Hell's Kitchen: And then there were 5


Well kids it is Tuesday.

And that means we're down to 5 people on Satan's favorite cooking show Hell's Kitchen.

Last week Fran Dresher Melissa was kicked off evening everything up to 3 guys and 3 gals.

The challenge was actually kind of cool. The red team (XXs) and the blue team (XYs) had to use left over items to come up with something unique in 30 minutes. The guys came up with all kinds of crazy shit but the girls, after wasting 20 minutes arguing about it, ended up with some of the most mundane shit they possible could have done.

I think this is the first time the guys actually won a challenge which resulted in them going to a paint ball place to shot at Ramsay. What's funny is that Ramsay totally kicked all three of their asses in paintball. I just don't get that.

The night's service focused on each team having to come up with their own menus. Bonnie tried to dominate the girl's menu, ignoring Julia's request to do a good steak because "steak is a restaurant cop-out".

When presenting the menus, Ramsay asked Julia what she contributed and she said nothing. When asked what she'd put on the menu, she mentioned the steak and Ramsay, much to Bonnie's chagrin, said change the menu to include the steak!

Brad totally dominated the guy's menu and while it seemed to be ok, once service started it took a long time for diners to be interested in it.

The highlight of the evening?

Julia totally owning the night when the steak became the most ordered and most popular item available. It didn't hurt that not a single one was ever returned.

As usual, Josh f'd up a ton of lamb and Ramsay went off on his ass all night.

Surprisingly, even though the chicks couldn't communicate or cooperate, they managed to get out all tickets. Same with the guys.

Ramsay acknowledged my favorite Julia, the Waffle House cook, for suggesting the steak and pretty much applauded her.

During elimination, it got hot and heavy with Brad thinly attacking Rock who surprisingly, and very openly, called him out on it.

Brad got the shaft though.

I so want Rock to be kicked off. He annoys the shit out of me.

Maybe next week.

I want it to come down to Julia versus Jen at the final.

A Waffle House cook and a pastry chef would a helluva lot better than executive chefs and crap.

In other news, I'm renaming my band The Trembling Glue-Sniffing Teenagers. Our first single will hopefully be up on iTunes sometime next month.


The guys won a challenge before -- they got massages.

Oh, and you know everyone's waiting on Rock to say "Can you smell what the Rock is cookin'?"

You are right. I forgot about that.

Whoo-boy, did Jen turn into a RAGING BITCH. Where did that come from? Especially after all those weeks of, "Bonnie, I LOVE you!!! heartsflowersheartsflowers"

Julia's fish and chips looked YUMMY. I love that Gordon basically said it was delicious, if a bit low-brow.


Lowbrow? Strange comment from a working class Scot who was all set to spend his adult life playing "futbaw."

He meant "lowbrow" as in, "This is the fucking Four Seasons, you fucking donkey! People expect froufrou pan-seared Mahi-mahi when they come here, not some fucking Long John Silver's! Now get back on the line, donut!"

Although, hush puppies...mmmmmmm.

I soooo am ready for his next show to start. I'm not sure, but I think it's going to be an American version of "Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares," which is pretty good in its own right.

Crap, I just realized that the only things I watch on television are Eureka and food-related shows; Hell's Kitchen, Good Eats, No Reservations. WTH?

kelmeister: you actually seemed to be channeling the chef there. My wife and I have taken to ending every statement with "You Donkey!" as in, "Get out here and help me with the groceries, you donkey!"

Yeah. They'll be doing a US version of "Kitchen Nightmares".

But from the ones I've seen on BBC America, he isn't portrayed like a total ass.

FOX seems to really go with that angle in their editing.

Giga, I was thinking more of going here.

Heavyarms, as Nala and Giga can attest to you, Gordon Ramsay is the acme to which I aspire when it comes to uses of the f-word. He knows no equal. One day, if I practice hard enough, I, too, will be able to describe everything in the known universe using the word "fuck" like he does. He's my hero.


He's got a few years yet before he gets close to Ed Harris and Al Pacino in Glengarry Glen Ross. But not a bad standard by any means.

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