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KISS Hot Rod

Frowny sent me a link to a color image of the KISS Player Hot Rod retool from Alternator Mirage.

I like the simple flames on his arms.

He'll be mine. The Alts and Binaltechs I'm not getting rid of.

Bwahahahahahha! Insanity. I gar-un-tee!


Evebird, defender of the faith, and overall Number 1 fan of Better-Than-Mediocre Chinese food, passed along today what has to be the definite Auction of the Day.

AFA Transformers LEOBREAKER Nemisis Super Claw.

This toy is less than a year old and the guy spent at least $50 to have it AFA graded and according to Evebird, $25 to have it listed as a featured auction. So that's $75 in the hole for a $20 retail figure.

I love how the seller decided to make the feedback comments "private" too. Insane bad craziness.

And the typos in the auction description rock too.

"Garunteed long term high resale investment."

Then again, this one is at $46.61.

Insane bad craziness for a figure that's pretty much an unarticulated brick.

And FYI... toys are not "investments". If you believe that then you really have problems that you need help on.

The Lord of the Matrix


Kelmeister sent this to me this morning.

If only Tolkien had written the screenplay and Jackson was directing. Ahh... to dream.

(Oh. And whoever did this mashup did a great job!)

Rip Taylor should be the voice of Brawl.


So ok. I kinda sorta read an early draft of the TF script.


*possible spoilers*

Watch as fandom implodes.


Movie Bumblebee's face revealed!!!

Watch as fandom implodes.

But what I'm kind of not getting anymore is the purpose of the faction symbols here.

Other than "logo" use, I'm not seeing these having any real purpose anymore other than Hasbro refused to allow them to be redesigned because they've become standards.

Yes. Giant Fucking Robots Are Coming!


I just realized something.

Something really really scary.

I really really really want a black t-shirt that says in big white letters "Giant Fucking Robots Are Coming!"

I can't believe I actually typed this.

The Movie Blog visits...

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You know. It is funny.

For someone who doesn't really care that there is a forthcoming TF film I sure do seem to write about it a lot lately.

Anyway, just thought I'd pass along John Campea's visit to the set post from his awesome The Movie Blog.

I've been a Movie Blog reader from way back when.

Good stuff.

Oy koledy!


I had to laugh when I read this.

There's a petition online over the Flames on Movie Optimus Prime with over 4000 signatures listed: "We, the undersigned, whole-heartedly REFUSE to accept an Optimus Prime....... with flames. Simply put, flames stopped being cool somewhere around the 8th grade. Mr. Bay, what happened? We knew you directed Pearl Harbor but we instantly forgave you of that the moment you cast Peter Cullen (the original voice actor) as Optimus Prime..."

Things have now gone from mildly silly to just plain retarded.

The movie is not made for TF fandom. It never was.

No amount of pleading or petitioning is going to make any difference.

TF fans, and I'm not talking kids who play with the toys here, make up probably 25,,000 people worldwide or so.

That is nothing in the scope of the audience that this film will have.

It doesn't matter if you don't want flames or you do want flames. Nothing matters because this film was never for you all anyway!!!

Cybertoron Scrapmetal (Yellow Version)

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<Cybertron Scrapmetal (Yellow version)

Number in Collection: 1666

Cybertron Brakedown GTS

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Cybertron Brakedown GTS

While I don't think I'll be going after the larger repaints from Cybertron anymore, I didn't see any reason not to pick up the little guys since they are cheap and don't take up much space.

I really like Brakedown GTS' "Kup" homage redeco palette.

Number in Collection: 1665

Attacktix Cybertron Ransack


Attacktix Cybertron Ransack

Number in Collection: 1664

Attacktix Energon Rodimus

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Attacktix Energon Rodimus

Number in Collection: 1663

Kiss Player Hod Rod


08-25-06-altrod.jpgThere's a post over at by Fatguy with a pic of forthcoming TakaraTomy Kiss Play Hot Rod, a redeco of the Alternators Mirage mold with a new head.

Since Alternators are still on my collecting list I'll probably get this. I figure Hasbro will release this as well to take advantage of the new head sculpt. At least I hope they do.

I understand the basic economics of why redecos are done for Transformers. Most of them are understandable and Hasbro hits a few home runs every now and then when the repain a mold. Quite oftent he repaint is even superior to the orignals.

But with the Binaltech/Alternators line I never quite understood why the heads could not have been designed to be more component-based, allowing for at least simple head retools/swaps. The Reprolabels kitbash of Trailbreaker from a Swindle head and Alt Nemesis Prime is a good example where a new head and paint redeco truly makes you feel like you have a new figure.

A lot of fandom gets bent out of shape by redecos. I'm usually more apathetic and only get bent out of shape by really really poor redecos like a good chunk of the TF Universe line.

However, with that said, I gotta admit that the recently released Alternators Camshaft definitely falls into the "just called it in" kinda of redeco. He's just so boring and dull.

The pics posted by Fatjuy of this Kiss Play Hot Rod aren't great but I think the massive amount of red creates a definitely different looking figure. We'll have to see when better pics come out of the head.

But all in all I'm pretty sure I'll get him. I just don't think flames would look good on this car. In fact... they'd be like if Hollywood made Transformers and... oh... wait... nevermind.


So according to a post at Allspark this is the movie Megatron.

This Southern Cross Bioroid skeleton is the Transfomer's Megatron.

Like I said before it was hard to me to find a way to care about this film called "Transformers".

And sure, call me a hater, but man oh man, does anybody still give a fuck if Frank Welker voices this?

Who the fuck cares who voices this character.

I can see why they announced Cullen to try and appease the G1 one fans but this film has nothing to do with Transformers as anybody with any familiarity knows it.

This is as bad as Hasbro calling Car Robots Gigatron the Megatron name. Worse even.

Forget about caring about this movie folks. It is not being made for TF fandom!!!

And you know this Megatron is going to have KISS Player Legion's penis tonguetacle! You know it!

One day this'll be finished.

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As some of you may know, I've been working on a Transformers "novel" over the past 2 years or so.

Not being a trained or experienced writer has hindered the completion of the first draft but on the whole, I make progress every few months. It is a snail's pace but now that I have my laptop back I've got some major things done on it.

I recently fleshed out a scene that I'm really actually pretty happy with in which Hot Rod, slipping in an out of "mental" coherency, sees Daniel Witwicky in Sara Chase's face and it snaps him momentarily back to some form of sanity. This is when Medea makes her appearance.

Of course, I'm talking about Splintered, my pointless effort in writing a TF novel.

Hot Rod/Rodimus Prime is of course familar to all, but Sara Chase, the other main character, is the descendant of two very important families in G1. Medea? Oh. No point getting into details about her suffice to say that she, and her brethren come from Cybertron's past but play a major role in its future.

Splintered takes place between 2149 CE and 2153 CE and serves as a bridge story between G1 and Beast Wars to some degree, but really is about the redemption of the character of Rodimus Prime.

It ties up a lot of loose threads from the Japanese continuity, and where appropriate blends US and Japanese content into a cohesive whole.

I spent 5 months building up a coherent continuity that not only makes sense but also doesn't deviate from the established animated elements unless it was absolutely necessary. I build a lot on that and it works well for me and I think most people will enjoy it.

The biggest complaints TF cans could probably make of my continuity probably concerns what would have been Season 4 of the US series and the Japanese Headmasters series. I focus more on the Cybertronian aspects and dump the "humans as heads" aspect but Nebulos, are N'blus as it is actually named in the Cybertron vernacular, does indeed play a vital role along with its twin planet M'str. Bye bye Rebirth. But hello some barely tolerable Rebirth elements.

Optimus Prime does "die" and leadership passes on to Fortress Maximus and then over time, to multiple leaders of various planets such as Star Saber on Earth, Dai Atlas on Zone, and others. All this works into the evolution of what would be seen to some degree in the "Convoy Council" of the Japanese Beast Wars shows. Optimus Prime and Ginrai both exist and why Optimur Prime gets a Godmaster form is explained. He eventually takes of the form that is known as Star Convoy.

It all works if you take this or that bit out and strengthen the characters along the way, weeding out the incompatible elements.

I built up this new continuity in the hopes that Splintered, which is essentially the redemption of Rodimus Prime, would have a firm strong foundation to refer back to as well as possibly serve as a springboard for other ideas.

You'll learn why "Till All Are One" is not as good a thing as you'd expect. You'll find out the great secret that Alpha Trion never told Optimus about the Matrix. You'll get wet when you understand why Rodimus was inherently a failure in the eyes of Cybertronians but his role was over minutes after he defeated Unicron.

Oh. Someday it'll be done!

Truck AND Monkey!


Optimus is totally doing the

See. Evil Monkey.

It is like a Truck AND Monkey kind of joke!

Botcon Exclusive Shokaract


Botcon Exclusive Shokaract

An extremely stupid ebay purchase.

Number in Collection: 1662

Titanium Series Alternator Smokescreen

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Number in Collection: 1661

Titanium Series G1 Optimus Prime

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What is up with the Prime poses in this series??!?!

First there's War Within Rhoids Prime and now Optimus posing like the Evil-Monkey-That-Lives-In-Chris Griffin's-Closet on Family Guy.

Number in Collection: 1660


Titanium Series G1 Bumblebee



He rocks! He totally rocks the balls of goodness!

There's something very Hubcappy about him, and by that I mean you'll need to look up Hubcap in the Dreamwave Guidebook to understand.

Number in Collection: 1659

A little crack.

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I picked up the 3" Titanium Bumblebee, 3" Titanium Alternator Smokescreen, and 3" Titanium G1 Optimus Prime in Evil-Monkey-That-Lives-In-Chris Griffins'-Closet Pose.

I saw this link to TFWire from Shortpacked!. I rarely listen to TFWire's podcast anymore but perhaps I should gather up the past few months someday and listen in again when I am concrete-free for a while.

Anyway, while I am not into wearing emblematics and and am pretty much a solid-colored shirt man but I have to admit, the thought of wearing adult Underoos kinda has a certain perverted and sick appeal to it.


The guys of TFWire report that Hot Topic is planning on releasing more TF-related shirts. And these are pretty cool in that Adult Underoos-ish kind of way.

Baby Jesus crys when I wear red so the Hot Rod and Prime shirts are out for me but I can see myself... and I *gulp* when I say this... buying a Soundwave and Tracks shirt.

Would I wear them?

Probably once or twice around the house or out at breakfast.

No doubt they'll be in the $18-$20 price range so that is usually more than I'll pay for any tshirt but who knows.

06-23-06-megsshirt.jpgOh. And speaking of TF-related shirts and fandom... if you are and adult Transformers fan... please ditch that Megatron Club shirt that came out a few years ago. It isn't that attractive, it is not a "formal" shirt because it has buttons, and it doesn't look good if you are 20 lbs over your ideal weight. It also goes against all subliminal fashion rules when you and 30 other guys are wearing at the same time at the same place.

Hmmm... maybe I'll create a fuck'd up character at Botcon and do a "What are you wearing?" red-carpet video kinda thing.

I am pretty much outside of TF fandom so I could be the weird asshole at the con making a general nuisance of himself with a video camera.

Cool! I can dig that!

The character definitely needs to be German-ish and speak with an accent of some sort. I'm thinking along the lines of Dieter from Sprockets with plenty of Sacha Baron Cohen's gay Brüno character. Man. That could really unsettle some people.

"Excooze me. That TakaraTomy packaging clashes with your obvious cheap Wal-Mart shoes. Do something about it!"

Oh. Yes. There's annoying potential here!!!

But I digress.

I like the Soundwave and Tracks shirts.

Hell. These four designs are at least pretty iconic. If you have any peripheral knowledge of G1 you'll know who they are.

Shockwave Underoos would be pretty obvious too but pretty boring. Same with Hound.

When real life intrudes on your habits.

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Sorry. Won't be much new here for a few days.

Real life must intrude.

I'd much rather be taking plastic crack photos or something.

Truck Not Potato?


A TF geek board member has dug up evidence that Hasbro will continue their cross-branding trend that they started with Star Wars and do some Mister Potato Head-Transformer mashes.

"Optimash Prime" will probably join the ranks of Darth Tater, Artoo-Potatoo, and the Spud Trooper.

While I can't get into the movie info and pics that have been flooding out the doors lately, I can definitely see these as being fun.

Maybe we'll see Starchscream soon too.

Still zero interest.


Now frequent readers to this here blog know that I have absolutely no care in the world about 2007's Transformers movie.

It is just summer big budget schlock and on the whole I don't have much patience for those kinds of films.

They were fine when I was in my teens and even early 20s but my adult sensibilities get extremely bored with films of this kind now.

It'll be short on story, long on things blowing up, and from what I've read follow the old-fashioned "robots through human eyes" schlock that regardless of what Hollywood types say, does not need to really be a part of it.

Anyway, I noticed that a ton of images, both legit and some no doubt leaked and/or fake, have been trickling out of Paramount and Hasbro regarding the movie and toys for the film and I can happily say I probably won't have any more excitement in the future than I do now. Zilch. Even if they are fake then that makes it even sadder.

If I was younger I'd probably be all over this shit but now, at my age, I just don't care. And I think that is probably healthy.

The design æsthetics for both the film's TF art direction and therefore the toy direction basically look like the result of an orgy of Gundam, miscellaneous Macrossish mecha, some of those Marvel rip-off Megamorph things, and Hasbro's unused Transtech line that was supposed to come after Beast Machines but was never done.

It just doesn't appeal to me at all, though the Sikorsky-based Blackout does at least show some promise.

Prime? Not interested it all.

This supposed Starscream? Oh my god so not interested. Why can't they just call him something else if that is indeed the Starscream character? There's nothing there that evokes any previous visual version of the character? Dreadwing would be better. There's no established character there reall.

Scorponok? Been there. Done that. Have it in a few different lines.

The only thing I'm curious here is why on earth would a Decepticon take an animal form if it is mean to "blend in" to the surroundings yet not shrink down?

Anyway, I'm just not seeing anything to get me excited about this film one way or the other.

I suppose that is good.

I've already decided I'll try to get rid of a lot of figures that I already have, try to avoid buying anything new "just because I don't have it", and try to find a more realistic and practical interest than toys.

If this film had the possibility of having toys that I could possibly care about owning I'd be up shit creek.

New Minicons. One really ugly bot mode!


Lotsa pics popping up of the new mini-con molds coming out.

I'm all for new molds, don't get me wrong.

And I understand the limitations of the size.

But man oh man, while the alt modes are awesome some of the bot modes kinda blow.

That dragon thing's bot mode just is... disturbing to my æsthetic sensibilities.

Sometimes Ebay scares me.

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Sometimes, ebay scares me.

I was looking at Transformers auctions and there, under the TF category, was an auction for "Handsome Nude Male Nubian Dining Table Pedestals".

This is as bad as these damn "stores" using software to manipulate search and term results.

Transformers: Splintered


Hod Rod opens the Autobot Matrix of Leadership

Deep in the bowels of the planet-eating Unicron, the Autobot Hot Rod retrieved the stolen Autobot Matrix of Leadership.

Unbeknownst to the anyone but Alpha Trion, Hot Rod was destined to merge with the Matrix, its billion years-old power transforming him into Rodimus Prime... the savior of the Autobots and Decepticons.

Little did any of them know the price Hot Rod would pay to be a puppet of prophecy.

Transformers: Splintered.... Coming soon if Naladahc ever gets his shit together.

Slowly but surely getting better.


So I decided to play around with the camera this afternoon before I head down in the basement to chisel off mortar.

Takara Rodimus Prime with Matrix (Lava Chase)

Rip Taylor + role in Transformers The Movie = 2007 Best Picture

Mr. P. got me thinking today.

Rip Taylor + Transformers The Movie = 2007 Best Picture.

Am I the only one that sees this?!?!?!

What exactly was the purpose of Alpha Q?


I was thinking.

I remember every episode of the G1 cartoon.

I remember every episode of Beast Wars and Beast Machines.

I remember every story from Robots In Disguise and even Headmasters.

However, for the life of me, I couldn't tell you what happened in Armada, Energon, or really even Cybertron.

Megatron kind of just runs around being a dick in Cybertron but that's about it.

And Energon has got to be one of the easiest things to forget. Ever.

I wonder if kids of today will even remember any of these series.

I hope not.

You can fight. Trans-form-ah!

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While I haven't really been paying much attention to TF movie goings on I definitely think that the song in the below video should be the opening theme in the movie.

Maybe more.


I was responding to an email last night and as I looked around the attic I realized that perhaps... just perhaps... now is the time to really get rid of most of this stuff.

Thinning out the shelves the other day, as well as my realization that the money I spend on this hobby is utterly a waste of resources, has definitely got me thinking that more and more can go.

The G1 stuff? Probably everything except my Shockwave, Omega Supreme, and Jetfire.

Beast Wars? Everything.

RID? Everything but my Omega Prime and Translucent Autobot Brothers.

Armada? Gone. All of it.

Energon? Everything but Shockblast.

Cybetron: Gone.

Universe: Bye Bye.


The attachment is disappearing.

And that is actually a really really healthy thing.

Today's what the fuck auction(s)...

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Ok. So I was set to pay around $150 or so since this prototype was one-of-a-kind and I jokingly have almost every single version of the G2 Gobots and/or Spychangers made by Takara or Hasbro.

I figured, since this prototype was a never produced Jeep it'd be cool to have something unique in the attic.

However, a $820.51 rarity?

Um. No.

The other auction with an unproduced Ferrari prototype spychanger went for $660.51.

Now I know this collecting addiction is horrible.

The voices tell me that every day.

But man oh man. There's a lot of house repairs that could be done for that kind of scratch.

I'm just saying.

And then I felt dirty inside.


I need to wash my eyes out with bleach now.

I never ever knew that existed.



It is sad... only because it's true.


Sometimes I really hate the Shortpacked! comic by David Willis?


Sometimes it hits too close to home.

Sad isn't it.

Wow! I'm shocked at how many emails I got about stuff that will leave the Attic of Love!

Unfortunately, I really was a bit premature in putting up those photos and that list from my spreadsheets.

Let me actually finalize everything, get the expected prices for the toy show in the lists, and I'll repost. I still have a lot more to go through.

Any of you collect DC Direct? Teen Titans? JLU? If you are looking for anything let me know on those too.

From the looks of it, our tables are going to be pretty sweet at the toy show.

Um. Eww.


I have decided there's a Transformer that I just won't buy.

It isn't a repaint. It isn't a retool. It doesn't fall under the usually awful "Transformers Universe" brand.


I will not be buying the Classics Megatron Nerf Gun.

I just can't stand this figure.

Diffusion is a good thing.

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I got a new light box and spotlights the other day.

Hopefully, my geek photography will improve.

So I got a new light box the other day and hope to be able to improve my internal macro photography of toys and stuff.

I've got some real testing to do for optimal settings on the camera but overall, things are looking pretty good.

(Robot Masters) Star Saber and Victory Leo

Photos of this here Attic of Love

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With the cleaning and thinning of the Attic I'm going ahead and taking photos here and there.



Bad craziness.

Jeremy found me an Alternator Mirage somewhere up in the North Coast! Hell! He found two even!!!

Oh. The one Botcon Exclusive Antagony that I was close to dropping $250 on went for over $367!!! And what's funny, a sniper snagged it at the last minute from somebody who probably had a legitimate top bid.

Of course, Ebay will never add a captcha so that a human has to actually place an auction bid so it just makes using ebay that much less fun. Ebay is really sad these days with the number of snipers, stores, and other "don't give the customer any change of success" kinds of thinking in the auctioning. It doesn't have the fun it did in the late 90s.

Now hopefully I won't end up winning the auction for the lot of Alt Prime, Mirage, Camshaft, and Jazz that I've bid on. I'm still winning it but perhaps there will be more stuff to sell at the toy show if I win.

Alternator Camshaft


Alternator Camshaft

Giga wanted to check out Lennox Target's pricing on Titaniums based on our other Target visit today.

I knew Lennox was due for a Alternators shipment and I managed to find Camshaft, the repaint of Prowl.

Of course, Mirage has eluded me once again.

Number in Collection: 1658

Cybertron Menasor and Heavy Load

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Cybertron Menasor and Heavy Load

Numbers in Collection: 1656, 1657

Any excitement I had with finding a Mensor today was crushed as Giga tried to return the 2 6" Titaniums he originally bought me.

Target has fuck'd up the SKUs so bad on this shit. Remember they started selling the 3" ones for $14.99 and the 6" ones for $4.99 by accident?

Well, Giga paid $14.99 for them and I told him to return them since I bought a set already. Well. Target basically says that the items on his receipt are not the 2 6" Titaniums when they clearly are!

It was a fucking joke!

We collectively spent thousands of dollars a year at Target.

In fact, I'd hazard to say that while arguing in the return line over this, he and I both had on jeans, tshirts, underwear, and socks bought at Target.

I am in and out of Target weekly spending close to $20 per week usually.

For them to basically accuse him of lying is uncalled for and total bullshit.

They fucked up their pricing SKUs. I just didn't want this extra set of figures and they should honor their receipt!

I've tried to generate a lot of good toy karma in my time, buying crack for those who need it, tracking down extra figures for those with poorer distribution than Cowtown.

I paid G for the figures since they were for me to begin with.

But you know something. I really feel guilty about having bought that Menasor from Target. In fact, I'll feel really guilty shopping at Target again in the future.

Stupid Nala.

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Ugh! Stupid Nala.

I won a Botcon 2000 Shockoract figure for $114. I kinda wanted one but it isn't really something I had to have now. I shouldn't have bid on it. I know I could have found one for $90 or so.

Stupid Nala.

08-04-06-wm.jpgOk. Someone 'splain this to me.

I don't understand the economics of Hasbro's distribution or how they make their deals with their vendors.

Now they recently announced that they'll be doing a "Scout and Deluxe Assortment with Bonus DVD" to be available at Wal-Marts.

Ok. That's fine and all.

The problem I see with this is that their new stuff is practically impossible to find and here in Cowtown, and most of the stops I made on US23 and I-75 to Glass City, are stores clogged with these sames figures minus the lame DVD.

Yes. Clogged!

There are literally tons of Backstops, Wrecklooses, Speed Mini-Cons, Swerves, Swindles, Scrapmetals, Downshifts, Override GTSes, and Skywarps clogging the shelves.

Need a Mudflap? There are probably 100 between here and Glass City. Dark Scorponoks? Vanguard Scattorshots? Vanguard Red Alerts? Hell. Northwest Ohio alone can full any supply you need.

The shelves of Targets, Wal-Marts, KMarts, Meijers, ToysRUs, and KayBees are clogged with these along with Alternator Skids and Tracks!

Meijers alone in Cowtown probably has 40 Crumplezone and Dark Crumplezones!

I just don't get why they'd just repackage the damn things with a DVD and put the same shit out on the shelves.

Out of all the figures in this Wal-Mart assortment only Brimstone I haven't seen in months.

Collectors already have all this shit so all I can think is that eventually this is intended to go on clearance and feed early holiday shopping. I mean. Adding the same figures already clogging shelves makes no sense but I'm not the toy production guy here.

I'm just the scientific publishing guy with an extremely lame addiction that makes me waste 10 minutes typing up a blog post about the fact that toy shelves are clogged with the same crap for months. Very lame indeed.


How about a Camshaft? How about a Mirage? A Menasor?

Cybertron as a line is dead. Cybertron as a cartoon is dead.

I think I'm going to just splurge and buy some of this online even if I have to pay a premium.

At the new $3.15 per gallon for gas it sure beats me driving around.

Ok. What's the difference between 1973 years of people arguing about shit like christology and 21 years of people arguing if Frenzy is actually red or if Rumble is actually blue.

I'm just not seeing it.

Now these are cool.


Ok. Now these are kind of cool. I don't know if they are $30+ cool but for a customizer they are really pretty nice.


The auction has some really decent customs using the heads too.

Cybertron Unicron for only $25.90

Um. It is a new figure that I've seen at least 10 of now. It is barely worth the retail $10 and certainly not $18.95 plus shipping!

This kind of thing never happens to me.

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So I went out to snag one of those Unicrons I found for Jeremy.

The 6" Titaniums were still there and based on something I read on a TF site I went to the price check scanner and would you believe Target had the 3" figures marked at $14.99 and the 6" ones at $4.99?

Needless to say Giga can take the two he found this past weekend back get a full refund and with the money I saved on this little mistake of theirs I'll justify keeping the Attacktix ones.

Attacktix Crumplezone and Omega Supreme

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Attacktix Crumplezone and Omega Supreme

Like the other Attacktix, these boys may be returning to Target.

$15 for a set of two of these is way to expensensive for me.

And yeah, while I may spend a lot of Transformers shit, I'm also wary of actual value of something. These are hard for me to justify.

Numbers in Collection: 1654, 1655

Attacktix Skyblast (bot), Skyblast (jet) Overhaul, and Dirtboss

These boys may be returning to Target. I'm really not sure if there's any value in these for me since I'm not a fan of these characters.

Numbers in Collection: 1650, 1651, 1652, 1653

Cybertron Optimus Prime (Planet Symbol variant)

I usually don't do the color or minor variant thing but I saw the Prime with the extra planet symbols and decided to get him.

Numbers in Collection: 1649

Cybertron Quickmix and Stripmine


Cybertron Quickmix and Stripmine

Numbers in Collection: 1647, 1648

Holy crap! New shit at Graceland!


I don't know why but I had a gut feeling about it so at lunch time I headed up to Graceland Target.

Now understand, Graceland Target really hasn't had anything in months. The toys are in disarray and the TF pegs are empty.

I was hoping that since this was the case and eventually something new would appear soon.

Well, as I turned the corner and saw unpacked boxes on the cart I noticed some Hasbro "CYB" boxes and was so hoping for an Alternator Mirage or Camshaft.

As I turned the corner, my disappointment over the lack of new Alternators sunk in and then I saw a Cybertron QuickMix and quickly snapped it up.

It seems they stocked a ton of 3" Titaniums, the 6" Titaniums, the $10 Optimus Prime, Unicron, and Demolisher, as well as a bunch of those Attacktix figures. They actually got Unicron-less Primusii too!

Now I wanted the QuickMix but not knowing why I also snagged up the one $10 Attacktix 4-pack and a $15 2-pack.

I really should take the Attactix shit back. I mean, they are just little figurines like the TItaniums but really they are pointless for me. Especially the $15 Energon Omega Supreme one. I mean the frigg'n Star Wars/TF kit is only $20 and has a ton more of those figures in it. The $14 price point is just bad.

So basically I got my QuickMix and his minicon and now have to decide if the Attactix shit should be in the collection or not.


Transformers Universe Basics Wave 2? (

I still can't believe that Hasbro keeps producing these toys and is now packaging them under the "Universe" banner. This old energon stuff can still be found in some Krogers and WeBeToys here in Cowtown!

Then again, this may be unpackaged overstock that Hasbro packed up in a Universe-branded shell.

I've seen the larger combiner parts in Big Lots but they are basically the same price they were in main retail when Energon was new.

I might consider buying some of the omnicons as "army builders" if I found them for less than $3 but other than that they just aren't worth it.

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