Botcon aftermath: Stuck in the damn airport!


So I'm still sitting here in A terminal of Logan in Boston.

Our flight has been delayed 4 hours. We'll likely get back to Cowtown around midnight.


You are so sucked!

Thankfully I have the Laptop of Love and Time Wasting and bought an $8 dollar day pass for the airport's wireless. At least I can putz around! Even gots me a whole outlet to jack into I has!

I had to carry on the last items I bought before leaving the con so I'm being the lame and taking photos while all these people are watching.

Botcon - airport aftermath - My new Osaka Toysland Mach Alert exclusive

I am so happy I found a loose Osaka Toysland Exclusive translucent Mach Alert for only $10. The set usually goes for $130 or so and I've never once seen the set separated. I've never opened mine.

This is the way translucent can be done yet still offer something cool. He's clear, mimicking the stage where he goes from regular mode to super mode in the anime. It is gimmicky and all but Takara left enough of the parts colored to really make him unique looking.

Botcon - airport aftermath - This box holds the potential to have the last chase figure I need.

I got an amazing deal at one of the Japanese guys' tables on an unopened box of Super Spychangers. These are the bastard figures that are blind backed in either a colored version or a clear chase version.

I managed to find the chase Ox and chase X-Killer and this box, however unlikely, holds the possible missing chase Counter Arrow that I need!

You may recall last November's "Super Spychanger Loser Drama Rampage" video from the last time I had an unopened case.

Botcon - airport aftermath - Botcon 2001 Tigatron

I've been eye'n the old Botcon exclusives from years past for a long time now and have managed to slowly acquire some of them.

I got an excellent deal on this Botcon 2001 Tigatron. He was only $100.

I really thought he'd be more bright white. He's more of a subdued pearly white.

Botcon - airport aftermath - Botcon 2001 Tigatron

3H did a fantastic job on the box art. Does anybody know if they hired Mainframe to render an image of Ravage in the white color deco for the box? Maybe it is just altered in Photoshop but that would be a major pain in the ass to go from black to white without it being noticeable.

I didn't see a single Takara standard Beast Wars Tigatron this year which sucked.

Botcon - airport aftermath - Kiss Player Cassettes outside the box

I also snagged the e-Hobby Kiss Player cassettes too today. The pastel chrome really makes this trippily different from anything in the mainstream lines.



We are so bored.

The stream I found of the final episode of last night's Doctor Who won't work under MS Vista so we're fuck'd on that front.



Can we look forward to another "Hunt the Spychanger" video like last time ?

And i'll assume that the link i gave you for Doctor Who is the one you're on about ?

If not then it's on there now...

It is that site. Unfortunately, the DivX webplayer plug-in only works in browsers under XP or earlier. It totally sucks that something so simple doesn't work in Vista. I can only watch the ones posted in different formats.

And no, probably no more retarded videos like that. This box will remain sealed. I figure, chase Counter Arrow is practically impossible to find since I've never seen one in the wild. Since an unopened blind back could "possibly be" a Counter Arrow chase than it is better to think of it that way.

I can't really help because i only know that site for TV links. Used to know another one but it shut down unfortunately for unknown reasons :-/

Good news is that you'll be able to watch it when you get home and it's definitely worth watching at least twice in my opinion...

I think that retarded video was the first post i ever saw here and shortly after started to post. As to if that's a good or bad thing who knows ;-)

And good luck hunting down the clear Spychangers...

Shame about the delayed fight Nala.

Congrats on finding some of the SpyChangers you wanted, and I really like that BotCon Tigatron exclusive.

After seeing a pic of the original Transmetal Beast Wars Cheetor (the original version of that mold) in one of your older posts, I bought one on eBay a couple of weeks later. Then I got the read Fox Kids Transmetal version too!

KISS players cassettes .. meh, they just don't do it for me.

Actually, come to think of it: did you see any 6' Titanium G1 Ultra Magnus' for sale? Just curious as to what the going price for it was. On eBay they are friggin like $50!! I haven't seen any 6' Titaniums around my local stores in months ...

Yeah, Tigatron (and Arcee) have original Mainframe rendered art. I forget the exact figure, but Glen said it was something like 18 hundred bucks an image.


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