Now I'm just waiting for Artie Lange versus Sgt. Slaughter

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So I get George Takei this week on Stern and next week the Iron Shiek will be in to play Anal Ring Toss against Artie, who is current title holder as Lord of the Anal Rings.

Have I told you lately I love Sirius?

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Damn, I hope someone brings up Brian B. Blair again with the Sheik. Just listening to his Youtube comments about Hogan's buddy cracks me up over & over again - The Sheik has completely lost it...

Or it'd be even better if someone brought up Warrior owning him at that autograph signing a couple of months ago after Warrior refused to shake his hand. (Sheik, Orton & Juvi must be smoking some really heavy shit - I wonder if Cheech & Chong hit em up on that?)

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