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Don't cry over con exclusives.


I suppose the best thing about the Botcon insanity is the fact that Evebird alerted me to more message board bad craziness.

While I was just irked that Hasbro or MC couldn't foot the bill for the frigg'n film showing as a "gift to the fans", it seems a helluva lot more people are up in arms over the fact that the show figure exclusives are Thundercracker, Dirge, and Thrust, with a Dreadwing repaint and a miscellaneous useless Bumblebee repaint thrown in.

I think I mentioned to Mr. E months ago that it wouldn't surprise me if Thundercracker was a con exclusive and that it probably should be.


Regardless of the fact that much of collecting fandom wanted this produced as a mass market release, the mere fact that a bunch of us losers drop shitloads of cash to fly to the con and then attend the damn thing makes this figure far more special. Especially for this year in which there aren't a whole helluva lot of "themes" that anybody really seems to give a shit about now that Beast Wars cybertron forms are done.

The fact that Thundercracker and the remaining 2 conehead seekers are Botcon exclusives makes me really happy actually.

Hell, I'm betting that the attendee exclusive will be a damn Sunstorm repaint of the Starscream mold too.

I'm not trying to piss anyone off but in the scheme of things I just don't care.

We are wasting over $1600+ to go to Botcon this time.

That's a whole helluva lot of scratch at a time when I'm trying to sell my house and buy a new one.

If I get something for that all of those people who don't drop money on the travel and con attendance want then so be it.

That truly defines the concept of an exclusive to me.

And one I well damn deserve if I'm going to support these cons like I have the last couple of years.

Beware the evil of online auctions!


Ebay scams are running rampant these days.

I've been on the receiving end of 2 of them these past few days.

I was bidding on a really rather nice set of G1 Road Caesar combiners (with the boxes to boot) as well as something else and within a day of bidding I got fraudulent emails from people who supposedly were the sellers asking me to buy the figures outside of Ebay.

It really pisses me off too since they somehow have my email addresses. I didn't think you could find that info any more from ebay, let alone who was bidding on a given item.

Of course, these emails were practically identical template-based emails with even the same spelling errors.

You expressed interest on an item. I'm the owner of that item on which you've recently bided on through the eBay system... Item title: MIB Road Caesar -- Individually boxed -- TF Victory -- Item number: 120102454356 and I've contacted you because I need to know if you are still interested to buy it... Email me as soon as posible with your answer because I must to know if is necesarly to find another buyer or if you can buy the item for a negociable price....If you accept this offer the eBay policy automatically proclaims you winner. The transaction will go strictly according to eBay's RULES and POLICY and will be supervised by eBay Trust & Safety Department. If you are interested just contact me... I am waiting a fast response!
Um... the auction as of right now is still live.

I wonder how many people fall for the ebay scams and phishing emails.


So you want me to spend hundreds of dollars to fly to Rhode Island.

Then you want me to spend hundreds of dollars on lodging and food.

Then you want me to spend hundreds of dollars a Primus package + additional money for all the extra figures for the con.

Ok. I understand that. I've done that before and still spent $800+ in the dealer room.

And now you want me to spend $25 for fucking ticket to see Transformers the movie???

$25 to see the movie a week early?


I figured at least you and Hasbro would throw us goddamn loser fans a bone and give us a free showing of the goddamn film!



Fuck you.

I'll spend $7.25 or so to see it back here in Cowtown.

I even... and this'll sound shocking I know... posted something to a message board thread but I seem to be in the minority in this opinion.

I ended up deleting my post but of course it was too late to have been quoted. Oh well.

I forgot how much I hate message boards.

Thankfully it'll be another year or two before I post probably ever post again.

Why Nala no love film Megatron toy?



Well. I'm pretty sure that I can truthfully tell you that that odds of me buying this figure at anything less than 60% off is highly unlikely.

There's going to so much cash saved this year on new toys.

And I have Hasbro and Michael Bay to thank for it!

It couldn't have come at a better time frankly.

Perhaps I should take all the wads I would have blown on TFs this year and buy an endless army of Cybermen or Daleks.

I kinda want the Cyberman bathtowel too. The Dalek one isn't bad either. I just wish it said "Exterminate water!" or something like that.

Oh... and I must own the best socks in the f'n world!!!


Ok. It has been a couple of days now so I can finally write a bit about the greatest television show ever.


Battlestar Galactica's final episode for the season has aired.

And I, Nala, loved it!!!

***Spoilers Ahead!***

A Who thing...

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From Behind the Sofa...

RTD (Russell T. Davies) has had the final scene of Season 3 in his head 'for ages'. So what is it?
To which MisterBob commented...
A huge bisexual timelord orgy acros time and space culminating in a dozen K-9 units ejaculating quarts of oil upon the face of BOE.
And I actually laughed.

If the figures were cheaper I'd make a diorama!

"What as strange-looking building."



You know your ad may be too ambiguous in design if someone who isn't familiar with Transformers comes into your office when the ad is up and says... "What a strange-looking building."


It was very wise to put Metroplex on a Transformers film poster.

Worst Transformer Ever!


Originally uploaded by Ramen Junkie.
Yes. I'll take a G1 Grandus or a Beast Wars Neo Tako Tank any day over a Retrax.

Maybe some photos in the future.

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Well the countdown to the inevitable is upon me.

I'm on what is hopefully the last 5 weeks of work on The House of Love III to get it ready to go on the market. I'm wrapping up the basement floor repairs and once that's done, I can finish the basement stairwell and call it quits on that level.

Some painting here and there and a new coat of enamel on the front porch and hopefully I'll feel satisfied that the house is ready.

Between all the finishing work I need to pack up the Attic of Love.

Everything I've seen and read has pretty much said one should hide or get rid of collections like this because of the way potential buyers can perceive the use of a room.

And let's face facts... almost 1850 is a bit unnerving.

Hopefully I'll take a few pictures here and there as I pack things up. I have a lot of stuff that is old and doesn't get a lot of photo press on Flickr or elsewhere.

The other day I started building a new database to track the collection but I wish I could validate the entries while I'm packing up but quite frankly, that would just take too much time.

I'm kind of just hoping that with whatever new house my future holds that I can do the validation and so forth as I unpack.

Too much for me these days.



I doubt I'll ever have the Binaltech Black Convoy at those prices.

Sure... it is exclusive and all but do you know how much Spring plants and such $250 buy?


Transformers Club Exclusive Minicons


I had a few minutes tonight so I ripped out the Club Exclusive minicons and snapped a few shots for the archives.

You my collector-mentality is fading when away when I ripped open expensive exclusives these days.

No more of that "mint-in-the-box" shit.

Minicon Astro-Line (Bot Mode)

Astro-Line is great but he came from a fun little mold.

Photo Collection


Trying to organize all my crack-related photos.

I need to sort through the crap better when I have time.

Oh Minerva!

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Oh man. She's beautiful.

Too bad I've spent so much money these past few weeks or else she'd finally be mine.

Transformers Club Exclusive Astrotrain and Minicons

I may open these guys some day. The colors are all over the place and I think it totally works better than the previous reissues of the Armada Jetfire mold.

The new head is nice too. Very G1 Astrotrain!

Transformers Club Exclusive Astrotrain with the minicons Starcatcher, Astro-Hook, Astro-Line, and Astro-Sinker are the 1837th through 1841st Transformers that I've acquired.

Transformers Club Exclusive Airrazor

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Transformers Club Exclusive Airrazor

I'm totally in love with her.

She's all orange and stuff.

Transformers Club Exclusive Airrazor is the 1835th and 1836th Transformers that I've acquired. (I got 1 for the boxed set and 1 for the loose set from Botcon!)

6" Titanium Starscream


6" Titanium Starscream (Close-Up)

I found this repaint at a K-Mart of all places. I can't remember when I actually found and bought a Transformer at a K-Mart.

Once again Hasbro has gone for a more white color instead of the grey. I don't know why they just can't do this shit accurately for the collectors. The damn kids sure don't care.

6" Titanium Starscream is the 1834th Transformer that I've acquired.

Damn that's a fine Custom WildRider

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Binaltech WildRider never materialized and I doubt it ever will.

But Revlimiter has a done a custom and it is mighty fine

Maybe there's a Breakdown in the future.

I don't read Marvel characters but I thought the "indestructible Wakandan vibranium" comment deserved mention.

That's one helluva obscure fanwank comment!

Where the hell are mine???

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Airazor - Club Exclusive
Originally uploaded by evebird.
So Evebird posted a pic of the TFClub exclusive Airazor.

I ordered two of these (1 for each set of 'Con figure) and an Astrotrain!

Where are mine???


I've even renewed my useless membership before he did.

Evil bad Evebird!

And then CrazySteve said...

Have you heard of age compression? It's a trend where children stop playing with toys at younger ages than the generations of children before them. Essentially it's little kids growing up quicker. I have a theory that there's a flip side to the age compression phenomena where these kids who missed out on playing with toys regress in their twenties to a childlike state where they wear shirts with toys on them. They're depressed that they missed out on Power Rangers and Ninja Turtles but since fuckin' Hot Topic doesn't have shirts of those toys in adult small the emotionals with age depression just buy up the next best thing. A sign of age COMpression is an eight year old who would rather play video games. A sign of age DEpression is a twenty eight year old wearing a shirt that makes his chest look like Soundwave. Age depression is Gen Y kids hijacking the nostalgia of their grandfathers and wearing it on their hoodies. To which I say, 'Screw you, Gen Y! Get your own childhoods!'
...and of course I agree.

But what the frock am I then?

I'm actually too old to be a G1 person. That would be The Cousin's generation.



I forgot.

I'm "The Lame".

Scary but true.

Yay for new digital crack!

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My new Dell laptop arrived today!!!

Yay! It arrived!

The only problem so far is I can't seem to get onto the wireless router.

Then again, I don't think it is a Vista problem since I can't seem to log directly into the router either!


Giga? Where are you?

Nah... I don't have anything.


I find it funny that this far into post-production, all rumors regarding the Transformers film voice casting seems so incomplete.

The film's cut has been screened by the MPAA and the studio and yet we still haven't heard anything about confirmed voice actors, especially for Megatron.

*spoiler ahead*

Much better choice.


Variety is reporting that Maggie Gyllenhall will replace Katie Holmes in The Dark Knight, the sequel to Batman Begins.


Personally, I found the character of Rachel Dawes totally unnecessary to the Batman Begins storyline but hey, I'm just a loser with a TF blog so what the hell do I know.

I would have much preferred somebody like Selina Kyle to have been retconned as a younger friend of Bruce's than a brand new character.

I'm a geek for fank wanks every now and then and I think it was a crime not to have Selina in at least the birthday party scene. Hell, when Batman pops up at the Gordon residence I think it would have been perfect if Jim Gordon, as soon as he goes back in, says some kind of fatherly thing like "Barbara! No snacks before dinner!" or something like that just to establish that Barbara exists.

I'm all for the movies using The Batman cartoon explanation of an older Barbara too.

What would really be cool if Time Warner had the balls?

Introduce a 9-year-old Robin in the 3rd film and sub-title it "The Sensational Character Find of 2010" as an homage to the original creation of Robin!

I'm a fan of Dick Grayson and while I'm not a huge fan of the past 20 years of his Nightwing persona, I'm a complete believer in the fact that he surpasses Bruce at everything Bruce is good at!

Dick needs to be shown at a young age being a true insanely great acrobat. Add to that years of being taught by the supposedly greatest detective you should get a guy in his 20s who is insanely awesome and far greater than what DC has done with him.

Hell... Dick was supposed to be killed off in Infinite Crisis but was spared.

You just can't kill The Sensational Character Find of 1940!

You just need to make the adult version of Dick as awesome as the Robin-version of Dick.

Today's the day!

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Holy shit!

My new laptop seems to have been assembled up in Maumee, Ahiya and is actually out for delivery to me today!

Please USPdude... please stop by when either Giga or I am at home!

I so want to reconfigure it and see how much Vista pisses me off!


Larkin posted a link at his site to a Japanese Kitbash/Custom site and lo and behold what should I find but the likely candidate for a Ultra Magnus custom was there right before my very eyes.


Leave it to someone in Japan to use the rather ugly Superlink Convoy as the base for an Ultra Magnus repaint.

You even get the "white" Prime component too if ya want.

I hate Energon Optimus Prime but man, this repaint and retool makes it totally work!

There appears to be a lighter "blue" version too but I'm thinking the darker blue/red works here.

Too bad the pictures are so poor. They look like cell phone pics.

I'm lame that way.


So I broke down and spent the $40 to renew my pointless Transformers Collectors Club membership.

On the whole there's no real reason for me to buy it.

There's nothing in the newsletter that I care about. The Master Collector paper the club newsletter is wrapped in is pretty much an outdated remnant of the pre-Internet. There's nothing to get excited about with the yearly club figures

Hell, I'm still waiting on the real club toys to show up that I bought last year.

I guess I can chalk it up to getting the Botcon discount if I choose to do the Primus package this year.

My gut tells me that this year's Botcon will be just like any other and there's very little any organization could do to change it. $350+ is a lot for toys and dealer room attendance for me.

I really was just thinking of going as a walk-in. I really don't need to hear the same-old panels over and over again and pretty much they've been the same since my first con in 2003.

The dealer room and lots of alcohol are all I need.

And with the room reserved and the flight booked, we are kind of stuck going regardless of the events.

What's shocking, and this still amazes me, is that they say they are on their 3rd hotel!!!

How the hell can that be? Are this many geeks plopping down scratch for a con that we haven't seen a single toy from or even a single agenda item/guest?

Blows my mind.

And of course, I'm guilty off it too.

I'm lame that way.


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So Friday Giger and I are heading up to Cleveburg to chill with Spectroscott for the evening.

Not sure what the full agenda, if any, will be though I have a sneaking suspicion it will involve at least some form of toy run.

The past 6 or so weeks have been really awful and culminated in major eatage this weekend as JayK visited the House of Love.

Ever since I was on those shingles meds I've had problems eating.

Well... let me rephrase that...

I've had problems not eating!

I'm like ravenous all of the time and it is just awful.

I never ever feel full and can consume and consume and consume.

It is worst than even 2004 when I had reach disgusting horror levels.

I'm back at the gym every morning at 5am and I'm currently on a couple days fast to try and shed the salts and water I'm retaining.

I just feel gross... and quite frankly my body has restructured itself since I stopped serious weight-lifting when I injured my shoulder last year.

I really had started to reorg my musculature and general fat alignment and now I feel that I'm back to being 315 again when I'm just hovering above 240.

I'll never ever be 200 on any consistent basis.

I'm going to try this year to do that though.

But I just have to find the strength and determination to do this again.

Why oh why was losing that first 75 pounds so easy?!?!?!

This should be my wedding cake!

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Extermination by chocolate!

This should be my wedding cake!

Well... but better looking.

Non-transforming new plastic crack.


There's more awesome plastic Whoness coming out soon.

Cyber Controller and Cyberman guards set

There's a modern Cyber Controller and 2 Cyberman guards is great.

I like the new Cybermen a lot but I wasn't a fan of their simple "parallel Earth" evolution. I'll take Mondas thank you very much. Or even the awesomeness that was Telos!

Face of BoeI can't believe they've made a Face of Boe figure!!!

I can't imagine a kid wanting one to play with since it isn't like the Face of Boe actually appeared much or does anything exciting.

Still... it is pretty cool that they went to the effort to do it.

I think we'll end up eventually getting all these new Who figures just "because" we can.

Well... who knows.


Oh. BBC has some new flash shit up that basically gives a good overview of the Doctor for newbies.

What's awesome is they actually mention Susan, the Doctor's granddaughter!!! So... I have to assume that fact is still canon!

Almost done.

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I had hoped to get some more crack-related stuff done but alas, the final major project before I sell my house has started.

Wanna help?

6" Titanium Optimus Prime Fire Convoy

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6" Titanium Optimus Prime (Fire Convoy) (close-up)

Let's just get it out of the way and call him 6" Titanium Fire Convoy. It totally alleviates any confusion as to who this character is and I really don't think of him as Optimus Prime anyway.

And well... it is my site... so *thhhpppppppt*

6" Titanium Optimus Prime (Fire Convoy) is the 1833rd Transformer that I've acquired.

The Making of Megatron


New digital crack on the way!

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2007_03_03_dell.jpgI don't know if it was because the car is now paid off, the fact that I'll be getting a tax refund check soon, or my constant add it/remove it from my cart at Dell for the past 7 weeks but I just finally went through with it and just bought a new laptop.

I'm getting the Dell Inspiron 6400 with a 2Ghz Intel Duo Core 2 processor with 4MB L2 cache, 2GB of memory, 3-year extended warranty, and DVD+/-RW. Basically everything one needs in 2007 to have a nice mobile PC.

I could have done the cheaper Acer, and my gut tells me I'd have been 80% happy, but the biggest problem with almost all current laptops from all vendors is the fact they are installing glossy LCDs on them.

I can't stand the glossy LCDs!

Dell has even started doing it and this model had the option for the less cool but far more functional matte finish LCD.

Not being able to have every single reflection in front of me on screen is probably the best "feature" I could ask for and unfortunately, it is not longer the standard.

I went with Vista Business too but I may wipe it out and install XP. It'll be good to have the Vista license though but on the whole, there's little that Vista offers anyone other than way too processor wasting visual crap on-screen.

Yeah. The guilt is already setting in but my Powerbook G3 Pismo laptop, now at its 7th birthday, is showing bigtime age in terms of speed. Using OS 10.3 I can barely watch a flash video or any kind of current video content without bringing the machine to a halt. It is still a hardy little laptop for basic wireless internet, basic browsing, blogging, and word processing and such. Photoshop CS is a little sluggish.

But it is done. No more wasting hours comparing brands and models.

It is done.

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An evil Deluxe Luxury New Beetle

As of today, the Deluxe Luxury Volkswagen New Beetle is paid off!


Beast Wars Returns Strika

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Takara Beast Wars Returns Strika

Another of Evebird's extras finds a place in The Attic of Loveā„¢.

BWR Strika is the 1832nd Transformer that I've acquired.

Went to see Pan's Labyrinth last night.

Beautiful. Violent as hell. Totally unsettling.

I loved it.

Damn that evil Evebird...


So that punk Evebird got me to drop major scratch on several Takara Beast Wars Returns figures he had extra from an ebay win.


I knew I was going to have to eventually buy them when I decided I wanted to finish Beast Machines with only show accurate characters.

Of course, leave it to Takara to actually try and paint the toys like they appear in the show.

Hasbro would have to break some kind of rule where they 1) cannot paint the character show accurately, and 2) refuse to release the repaint as show accurate. I don't see that happening with them.

However, rest assured, I Nala will burst out laughing at the first mentions of repainting Movie Prime as Movie Ultra Magnus and Movie Megatron as a Galvatron.

I will laugh.

And then I will laugh some more.

Beast Wars Returns Silverbolt

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Takara Beast Wars Returns Silverbolt (BR-10)

BWR Silverbolt is the 1831st Transformer that I've acquired.

Beast Wars Returns Obsidian

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Takara Beast Wars Returns Obsidian (BR-14)

BWR Nobel Obsidian is the 1830th Transformer that I've acquired.

Beast Wars Returns Black Widow

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Takara Beast Wars Returns Black Widow (BR-04)

BWR Black Widow is the 1829th Transformer that I've acquired.

Takara Beast Wars Returns Nobel Savage (BR-11)

BWR Nobel Savage is the 1828th Transformer that I've acquired.

Series 3 starts in 31 days!!!

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who - when - what
Originally uploaded by groc.
I am so patiently waiting for series 3 to start.

I needs me some new Who really bad.

And in a few days we get the huge-ass multi-part Troughton The Invasion story on March 6.

And this is the version where they restored the lost Episodes 1 and 4 with new animated episodes!

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