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I edited my first Wikipedia entry today.

I'm not much of a writer, but the original entry looked to be copy and pasted from a translation program like babelfish or something.

I attempted something a bit better and easier to read.

I need to do more work.

Will I get a Miriya Parino fix at all?

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So while Evebird and I were at Target at lunch I found the recently released Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles direct-to-dvd film.

Now while I'm really not into any toys, I'm a massive Robotech fan going back over 20 years now.

I used to rent the videos while I was babysitting my then 7-9 year-old cousins, way back during the long long long ago of the mid 1980s. The fact that The Cousin recently turned 30 shows how damn old I am.


I'm a huge fan of the novelizations, as well as the way they finished off (and added to along the way) the entire Robotech story.

"The End of the Circle" was a perfect ending to the stories and so many wankers get bent out of shape by what the novels did.

So... anyway... Harmony Gold decided to finally animate a conclusion to Robotech, invalidating anything the novels did.

I'll let you know how it all turns out.

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