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You know something?

I'd say that about 70% of you who comment here have IP addresses that spamhaus.org has on various blacklists due to spamming activity.

Those comments get shunted into the junk mail folder and I have to manually approve them, even though they don't contain links or the usual spamtastic keywords.

Just though you'd like to know.


I cant (ciallis) understand why (viagra) my comments (ebony sex) get flagged as (black jack) spam...

Yours doesn't show up as a spam IP. Though since you've commented before the software remembers you and ignores the fact you used those words.

Woohoo! Now's my chance to sell you stuff! Would you like some viagra?

Damn, I just know all my pointless dribble 2-cents worth of comments are full of filth & obscenities that are automatically erased by any normal email system (even though I'm trying to restrict the garbage language - friggin Tourette's playing up again :)

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