Chicago - We call it Sir-Loin-A-Lot

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I'm not apologizing but if you read this site you'll have to deal with these pointless Chicago posts.

Outside of the conference and training classes I'm attending I literally have absolutely nothing to do but watch TV or blog.

Not having easy transportation is a problem but there's no way I can get reimbursed for renting a vehicle since it has nothing to do with the point of my being here.

The IAITAM CHAMP training class I'm here for is really fantastic and I've already got a list of things I want to explore with my company when I get back to Cowtown.

The instructor is blunt and to the point and really makes me realize that I can do a lot more in this new job.

Hopefully some of what I learn can be applied in Cowtown and go over well.

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Free training provided by work is always a good thing. Enjoy.

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