botcon 2007 - Day 2 - Nothing quite like straight up JackThe non TF-related highlight came Friday evening with hanging out with Giga, Kristin, Greg, Tom, Mike, Andrew, Jack Daniels, and the Wils.

For two years in a row now I've had a unique insane Peter Cullen event happen to me that general con geeks would accuse me of lying about. Alas, there are too many witnesses!


Botcon - Day 3 - Line for Cullen autographsI spent all Saturday morning drunk off my ass after only 3 hours of sleep and once again waited in lines to pick up any extra souvenir figures I could get.

Lines, lines and more lines. I think I spent a good solid 12-15 hours in lines for the whole con.

I always planned on ditching the Saturday con-sponsored social event and after picking up our "goodie bags" we headed out to Dave and Busters with the gang and all those friends with the protoform packages.

I do believe this was by far more entertaining than listening to Stan Bush. The adulation of the geeks for this guy because he had some incredibly mundane TF movie music 20+ years ago oescapes me. I'll never understand that interest in him and I can't even muster up viewing it with any perverse sort of absurdity even. Oh well.

However, I did meet Despotes, Super King, and The Chocolate Wonder and that was a good thing.


The entire morning was packing up shit and then going down to the dealer room and once again waiting in a line. This time it was for the UPS Store.

I missed the Hasbro panel which completely sucked since no photos were allowed and I actually had to read up on what was discussed at various boards. Kinda sucked really.

We headed out around 1:30pm to get back to Boston and of course, our flight was delayed until after 10:00pm so the day more or less was wasted.

Con 2007 Pros
Getting to spend a lot of fun time with friends people I only ever see and talk to at the con.
Not puking from the 1 1/2 bottles of JD Friday night.
Hasbro tour.
Meeting Flickr people.
Finding some stupid ass chase Spychangers.
Seeing Annalisa and Rob in Boston.

Con 2007 Cons
Having the trip come out to over $2500 when everything is taken into account.
Paying $25/ticket to see a movie that was worth about $5/ticket.
Eating entirely too much high fat/high calorie garbage the entire trip.

Thoughts on 2008?
Less money to be spent on toys. More money to be spent on quality food and alcohol with friends.


Just curious, is there actually things to DO at this con besides the Dealer room and stand in line?

I've only been to one convention ever, Anime Central 2002. They had a whole mess of panels going for various creators and writers and translators and VAs. They had a huge arcade game room. They had maybe a half dozen rooms with anime playing non stop on TVs with chairs. They had a dealer room as large as a basketball gym (or larger). There was this huge stage show one night with skits and videos and all sorts of crazy stuff going on.

I wanna say the whole experience ran me 300 bucks including hotel, admission and dealer room buys.

At the time anime was severely "on the way out" on my interests list. I mostly went for the hell of it with my college buddy.

Botcon sounds really expensive and boring next to the anime convention despite that I really like Transformers.

There's a lot to do panel-wise. Unfortunatley, I've heard the two voice actors before, had no interest in the writers of the movie, and gave absolutely no shit about the other "guests".

Outside of Kaye and Cullen I can't honestly say there were any guests of any kind of caliber here. And the two actors for the movie didn't seem to exist after they made their brief cameos on Thursday night at the movie itself.

There are other things going on but quite frankly none of it has ever interested me one bit since it is all just too mired into TF fandom.

I happen to love all of the peripheral things that happen with TF geeks that don't necessarily have anything to do with the conventions itself such as dinners and partying and just plain old conversation.

Yeah. It can be expensive. But frankly, I could have spent a lot less. We didn't need to stay at the con hotel. We could have gotten around renting a car. I didn't need to see the movie. I didn't need to buy the extra toys above and beyond what I wanted. And so forth.

There's lots of ways to make it cheaper but I really do enjoy buying people drinks and food and stuff.

It just makes the con fun.

Free drinks with Nala?!

*Books tickets for Botcon 2008*...


A little premature to be thinking about 2008, isn't it? Come out here and get through ComicCon at the end of the month first.

I'm fairly certain we'll be heading there next year.

Wanna try to pick me up the Hasbro exclusives?

*hint hint nudge nudge say no more*

I'll be happy to try, but I'm not even certain which day I'll be going yet. We'll talk when it gets closer.

very thorough coverage you got, had fun reading the posts. :)

Well there a new tradition for me that began last year and now carries over to this one. The highlight of the botcon portion of my trip was the time spent with Nala and his friends. I had a blast hanging out with them.

I wish more people did silly personal coverage of this thing.

I mean, every single TF site/board/forum pretty much covers exactly the same information over and over and over and that's fine.

But really, when it comes down to it, all the site/board/forum are pretty much all the same except for the occasional different faces here and there.

At least from what I've been exposed to.

I'd much rather have silly ass Botcon news from the Optimus Prime guy in the wheelchair or dare I say it... the Baroness chick... than the same stuff I could read on any one of the boards.

For that matter, I ran into several English and Irish attendees. I'd love to read coverage from their angle even.

Oh well. You get my generally intoxicated and tired as hell ramblings.

Kudos to the con on food. The worse was the food that was available in and around the event itself. It was overpriced and overcooked (or undercooked). Did anyone have any luck finding actual food?

We at out at Pizzaria Uno the first night, then a couple of lunches at the food court in the mall and then dinner at Dave and Busters.

Oh. And we ordered in an excellent pizza one night.

I'd have to say more prices were pretty much as expected except for the hotel restaurant. We went there Sunday morning and paid entirely too much ($18/person) for a buffet.

There's no way I could ever eat that much food at breakfast.

But it was done and over with and we were able to get back out to ship the toys.

Only 9 quid for breakfast? That's not bad...



I agree about more fun coverage. I've been looking but it just isn't really out there. You're pretty much it. Otherwise it's all the same "product reports".

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